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Topic: Academics

robi pardo - Student   (Feb 08, 2018)

I think that the high school program in general is pretty good, but the 7/8 program can be improved. You see, 7th grade and 8th grade is just one class mixed together. They teach us the same things to both grades. There's a really big difference when it comes to being seniors and being a junior. For example: In sports, juniors only get a certificate , while seniors get a medal and a certificate. I don't think that's very fair because even if I'm a junior, I could have worked as hard or even harder than a senior and at the end of the day, the seniors get medals, while the juniors just get a certificate, even if they really felt like they deserved a medal. One thing that I'm not such a fan of is that they divide juniors and seniors by their age and not by their grade so if you are from 12 years old to 15 years old, even if you are in high school or grade 11, you are still considered as a junior, but if you are 16 or older you are a senior. I think that if they are already going to separate us by juniors and seniors that they should just separate us by grades and not by age, because now, it's not a matter of you're skills in the sport, you're grade, but your age and it also depends on your birthday because you may be turning 16 that year but the awards happen before your birthday so you have to wait another year to get a medal. This is a problem that affects me but can easily be solved if I talk to the teachers so it's not really a big issue at the school.

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Christopher Gan - Student   (Feb 08, 2018)

Personally for me it really depends on the subject. For me math has always been new for me. I've always needed a bit extra help when it comes to math. Same with history, however when it came to like Outdoor Ed, and Science I never needed much help. The big thing I feel you will take away in life from RLC is "Discovery Day". Discovery Day is not just about discovering ways to link your subjects together it's about the future planning aspect and without the restrictions of the classroom it gives you more opportunities to take initiative. You also have to have discipline. With more freedom comes more responsibilities. Teachers will not be breathing down your neck with Discovery Days so you have to self regulate your time in order to succeed. That is what I feel are the most important skills to take away and to be used later on in life.

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Barbara Barclay - Alumnus   (Feb 09, 2018)

During my years of attendance, the only weakness I can really attribute to RLC is that there were very few specialized programs available, such as music or dramatics, or technical programs such as drafting. Though with such a small school, there was still many varieties of academics, primarily geared towards university education requirements. The school greatly encouraged academic achievement, and fostered an environment of learning that was perpetuated outside of the classroom. Study habits are a requirement at RLC, and those habits were a great help at post secondary. We were required to study for a minimum of two (2) hours each weeknight, and also had Saturday morning classes. The only way you could skip study in the evenings was to maintain an over 80% average, which is really a great incentive. Students were a "bit" competitive academically, but mostly it was very good-natured. I felt more challenged and supported at RLC than any other school. One of the reasons I was not doing well in the public system was that I was "bored", and RLC encouraged us to learn and expand, and think outside the box, and supported that. It was wonderful to be able to branch out and expand on the curriculum (because with small classes, we were usually done the curriculum well before the end of the term).

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