Reviews of Rosseau Lake College

Rosseau, ON  |  Grades 6 - 12  |  Shortlist


Topic: School Leadership

robi pardo - Student   (Feb 08, 2018)

The teachers as I said before, really seem like they care about you and not the work that you turn in. They make you feel like you are part of something amazing, Which is exactly what you are a part of if you come to RLC. They are so sweet and really feel like your family. They always make you smile when you have had a bad day, they care about your health, you're well being, if you're happy. They also really allow criticism and change in the school. They are open to all suggestions on how to improve the school and it's program. They also support your other interests like : Art, drama, music, dance, sports, nature, etc... They are really concerned on how you grow as an individual and how you interact with others.

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Christopher Gan - Student   (Feb 08, 2018)

Rosseau Lake College is a success immersed environment where staff really help students strive to their full potential weather that be in athletics, academics, and leadership. The staff here at Rosseau Lake College helps students achieve Manslows Hierarchy of needs. I really don't think there is much to change when it comes to school leadership. This is really a strong point in RLC with meeting with mentors twice a week and really really great mentors. My mentors were in RLC were definitely Mr. Len Beaulne, Mr. Trent Howell, and Mr. Nathaniel Smart. This only further backs how Rosseau Lake College immerses itself in a caring and success immersed environment

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Barbara Barclay - Alumnus   (Feb 09, 2018)

I had some good administration at the school. Our headmaster, was firm, but friendly, our head of academics was amazing, and always encouraged us to push ourselves to achieve greater things, The administration was respected by the majority of the student body. I am sure that the administration respected the students, as there was never any evidence otherwise. Though some disciplinary issues were not necessarily dealt with "fairly" by today's standards, those incidents were learning experiences for the school in general, and they did improve/change policies, pertaining to zero tolerance, expulsion and re-admittance and "probation." I think the responses by administration to problems varied a bit, depending on who the problem was handled by, in a good way, and also in a way that was communicated well with parents/guardians. My parents never complained about a lack of communication.

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