Reviews of Rosseau Lake College

Rosseau, ON  |  Grades 6 - 12  |  Shortlist


Topic: Teaching

robi pardo - Student   (Feb 08, 2018)

I think that if the teachers are asking too much of you they are always ok if you point it out for them so that they can learn better as a teacher. They will always let you know what they expect from an assignment or from you during the school year. I think that if a student is kind, respectful, understanding, then teachers have done their jobs correctly. Sometimes (like any other human being) they make mistakes or push you to hard, but they always make sure to reflect on their mistakes, which is what they also teach us to do ( look back, reflect, and make it better) They also teach us to think before we speak, so that we don't say or do anything that we might regret. For me that's something that I struggle to do but I always make sure that I remember to think before I open my mouth.

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Christopher Gan - Student   (Feb 08, 2018)

Teachers here don't ask too much or not enough of you. What they ask for is for you to take responsibility and initiative of your learning. Success I feel is definitely reflected by your grades however what they really define success as is that you realize and achieve your fullest potential. Also through out your RLC career teachers will teach you very important work habits and qualities. Not just how to do quadratic formulas or the causes of WW1 but things like determination, leadership, initiative, collaboration, and self regulation. Also the small student to teacher ratio definitely helps for progressive future learning.

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Barbara Barclay - Alumnus   (Feb 09, 2018)

The teachers were fantastic, engaging, both formal and informal and were quite knowledgeable. I had three english teachers during my time at the school, all of whom were able to make Shakespeare fun, poetry interesting, and really encouraged the students to explore literature outside of the curriculum requirements as well. My 10th grade history teacher, for a unit on archaeology, buried things on campus in a designated area and actually taught us proper technique for a dig! It was amazing! Good communication by the teachers, explaining content, and why it was important, great at providing constructive feedback, and also making time for extra assistance if required. We had more frequent academic monitoring than public school systems, and as such, the teachers were aware "much" sooner if we were not understanding or struggling in any way, and would immediately assist in correcting that, usually with extra help, student tutoring or extra study time.

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