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Grades Gr. 4 TO Gr. 12 — Calgary, AB (Map)

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Rundle Academy & Rundle Studio Reviews

Our Perspective on Rundle Academy & Rundle Studio

Rundle Academy and Rundle Studio are both sister programs of Rundle College, which was established in 1985 and has rightly gained a strong reputation for offering quality academics and co-curriculars ever since. It offers Kindergarten through Grade 12, though is divided across three campuses: one for each of the primary, elementary, and high school programs. The school is able to provide a very broad range of programming while, at the same time, delivering a close, intimate student experience.

The additional programs extend the offering in some key ways, though building on all the exising infrastructure, administration, staffing, and resources. Rundle Academy was created to support learners diagnosed with various learning disabilities, and provides student-centred instruction to meet their specific learning needs. Progressive classroom design is combined with a consistent, purpose-oriented architectural aesthetic.

Rundle Studio is the online offering which, again, may be somewhat new, but nevertheless has a decades-long history of development to draw on. Parents and students who turn to Rundle are looking for an engaging, personalized learning. And that’s precisely what they find.

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