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Grades Gr. 7 TO Gr. 12 — Ancaster, ON (MAP)

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  • Grades
    Gr. 7 — Gr. 12
  • Gender
  • Class Size
    1 — 6 students
  • Tuition
  • Language of instruction
  • Associations
  • Enrolment
    12 day students, 4 eschool students
  • Curriculum
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School address

  • 245 Garner Road West, Ancaster, Ontario, L9G 3K9 (MAP)
  • Busing not available

Our Perspective

How we see Tapply Binet College

Private schools are created in order to address different kinds of learners, and different learning styles, and Tapply Binet is a great example of that. It’s a small school, which for the students who attend, is its great strength. The average class size is just 3 students, with none exceeding 6. As such, the program is very much student focused, and student led, in something akin to a tutorial approach to learning. Instructors engage closely with students, allowing them to interact with the material and with each other around the concepts being presented. Lessons are built to address the specific curiosities and perspectives that the students bring with them into the classroom. The goal of the program is to reward personal curiosity, and grow students’ ability to access and process information through that lens. The expertise of the staff is also a draw for the families that enroll—all instructors have doctorates and are specialists in the areas in which they teach. The ideal student is one operating at the top of his or her peer group, one who longs for an environment that will nurture their academic instincts, and who is preparing to continue to university.  

School's Perspective

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How Tapply Binet College sees itself

The school administration answered our questions

Who are you, as a school?

"Flexibility best describes our approach to learning. We pride ourselves on accommodating student and parent needs. In consultation with students and their parents, TBC provides a program to suit the needs of the individual with full and part-time options with class sizes ranging from 1 to 6 students. Empowerment and responsibility given to students provide ownership and their personal sense of success and recognition as a member of their school and community."

  • Tapply Online School accepting new students
  • Interactive live courses with specialist teachers
  • Approved credits towards Ontario Secondary School diploma
  • Ideal for Academic Scholars and Elite Athletes
  • Proven success with students on an Individualized Education Program IEP
  • High teacher to student ratio
  • Career counseling programs
  • Extra-curricular activities for a full school experience
  • Highly engaging teachers
  • Staff are specialists in their teaching area

What do you do differently and uniquely well?

"Our team approach to education sets us apart. Together, staff are committed to reviewing student progress on an ongoing basis, ensuring the plan is optimal. Students are encouraged be part of this process as this fosters engagement in their learning."

To your knowledge, why do families choose your school over others?

"Families appreciate the dedication to their children's security and educational needs. "The Tapply staff are kind and helpful", as stated by one current Grade student."

What aspect of your school is underappreciated?

"As we operate from a heritage building, once the home of the Marshall potato farming family, we reference the importance of family and community. The single dwelling offers a homey atmosphere to their educational experience. For example, we all share the kitchen!"

What might families find surprising about your school?

"We profess to accommodate and empower our students. Families are surprised by the length we go to make this a reality. This year, a Grade 12 student sat in on the interviews to hire a Chemistry teacher. Another Grade 12 student taught the Grade 7 science class. Our Science Fair event included all science students."

School Videos

Insider Perspectives

How people from the school’s community see Tapply Binet College

Video reviews of Tapply Binet College

Parent, Chiara Pettit (2023)

Watch our parent interview with Chiara Pettit to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to have a child attend Tapply Binet College.

Alum, James Loree (2021)

Watch our alum interview with James Loree to learn about the unique experience of attending Tapply Binet College.

Alum, Jessica Brown (2020)

Watch our alum interview with Jessica Brown to learn about the unique experience of attending Tapply Binet College.

Written reviews of Tapply Binet College


Parent, Nicholas Richter (2021)

Our son attended TBC for grades 9-12 and liked it so much that he stayed an extra year (also known a...

School leadership

Top-down influence on the school’s direction and tone

Message from school leadership

Sue Davidson, Principal
B.A., B.Ed, Principal's Certification

Let me introduce myself, Sue Davidson, proud Principal of Tapply Binet College, a Brick and Mortar School established in 2003 and Principal of Tapply Online High School launched in April 2020.

Education for our young people is an essential service. We will continue to engage them. That is the key to students’ success. Our flexible program delivery, always considerate of the students’ schedules and needs, provides the students with a personalized program. This will ultimately lay the foundation for a bright future and tailored-fit career path. Our philosophy is simple – Engage, Empower, Encourage in a fluid world. Students will have access to post-secondary preparation by our Guidance Counselor Specialist.

Please contact us to learn more about how we are putting STUDENTS FIRST

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