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Review by: Liz Diaz - Parent (Feb 03, 2018)

Building experience and leadership

Student Experience

Balanced education which means his receives great education and many options to participate in other areas such as sports, music, technology, theatre, trips and much more. The ability to expand beyond the theory is wonderful. There is also another key factor that makes his experience wonderful. Teachers are wonderful too!

School Leadership

Students are encouraged to be leaders. On a personal level, leading their own lives and transcending these leader skills and qualities into every day experiences both in school and in the community. The school fosters a very positive environment starting at the very top, with our Headmaster. Every effort is made to ensure an open door policy and effective methods of communication are established at all levels of the school.


Teachers have role model what students need to see and hear. They are vigilant when in class and in other areas of student affairs. They encourage students to be creative, express their views, provide forums for discussions and debates and respect difference of opinion and make educated decisions. Teachers are vested in ensuring students get the best they can offer.


The academic culture within the school encourages students to pursue an interest in areas which they are of interest to them. They support their goals and offer respect and the right tools as they watch them grow, ensuring they foster a safe and integrative atmosphere.


CDS offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to participate. There will always be room for other activities to be incorporated into this area. Students are always encouraged to provide their thoughts on which direction to go. Should students show interest in frisbee or table tennis the school will always make sure students are heard and supported, such is the case with women's hockey team. The exposure to different experiences, ideas and relationships has certainly helped students broaden their knowledge thus helping them relate more to people and ideologies.


You do not get lost in the crowd. Teachers recognize the student by first name. Students can get a sense of belongingness in create strong and supportive bonds. Friendships and social interaction remain key factors at CDS. 2018 is our last year and both my son and us as parents are starting to feel sad about leaving the school. We have all developed great connections and truly feel blessed to have met great people along the way.

School Life

The school has always played a great factor as it is the place he feels safe and supported. Even though I cannot say he has always woken up to "I want to go to school" because he is a teenager so if given the choice, he sometimes might have chosen to sleep in.

University placement and counselling

Students in grade 12 tour several Universities. This allows them to get an idea of the location, building structures and an opportunity to ask questions directly to the University Representatives. CDS welcomes Universities at the beginning of the year to introduce themselves. Students can approach their stand and ask as many questions as they like and receive information packages. Students are encouraged to make their own choices and if in doubt, they have Mr. Huckvale with extremely great knowledge when guiding students with future goals.


If your child is entering grade 9, allow your child to do the research. He/she may want to compare schools depending on the child's specific interests. Narrow the selection and plan a visit as a family and also allow the child to visit the school for a one day. This experience can make a big difference when it comes down to making the choice. Our son selected this school and we are just glad the school made the application and admission process a positive experience.


As a parent, I am very lucky. I sometimes mention to friends I wish I could go back to school, not just any school, the Country Day School. I have been involved at the school as a volunteer and you get to meet parents who show great interest in helping within the school and also learning to help their children grow.

School Location

The school is walking distance to a mall but the fact that it is situated in the middle of a natural landscape is much more rewarding. This connection to green spaces has always been a positive aspect for our family. We have watched him play sports outdoors, go for a walk on the trails, go for a bike ride, biking, running, and taking part in many many outdoor activities. It is a beautiful backdrop!

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