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REVIEW OF Westmont Montessori School BY parent, Joslin Nelson

  • Date of Review
    February 14, 2022
  • Grades
    Preschool - Preschool

(5) Student Experience

My daughter is always thrilled to attend Westmont - she literally runs to school every single day! She loves the inclusive, caring and holistic environment: an environment that fosters peer learning and peer support like no other. She strives in an environment where she gets to make so many decisions independently leading to her playing a major role in how her education plays out. The Montessori philosophy fosters independence and free will allowing my daughter to reach her fullest potential. I knew the moment I got pregnant we would attend Westmont Montessori school. The lessons in community (big and small), generosity, inclusiveness, mindfulness, care for each other, the self, the planet, and so much more are incredibly meaningful to our family. Thank you so much to the entire Westmont Community for helping us raise a child who will flourish in this world.

(5) School Leadership

The leadership at Westmont is astounding! First and foremost, the school heads stand outside every morning to greet all of the families on the way into school. This not only makes them a significant part of our daily interaction with the school but also very accessible and relatable. Furthermore, the school sends an update out via email once a week and/or if there is any other pertinent information. They also communicate over an app. All in all, the communication and accessibility are on point. If ever there has been an issue, it is dealt with accordingly and in a timely manner. In addition, there is communication to parents, when necessary, to avoid any hearsay or otherwise. All in all, we are extraordinarily pleased with the leadership and administration.

(5) Teaching

The teachers at Montessori are all beyond wonderful! From our experience, the teachers are very passionate about the Montessori philosophy and teach accordingly. They are very inclusive in communication and update parents through email, transparent, classroom and even text on short notice. They care deeply about their students and nourish them to thrive to their fullest potential. If ever there is a concern or topic to discuss the teachers make it a point to put aside time to chat and resolve any issues. They are invested in the success of the children in their class and what nothing but the absolute best. We have nothing but the deepest thanks and gratitude to our daughter's teachers and all they do for their students and classroom.

(5) Academics

To date, we have only attended Montessori for a couple of years. However, our experience in academics has been phenomenal. The reach of what the children are taught and exposed to is outstanding! Just recently the school introduced a Charitable Impact Program where each classroom gets an opportunity to learn about charitable donation, financial literacy, and what differences can be made through this kind of charitable impact. This is just a small example of the many ways Westmont supersedes in education. Of course, they cover the basics in the curriculum but there are countless ways they teach the children valuable lessons of the greater good and this example is just one of many. It’s really heartwarming how the children get to come together and learn about big meaningful concepts such as these.

(5) Extracurriculars

I think the extracurriculars at the school are plentiful. From soccer to volleyball, to Mandarin, to coding, to art, and more, there is no shortage of extracurricular activities Westmont students can participate in. These extracurricular activities indeed foster well-rounded students and develop many skills: athletics, team building, language, creativity and more. I would say Westmont makes an extraordinary effort to offer a variety of extracurricular activities.

(5) Students

The general atmosphere of the student body is inclusive and caring. Most students in a variety of grades know each other since a three-year age gap is grouped together in each classroom. This gives the students the opportunity to develop skills in peer learning and leadership. Henceforth, many students from a variety of classrooms know each other because they have spent time with other students at various times throughout their academics at Westmont. From our experience, the student body is often friendly and curious about one another. They make an effort to help one another and ensure each other is well supported. I believe this comes from the environment and education that is fostered through the Montessori philosophy. Through and through we are beyond pleased with Westmont Montessori School!

(5) School Life

Our daughter loves going to school! She is always so happy to be there and enjoys learning and participating so very much. We think Westmont goes above and beyond creating a quality of life for its students like no other. The lessons are taught in such a respectful way to the child igniting and honouring their independent self while encouraging their free will and desire to learn. The materials activate critical thinking in a way that fosters long-term learning and more importantly and genuine interest from the child. We believe the quality of the life of a student at Westmont is greatly impacted by the wholesome lessons of inclusiveness, care, respect and community. The emphasis on these undoubtedly grows the happiness of any individual.

(5) Community

Our tenure of the school has taken place during the years of COVID. That aside, we believe the greater community of the parent body is just as wonderful as the rest of the school!!! Parents have plenty of opportunities to be involved and contribute to the school community. From helping in the classroom to volunteering around the school there is no shortage of ways for parents to get involved. In addition, the parent body holds the same philosophies that are being taught to the children and therefore are also inclusive, respectful, caring and understanding. There is no question that when we think of the Westmont community we include the parent body in this group with the teachers and students. This is just the Montessori way.

(5) School Location

We absolutely love the location of the school!! Having waterfalls and a forest be part of the stomping grounds of students is so magical. The children even have an outdoor classroom set in the forest - can’t say that for most. It’s beautiful how our BC land gets incorporated into the learning curriculum and the children get to experience the great outdoors while learning to honour and respect it at the same time.


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