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Grades Nursery/Toddler TO Gr. 8 — Markham, ON (MAP)

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  • Grades
    Nursery/Toddler — Gr. 8
  • Gender
  • Class Size
  • Tuition
    $17,500 to 17,700/year
  • Language of instruction
  • Associations
  • Enrolment
    427 day students
  • Curriculum

School address

  • 455 Cochrane Drive, Unit 30, Markham, Ontario, L3R 9R4 (MAP)
  • Busing not available

Our Perspective

How we see Wishing Well Schools

Founded in 1978, Wishing Well is one of the older Montessori programs in the region, as well as the country, so has had a lot of time to develop its programs. Today it provides the foundational elements of the method, including a strong sense of place, as well as a wealth of opportunity to peer interaction. The Casa classrooms are of a size that the work well, allowing for mentorship relationships to develop naturally among the students. In addition, the administration has demonstrated a keen desire to develop the program with an eye to the kinds of things that students need when they advance to grade 9 and beyond, including a keen interest in developing 21st century literacies, including digital literacy and a robust science curricula. The extended care option, included in tuition, is understandably a very welcome feature for the families that enroll; it’s also a sign of the school’s attention to the needs of the parent community.  The school has built a reputation on providing a strong, varied program based firmly in the ethos of the Montessori method, with an eye to educating students to be creative, confident, and social learners.

School's Perspective

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How Wishing Well Schools sees itself

The school administration answered our questions

Who are you, as a school?

"Wishing Well Schools offers an advanced program designed to foster leadership, collaboration, and project-based learning in a gifted environment. Our curriculum emphasizes the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills through innovative and engaging educational experiences. Students are encouraged to explore their interests and talents, working both independently and in teams to achieve academic excellence and personal growth."

  • Founded in 1978
  • CCMA Accredited Toddler and Children's House programs
  • Well rounded curriculum to nurture character, citizenship and leadership skills
  • Accelerated Academic Program Grades 1-8 with academic success at the core of our guiding principles
  • Daily French Lessons starting in 1st Year Casa
  • Focus on S.T.E.A.M. and Design Thinking
  • Daily French from Casa to Grade 8
  • Specialist Language Arts and Math teachers in grades 7 and 8
  • Project and Problem based learning are a fundamental part of our teaching and learning
  • Mixed age mentorship and leadership embedded within our school culture

What do you do differently and uniquely well?

"Wishing Well Schools distinguishes itself through a holistic learning environment, comprehensive Grade 1 to 8 programs, integration of 21st-century skills, and a focus on character and leadership development. With a 45-year legacy, we offer a trusted and time-tested education that prepares graduates not only academically but also with the resilience, adaptability, and leadership qualities for success in the evolving world."

To your knowledge, why do families choose your school over others?

"Families opt for Wishing Well Schools due to its advanced academic programs spanning Grade 1 to 8, coupled with a 45-year legacy of excellence. The institution's commitment to character and leadership development, along with an emphasis on collaboration and project-based learning, resonates with parents seeking a comprehensive and forward-thinking educational environment. Wishing Well's dedication to academic advancement solidifies its position as the preferred choice for families."

What aspect of your school is underappreciated?

"Families at Wishing Well Schools often witness the vibrant and collaborative community, but one aspect that may not be accorded sufficient significance is the Quiet Waters Outdoor Education. The serene outdoor setting serves as a unique extension of the learning environment. Families may not fully grasp the transformative impact of outdoor education on their child's holistic development, including enhanced creativity, resilience, and a deeper connection with nature. Emphasizing the significance"

What might families find surprising about your school?

"At Wishing Well Schools, families discover a strong community, individualized attention, innovative teaching methods, emphasis on emotional intelligence, a global perspective, opportunities for parental involvement, and a focus on lifelong learning. These unexpected aspects contribute to an enriching educational experience, surpassing initial expectations."

School Facilities

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Athletics facilities

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Instructional resources

School leadership

Top-down influence on the school’s direction and tone

Message from school leadership

Ms. Hobbs, Principal

At Wishing Well Schools, we take pride in fostering an exceptional learning environment for our students. Within this nurturing environment, students not only achieve academic excellence but also cultivate confidence and a genuine enthusiasm for learning. Our objective extends beyond providing them with the academic accomplishments needed for entry into competitive programs post-elementary school; we also strive to instill in them the character and confidence necessary to emerge as successful leaders.

Our ongoing commitment to providing an enriched and forward-thinking educational experience for our students is continuously revised and enhanced.   With so many emerging changes in the world, we aim to empower our students with a robust foundation, setting them on a trajectory towards academic excellence and success.

As we celebrate 45 years of educational excellence at Wishing Well Schools, we look forward to another 45 years marked by continued success, academic excellence, and the emergence of upstanding student graduates. Our enduring commitment to providing a nurturing and enriching environment sets the stage for an even brighter future, as we look forward to shaping the next generation of accomplished individuals. Here's to the ongoing journey of learning, growth, and success at Wishing Well Schools for the years to come.

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