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Blaisdale Montessori Schools

Offering educational excellence since 1969

There are 8 Blaisdale Montessori schools across Ontario, including in Pickering, Ajax, Bowmanville, Oshawa, and Scarborough. These schools have a great reputation for providing students with a well-rounded education, from preschool to grade 8. 

The primary aims of Blaisdale Montessori schools, according to their founder, Eleanor Wilson, include 

“a sound basis and a healthy attitude for life-long learning, self discipline, self-respect, independence, getting along with others while developing a social conscience, initiative, ability to concentrate, self-confidence, spiritual growth, and a respect for the environment.”

Blaisdale’s Montessori approach

Blaisdale schools are unique in that they use a Montessori approach from preschool to grade 8. The Montessori approach to education is in stark contrast with that used by many traditional schools of today. On this approach, learning is mostly decentralized: children typically work individually or in groups. Teachers provide support and guidance, but only when necessary. And, they rarely give long, whole-class lectures.

How this approach varies at different levels

The approach varies somewhat, though, based on the level of education. In particular, there are different learning priorities at preschool (including toddler and primary programs), elementary school, and middle school.

Preschool: Blaisdale Montessori preschools include a toddler room for kids from birth to age 3. Toddler programs, tend to be play based. Toddlers do, though, learn basic cognitive skills through concrete activities. Preschool also includes a primary or “Casa” class for kids aged 2.5 to 5. This program, like other preschool programs, starts to focus more on cognitive development, with engaging concrete and practical life activities.

Elementary school: Blaisdale elementary programs are divided into classes: one with students ages 6 to 9, and another with students ages 9 to 12. At the elementary level, the focus on concrete learning continues. But there’s increased emphasis on academics, abstract learning, as well as reasoning and problem solving skills. Children also start to improve their language, reading, math, and science skills through independent and group work in the elementary program, with some guidance from the teacher. Teachers also sometimes deliver what are called the great lessons, which are engaging and interactive, and focus on big interdisciplinary topics, such as the beginning of life. 

Middle school: The Blaisdale middle school program (grades 7 and 8) stresses self-directed and group learning. Students continue to develop cognitive skills in middle school, through both inter-disciplinary and subject-specific work. At this level, though, Blaisdale teachers start to prepare kids for high school, where they likely won’t be in a Montessori program. There’s more sit-down learning at this level, and students are given workbooks and worksheets, and practice note-taking. They may also be given tests and assignments, which may be graded (at least for practice).

The benefits of a Blaisdale Montessori education

Blaisdale Montessori schools have numerous benefits. These benefits are a product of the Montessori  approach, an approach which develops a number of important traits in children of different ages.

  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Concentration
  • Discipline
  • Organizations
  • Reasoning and problem solving
  • A love of learning

These traits will serve students well in their future education, in high school and university. They’re also, no doubt, invaluable beyond the school years, both at work and home.



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List of Blaisdale Montessori Schools


  • Name
  • Cost
  • Blaisdale Montessori School - Bowmanville (est. 1969)   80 Rhonda Boulevard, Bowmanville, Ontario, L1C 3Y9

    • Nursery/Toddler to Gr. 3 (Coed)
    • Day school
    Blaisdale Montessori School in Bowmanville, Ontario is an English speaking school offering nursery to grade 3 programs. Tuition costs $4,550 to $8,650 and students are required to wear uniforms.  
    • Montessori
    $7,850 to $10,750 /year
    Day Coed 7850 1-8 Bowmanville

    Blaisdale Montessori School - Pickering (est. 1969)   365 Kingston Road, Pickering, Ontario, L1V 1A1

    • 12 months to Gr. 8 (Coed)
    • Day school
    Blaisdale Montessori School in Pickering offers nursery to grade eight. Tuition starts at $4,550. Curriculum includes a strong arts focus.  
    • Montessori
    • Student- paced
    $7,850 to $10,750 /year
    Day Coed 7850 1-13 Pickering,Ajax,Scarborough,Bowmanville

    Blaisdale Montessori School - Ajax (est. 1969)   20 O'Brien Court, Ajax, Ontario, L1S 7J8
    (Bayley Road / Westney Road)

    • 12 months to Gr. 8 (Coed)
    • Day school
    Blaisdale Montessori School in Ajax runs from toddlers to grade eight. Tuition starts at $4,550. It features two rubberized play areas for younger children.  
    • Montessori
    $7,850 to $10,750 /year
    Day Coed 7850 1-13 Ajax

    Blaisdale Montessori School - Scarborough (est. 1969)   231 Milner Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario, M1S 5E3

    • Nursery/Toddler to Gr. 3 (Coed)
    • Day school (120 students)
    Blaisdale Montessori School in Scarborough offers nursery to grade three, with 120 students enrolled. Tuition ranges from $4,550 to $8,650.  
    • Montessori
    $7,850 to $10,750 /year
    Day Coed 7850 1-8 Scarborough

    Blaisdale Montessori School - Oshawa (est. 1969)   1037 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, Ontario, L1G 4W3

    • 12 months to Gr. 8 (Coed)
    • Day school
    Blaisdale Montessori School in Oshawa-Whitby offers nursery to grade eight in a small, newer school, with tuition ranging from $4,550 to $8,650.  
    • Montessori
    $7,850 to $10,750 /year
    Day Coed 7850 1-13 Oshawa

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