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"She loves going to school"

Karen Kafel - Parent   (Feb 13, 2018)
She loves going to school. She loves the activities, the kids and the teachers. She begs me every morning, even on the weekends, to go to school.
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"the little school, with the big heart"

Emily Johnson - Alumnus   (Apr 10, 2018)
When I was a student at Clanmore one of the many phrases that we had was "the little school with the big heart". Although the school has grown ten times over, they still are able to keep this atmosphere at its core. The teachers at Clanmore have a fantastic ability to connect with students, and create a learning plan that best suits every individual. This kind of experience is difficult to come by. The teachers and faculty at Clanmore have really mastered creating a wholesome experience that mak...
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