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North Star Academy

950 Élodie-Boucher, Laval, Quebec, H7W 0C6

Grades (Gender):
Gr. 7 to Gr. 12 (Coed)
$12,400 to 31,500/year
Main Language:
English & French
Avg. Class Size:
10 to 18
Day: 150 (Gr. 7 - 12), Boarding: Varies (Gr. 9 - 12)

School Address
950 Élodie-Boucher, Laval, Quebec, H7W 0C6

About this school:


We are dedicated to the academic and creative potential of our students. Small class sizes provide individualized attention and an interdisciplinary approach focusing on 21st century competencies. A school vision where we bring the world to our students and our students to the world through community projects, volunteering and travel. Parents are partners in their child’s education, and ongoing communication with teachers and staff is a key part of our day-to-day. We teach not only for school but for life! — Visit school website



User-submitted reviews   

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a close knit, friendly atmosphere
Joseph Sorella - Parent   (Mar 27, 2018)
My child has enjoyed and benefitted from the small class sizes and the extra personal 1 on 1 attenti...

Our Take: North Star Academy

our takeIn some senses, North Star is the very definition of a liberal arts education, namely one that intends not to educate students to the vocations, but to educate them to engage creatively, thoughtfully, and respectfully with the world around them. While not tiny, North Star is on the smaller end of the school spectrum, and it benefits from its size through an ability to provide an individualized approach to the delivery of the curriculum. Likewise, the students enter a community that is close-knit and personal, where they are known and celebrated for what they bring to the environment. Development is important, including the adoption of new classroom techniques and tools, and values are as well, including an appreciation of diversity, and allowing both a local and international perspective on the course material. The ideal student is one able to thrive in a challenging, vibrant, and values-based learning environment.  

Principal's Message


Josee Pepin, Head of School

Josée Pepin is proudly celebrating her 10th year as Head of School of North Star Academy Laval, the only English private high school north of Montreal. Josée’s vision for an English private education stemmed from a desire to provide opportunities for teens and their families looking for a niche school with small student-teacher ratios and engaging programs, providing a personalized educational experience, right in their own neighbourhood. “A place where each teacher knows each student’s name, their family and their strengths. We work as a team to educate the whole student,” are the emphatic words of Pepin regarding her school’s approach. Well-known in local and international communities for her engagement and volunteerism, Mrs. Pepin provides students with endless opportunities to learn from and give back to the community, making learning meaningful and real for her high school students. Situated in one of the most culturally diverse and growing sectors of the province, and with no certificate of eligibility required, NSAL welcomes students from various local regions as well as those from around the world. North Star Academy’s success lies in its academic programs, sports concentrations, and extensive extra-curricular activities, which round out an education that attracts some of the brightest students to the school. Since its inception, a unique integrative Community Connections approach has allowed Josée to bring her students into the world and the world into the school through partnership projects and career exploration opportunities that help students grow and learn about their unique competencies and interests – all while making learning engaging and meaningful and academically competitive. Under  Josée’s visionary leadership, students bring their own technology devices as learning tools, teachers receive ongoing professional development, remaining at the forefront of best practices, and parents are involved through incredible committee work that supports the students and the NSAL Foundation. North Star Academy Laval is growing and innovating, a true gem of the north!


Curriculum Traditional

Primary Curriculum: Traditional

If you want to learn more about Quebec education, check out our comprehensive guide.

What North Star Academy Laval says: North Star Academy Laval is a suburban English high school that prides itself in teaching to our 21st century students. Students come to school with pen, pencil or tablet in hand, ready to learn in so many diverse ways. Known for our small class sizes, we focus on individualized learning and customized tutorials guiding students to develop at their own pace, within high academic standards. Bringing the world to our students and our students to the world is a key focus of our school--through required, diverse, extra-curricular activities which help round out their education, and by connecting students with community action through projects, volunteering, visits, trips—learning to become active citizens in a community. We teach not only for school but for life!

  • Approach:

  • Pedagogies and subject courses:

  • Mathematics Traditional Math

      Traditional Math typically teaches a method or algorithm FIRST, and THEN teaches the applications for the method. Traditional algorithms are emphasized and practiced regularly: repetition and drills are frequently used to ensure foundational mastery in the underlying mathematical procedures. The traditional approach to math views math education as akin to building a logical edifice: each brick depends on the support of the previously laid ones, which represent mastery over a particular procedure or method. Traditional Math begins by giving students a tool, and then challenges students to practice using that tool an applied way, with progressively challenging problems. In this sense Traditional Math aims to establish procedural understanding before conceptual and applied understanding.
      Learn about the different mathematics approaches  

    • What North Star Academy Laval says: This information is not currently available.

    • Textbooks and supplementary materials: This information is not currently available.

    • Calculator policy: This information is not currently available.

    Science Expository

      Expository science is the more traditional method of teaching science: students learn scientific facts, theories, and the relationships between them through direct instruction by the teacher. These programs still incorporate hands-on experimentation and “live science”; however, relative to inquiry-based programs, expository science tilts towards content mastery and knowledge acquisition. Direct instruction ensures this acquisition process is efficient. Textbooks are emphasized (starting in earlier grades than inquiry-based programs), as are knowledge tests: students are asked to demonstrate they have thoroughly learned the content of the course, and can apply that knowledge to novel and challenging problems or questions.
      Learn about the different science approaches  

    • Teaching approach: This information is not currently available.

    • Topics covered in curriculum:

      Subject = offered
    • Treatment of evolution:

      Evolution as consensus theory
      Evolution as one of many equally viable theories
      Evolution is not taught

    Literature Traditional

      In traditional literature programs students focus on decoding the mechanics of texts: plot, characterization, and themes. These texts tend to include a balance of contemporary and “classic” literature. When studying a past work, students investigate its historical context -- but only insofar as this adds understanding to the work itself. Past works are therefore studied “on their own terms”, and not merely as historical artifacts to be deconstructed: traditional literature programs are firmly rooted in the humanities, and carry the belief that great literature can reveal fundamental and universal truths about the human condition. These programs emphasize class discussions and critical essay writing, and aim to develop in students critical thinking, communication skills, and a cultivated taste and ethos.
      Learn about the different literature approaches  

    • What North Star Academy Laval says: This information is not currently available.

    Humanities and Social Sciences Equal Balance

      These programs represent an equal balance between the perennialist and pragmatic approach to teaching the humanities and social sciences.
      Learn about the different humanities and social sciences approaches  

    • What North Star Academy Laval says: This information is not currently available.

    Foreign Languages
    • What North Star Academy Laval says: This information is not currently available.

    • Languages Offered: • French • ESL

    Fine Arts Equal Balance

      These programs have an equal emphasis on receptive and creative learning.
      Learn about the different fine arts approaches  

    • Program offers:

      Subject = offered
      Graphic Design
      Visual Arts
    • Visual studio philosophy:

    • What North Star Academy Laval says: This information is not currently available.

    Computers and Technology Medium integration

      Effort is made to integrate the development of digital literacy through the curriculum. However, this is not a dominant focus.
      Learn about the different computers and technology approaches  

    • What North Star Academy Laval says: This information is not currently available.

    • Program covers:

      Subject = offered
      Computer science
      Web design

    Physical Education
    • What North Star Academy Laval says: This information is not currently available.

    Advanced Placement Courses
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP English Language and Composition
    • AP English Literature and Composition

    Sex and Health Education Quebec curriculum
    Topics covered in sex and health education: This information is not currently available.

    What North Star Academy Laval says: This information is not currently available.

    Mostly value-neutral

    By and large, we teach sex education free of any particular moral or ethical standpoint. We try not to impose any particular values or value systems (such as social, political, or ideological values) on our students when teaching sex and related issues.

    Fairly value-based

    Sex education is sometimes taught from a particular moral or ethical standpoint. Sometimes particular values or value systems (such as social, political, or ideological values) are invoked when teaching sex and related issues.


    This includes a range of positions. A traditional approach might, for example, go as far as emphasizing the nuclear family and complete abstinence from sex before marriage. Alternatively, this approach might simply involve placing less emphasis on sex outside of the context of marriage and more emphasis on abstinence. Or finally, it might just involve focusing less on sex outside of the context of marriage.


    This might mean more emphasis is placed on the importance of such things as social equality, diversity, and choice in sex education.

    What North Star Academy Laval says: This information is not currently available.

    Curriculum Pace Standard-enriched

    • Standard-enriched
    • Accelerated
    • Student-paced

    Broadly-speaking, the main curriculum -- like that of most schools -- paces the provincially-outlined one. This pace is steady and set by the teachers and school. The curriculum might still be enriched in various ways: covering topics more in-depth and with more vigor than the provincial one, or covering a broader selection of topics.

    Flexible pacing:

    Flexible pacing style = offered
    Subject-streaming (tracking)
    Multi-age classrooms as standard
    Ability-grouping (in-class) as common
    Frequent use of cyber-learning (at-their-own-pace)
    Regular guided independent study opportunities
    Differentiated assessment

    What North Star Academy Laval says about flexible pacing: This information is not currently available.

    Academic Culture Supportive

    • Rigorous
    • Supportive

    A school with a “supportive” academic culture focuses more on process than short-term outcomes: academic performance is a welcomed side-benefit, but not the driving focus. This does not mean the school lacks standards, or has low expectations for its students: a school can have a supportive academic culture and still light the fire of ambition in its students. It does mean, however, the school provides a less intensive culture than schools with a “rigorous” academic classification, and is focused more simply on instilling a love of learning and life-long curiosity.

    What North Star Academy Laval says: This information is not currently available.

    Developmental Priorities Intellectual, Social

    Primary Developmental Priority: Intellectual
    Academically strong, creative, and critical thinkers, capable of exercising rationality, apprehending truth, and making aesthetic distinctions.

    Secondary Developmental Priority: Social
    Socially aware and active citizens, motivated to change the world (or their community) for the better.

    What North Star Academy Laval says: This information is not currently available.

    Special Needs Support Indirect Support

    Indirect Support

    Students remain in a regular classroom for the whole day; the teacher receives special training in accommodating special needs and/or learning disabled students.

    • Academic Support:
      Support Type = offered
      Learning strategy and study counselling; habit formation
      Extra support and minor accommodations for children experiencing subclinical difficulties
    • Mild but clinically diagnosed ADHD
      Support Type = offered
      Extra support
    • Support for moderate-to-severe special needs:
      Special needs
      ADHD (moderate to severe)
      Learning disabilities
      Dyslexia (Language-Based Learning Disability)
      Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
      Language Processing Disorder
      Nonverbal Learning Disorders (NLD)
      Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit
      Asperger's Syndrome
      Down syndrome
      Intellectual disability
      Williams syndrome
      Behavioral and Emotional
      Troubled behaviour / troubled teens
      Clinical Depression
      Clinical anxiety
      Suicidal thoughts
      Drug and alcohol abuse
      Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
      Multiple sclerosis
      Cerebral palsy
      Muscular dystrophy
      Spina Bifida
      Dyspraxia (Developmental Coordination Disorder)
      Cystic Fibrosis
      Multiple physical
    • Forms of support delivery:
      Support Type = offered
      A regular class with indirect support
      A regular class with resource assistance
      A regular class with withdrawal assistance
      A special education class with partial integration
      A full-time special education class
    • Additional Support:
      Support Type = offered
      Social skills programs
      Occupational therapy
      Speech-language therapy

    Gifted Learner Support No Support

    North Star Academy Laval does not offer any specialized programming for gifted learners.

    Gifted education: If you want to learn more about gifted education, check out our comprehensive guide. It’s the first of its kind: it covers different kinds of gifted schools and programs, and a whole host of issues parents face in finding the right option for their gifted child.

    Homework Policy

    In grade 12, North Star Academy students perform an average of >2 hours of homework per night.

    Nightly Homework
    North Star Academy Laval60 mins60 mins120 mins120 mins160 mins160 mins
    Site Average53 mins58 mins70 mins81 mins96 mins109 mins

    Report Card Policy

    How assessments are delivered across the grades:

    Lettered or numbered grades7 to 12
    Academic achievement reporting7 to 12

    Class Sizes Not available

    This information is not currently available.


    What North Star Academy Laval says:

    This information is not currently available.

    • Sports OfferedCompetitiveRecreational
      Ice Hockey
      Track & Field
      Field Hockey
    • Clubs Offered
      Art Club
      Community Service
      Environmental Club
      Math Club
      School newspaper
      Student Council

    Tuition & Financial Aid


    Day Day (International) Boarding (Domestic) Boarding (International)
    Day (International)$15,000$19,500
    Boarding (Domestic)$24,000
    Boarding (International)$27,000$31,500
    What North Star Academy Laval says: Domestic students: add 1750$ for building fund (first year only, once per family) Day (Half day) is grade 12 online only International students: add 2500$ non-scholar fees


    Discount TypeEnrollment TypeAmount
    2nd child (sibling)all students10%

    Need-based financial aid

    Grade range that need-based aid is offered: 7 to 11
    Percentage of grade-eligible students receiving financial aid0%
    Average aid package size$0
    Percentage of total enrollment on financial aid0%
    Total aid available$0

    Application Details:

    This school works with other. for processing financial applications
    Financial assistance is available to students in need through a variety of programs such as FAST (Financial Aid for Student Tuition) and The Polaris Foundation. These associations depend on private donations to offer their generous services. Applicants undergo a confidential process to analyze their financial situation. If selected to receive assistance, the monetary amount received by the applicant to contribute to their tuition fees is treated as a grant and not a loan.

    Merit based Scholarships

    This information is not currently available.


    Total enrollment 150
    Average enrollment per grade25
    Average class size10 to 18
    Gender (grades)Gr. 7 to Gr. 12 (Coed)
    Boarding offered Gr. 9 - 12
    % in boarding (total enrollment)N/A

    If you want to learn more about boarding schools, check out our comprehensive guide.

    Student distribution:

    Day Enrollment3030303030
    Boarding Enrollment



    Admissions Assessments:

    Assessment = requiredGrades
    Interview7 - 12
    SSAT (out of province)
    Entrance Exam(s)7 - 12
    Entrance Essay
    Entrance Essay
    Application Fee

    Application Deadlines:

    Day students:

    Boarding students:

    What North Star Academy Laval says:

    All candidates are required to complete the “Application for Admission”. The application must include the following:

    • Admission Form.

    • An original copy of their Civil Birth Certificate, which will be returned.

    • A recent wallet-size picture of the applicant.

    • A legible photocopy of the applicant’s most recent report card.

    • A non-refundable cheque of $50 made to the order of North Star Academy Laval dated the day of the application.

    Applicants for Secondary 1 must write an entrance exam (applicants will be advised of the examination date and time in advance). If required, an interview will be scheduled following the exam. A letter of acceptance/ refusal will then be mailed within two weeks. Upon receiving a letter of acceptance, a non-refundable enrolment fee of $200 is immediately required. Please take note that a certificate of eligibility for English instruction is not required.


    Acceptance Rate:


    Type of student North Star Academy is looking for: This information is not currently available.

    Day Boarding

    Student Entry Points

    Student Type789101112
    Day Acceptance
    (Acceptance rate)
    Boarding Acceptance
    (Acceptance rate)

    University Placement

    Services = offered
    Career planning
    Mentorship Program
    University counseling
    Key Numbers
    Average graduating class sizeN/A
    *Canadian "Big 6" placementsN/A
    **Ivy+ placementsN/A

    *Number of students in 2015 who attended one of McGill, U of T, UBC, Queen's University, University of Alberta, or Dalhousie University.

    **Number of students since 2005 that attended one of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Stanford, University of Chicago, Oxford or Cambridge (UK)

    Stories & Testimonials




    Care, patience, integrity, passion, commitment… NSA teachers are the best!

    North Star Academy Laval (NSAL) is an academic organization that meets the needs of the student-no matter how diverse his/her style of learning may be. With much dedication and perseverance, Mme. Pepin has laid the school’s foundation- one that speaks to each child: “You can succeed. I will help you. I won’t give up on you.” That foundation has flourished into an institution whose teachers offer individualized attention to all of their students. The small classroom sizes ensure that my son is not left behind in any facet of his schooling. The integration of technology within the classroom, and the implementation of after-school tutorial sessions further enhance my son’s quality of education. Finally, the school’s extra curricular activities and sports programs provide my son with occasions to develop his social/team-building skills, which are just as essential as one’s academic education. These teachers are not only qualified and dedicated professionals, but wonderful human beings who lead by example. I can rest assured that my son is in good hands for every hour of the day that he spends at NSAL. Ultimately, NSAL has gone above and beyond in educating my son, as he prepares for the “real” world. The school continues to provide my son with a safe, healthy and  hygienic environment at all times. Its cafeteria services have designed meals and menus that surely bring a smile to my son’s face. Most importantly, I cannot be thankful enough for Engrade; NSAL’s online Agenda that not only offers the tools my son needs to organize and remain up to date with classes, assignments, and extra-curricular activities/school events, but also allows me to be a part of my child’s education.

    Mme. Pepin, alongside the teachers and  staff strive to provide my son with opportunities and experiences that will surely make his education at NSAL unforgettable. At NSAL, I feel like my son and I are family-

    Mrs. Santuccione

    My daughter and I honestly could not have chosen a better high school for her.  Although she was always a happy, enthusiastic and hard-working student with average grades, at North Star Academy, with only half of the first school year behind her, I already see that she has soared academically.  I fully attribute this to the dedicated faculty, small classroom size with more individual attention, and the after-school tutorials.  This is not to mention the impressive array of activities, clubs, outings, etc.  There is more than enough offered, to meet each student’s individual tastes, sporting interests, love of the arts, and aspirations.  NSA truly does feel like ‘a family’, and this forward-moving school really caters to the students’ needs.  They will no doubt well prepare my child for her future.

    Jane Hillenbrand 

    My daughter has been attending North Star Academy Laval for two years. Her sister will be joining her in September. In my opinion North Star Academy is not just another private school, rather an educational place where students can learn, grow and flourish. Their success comes from a staff of faculty and teachers that go way beyond what is expected. The students are encouraged and guided in all areas. North Star Academy is everything that I had hoped for in secondary education for my daughter and much much more.Thank you North Star Academy for making my daughter’s secondary education an amazing experience!

    Debbie Kohoutek

    After years of struggling with his grades in the public school system, our son has achieved getting his name on the honour roll after one term at NSA.  NSA’s small classrooms and supportive staff have encouraged and helped him to focus in class and gain self-esteem.  Thank you NSA, for giving our son a second chance.

    Sincerely, Proud NSA parents.

    To whom it may concern,

    We are pleased to be able to write this letter of recommendation in reference to North Star Academy for parents who seek an educational program for their children as we did, outside the public system.

    Our son has been a student at NSAL for over three years now, we have had both the opportunity and immense pleasure of interacting with highly skilled, creative and dedicated staff that represent the core values of this school, and have had the pleasure of seeing our son develop and learn the necessary skills for an ever-changing world.

    We have found NSAL key in providing all the necessary tools to make learning a pleasant experience for our son.

    • Educational & Field Trips are undertaken several times a year to support the learning of students.
    • Teachers who are both qualified and passionate about their subjects, hence generating student engagement.
    • Focus on the importance of small class sizes to individually help student’s weak areas and advance their strengths.
    • A tight-knit school community, creating close relationships between students and their teachers who commonly act as role models.
    • Finally, open communication between parents and administration through a program called “Engrade” which allows parents to stay up to date with their children’s academic progress on a daily basis enabling easy e-mail communication between teachers and parents.

    We strongly endorse North Star Academy and attribute much of our son’s academic success over the past three years to their high educational standards. With the present state of our public school system NSA has proven to be an excellent alternative and we are pleased to provide this testimonial.

    Nancy & Michel Lahaise

    We’re really glad we chose North Star Academy Laval for our kids. We just got back from a long period abroad, and this school presented the perfect environment to make them feel at home again. It took less than a week for our daughter to make friends and forget about her old school. As parents we really appreciate the fact that NSA offers the right size classes, provides individual and personalized teaching, and promotes self expression and advancement. Of course great dedicated family oriented teachers who are always approachable and available help a lot in making this school the right place for our kids.
    Jeanna Bellerive

    Sending our daughter to North Star Academy has been the best decision our family could have made. The academics of NSA is structured not only to inspire but to help the students aspire to have better grades all at the same time respecting that not all students learn in the same way or speed.  The teachers are exceptional and the Engrade system keeps parents updated on our children’s progress daily. The small classrooms and the daily tutorials has become a god-send and literally changed my daughter’s academic results. However, the thing I appreciate the most about North Star Academy is not academic, my daughter is receiving an education in life that puts emphasis on the community, helping others and being productive human beings who will excel in society. I have no doubt that once our children become alumnae of North Star Academy they will become leaders in whatever field they chose because they have received a first class education. Our children’s future is bright indeed!!

    Shayne Lynch
    (A proud mother)


    The reason I like North Star Academy is because the teachers are very organized and they make sure you understand what you are learning. Since it is a small school everybody knows everyone. It is easy to make friends and there rarely is any bullying. The classrooms are small with less than 20 students. I’ve made so many friends who are now special people in my life.   Thank you NSA

    By:  Samantha

    I like NSA because it has a good educational system, with fun activities, fun pop-quizes, and learning at NSA is my favorite way to learn. I also like NSA because they let students have a voice and opinions such as : Things we would want or things we would like to change (Student Council). NSA feels like my home, it is peaceful and fun, I feel welcomed and surrounded by people I cherish. I also like the teachers because they are always there for all the students and they go and see us if they feel we are anxious, sad, mad , they will even go see you at recess or at lunch. Those teachers give me the feeling to want to learn to be creative and imaginative!!!  THANK YOU NSA FOR BEING SO PERFECT!!!! (See I am saying all those beautiful things about my new school and I didn’t even finish one year!!!! I just can’t wait for the following years 

    By: Sophie -  Secondary 1

    I have the good fortune of attending North Star Academy. NSA is a great school. The students and staff are like one, big, happy family. The students feel comfortable and interact with each other very easily, making possible, deep and wonderful friendships. The teachers and staff members are there for us, through thick and thin, to make sure we understand the curriculum, so that we can succeed in the “real world”. Everyone respects us; everyone cares about us. That’s why this school is best suited for anyone!

    By: Sam Sabzevari

    I attend North Star Academy (NSA). I came upon this school, after moving from Edmonton, Alberta. The move to Laval, Quebec, was difficult. I had to leave my existing life behind, and start all over. Thank goodness I found NSA. The school’s teachers, staff, and students were all very welcoming from the moment I walked through the doors.

    I am so proud to be attending NSA. The teachers put extensive amounts of time and effort into our education, not only to better us as students, but to mould us into good human beings. North Star Academy’s educational curriculum continuously prepares us for the next milestone: college. The teachers are always well-prepared, and go above and beyond to teach us, and clear up any confusion or lack of understanding about the lessons. The teachers offer us tutorials to make sure we are always well prepared for our tests, assignments and exams. They even walk us through challenges such as when we’re having problems with friends or dealing with other personal/social issues. In addition, the school offers many extra curricular activities, clubs, and sports programs to participate in. As a student of NSA, I have access to all of these resources. NSA makes me happy, and I am so grateful for that.

    By: Zakaria El Bouhssini

    Why do I appreciate my school so much? Primarily, NSA is my home away from home. When I get up in the morning, I do not feel the burden to leave, as I know that I am making my way to another place of warmth and comfort.

    The students and staff at NSA continue to make my schooling an enjoyable experience. There is no doubt in my mind that the teachers prepare us 100% for the struggles that we will face as we mature. We have been able to connect with them in such a way that we are able to smile and joke, and then turn around to prepare for an upcoming test. The teachers not only give us notes to study, but also help us grasp the concepts at hand.

    Furthermore, NSA provides its students the opportunity to make some great friends. I have been able to build strong friendships, and not have to worry about fears of being hurt by others. The school’s size ensures all issues will be addressed instantly.

    North Star Academy is not just a learning facility. It is much more; NSA is a safe haven for education.

    By: Serena Mohamed

    It has been three delightful years that I have been studying at North Star Academy. When I first started here, I felt uncomfortable because I did not know anyone. To add to this, as NSA is an English private school, I had to adjust to the Anglophone environment. Fortunately, I met some wonderful girls that welcomed me right away. Ever since then, my love for NSA has only evolved. I have made so many friends that I can trust and depend on, whether I need help with my studies, or a personal problem that I’m struggling with.

    I have learned that NSA welcomes students from all walks of life, never once discriminating against one’s culture, or weaknesses. The school accepts each person for who he/she is. The teachers are always by your side, working continuously to help you succeed. They get to know you so well that they are able to detect when something is wrong. There is open communication. They respect honesty and your need for privacy. 

    NSA is a competitive school that pushes me to try best in order to succeed. All parents want educated and well-behaved children. North Star Academy caters to this perspective. I may not be the best student out there, but I try very hard to do well in school and be on my best behaviour. No one is perfect! However, my teachers believe in me and continuously strive to help me reach my potential. NSA has changed me for the better. It has taught me to stand tall, and face any challenge out there.  It has taught me the value of an education, and the benefits I can reap from becoming successful. I am so grateful to NSA.

    By: Sarine Benohanian



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