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St. Clement's School
St. Clement's School
21 St. Clements Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M4R 1G8
Contact name:
Elena Holeton

Phone number:
(416) 483-4414×
St. Clement's School

St. Clement's School

21 St. Clements Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4R 1G8

Grades (Gender):
1 to 12 (Girls)
$27,450 per year
Main Language:
Avg. Class Size:
Day: 470 (Gr. 1 - 12)

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Contact Name:
Elena Holeton

Phone Number:

School Address
21 St. Clements Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4R 1G8

About this school:

St. Clement’s School is an independent, university preparatory day school for girls in Grades 1 to 12. Reflecting the School’s mission of developing outstanding women who are intellectually curious, courageous and compassionate, our girls are supported to discover and define their own pathways. They do so in the context of an overarching sense of community that is a defining feature at our School. Founded on the principle of academic excellence, we inspire and encourage a passion for lifelong learning. We foster intellectual curiosity and we instill the courage to take risks, which leads to discovery and innovation. The Junior School (Grades 1 to 6) and Upper School (Grades 7 to 12) are distinct but interconnected communities that work together to create a supportive environment and exceptional school spirit. 

Principal's Message


Martha Perry '85, Principal

Welcome! I am thrilled that you are interested in learning more about St. Clement’s School for your daughter. Beyond the strong tradition of academic excellence, there is a tangible sense of community spirit and pride at SCS that you can feel the moment you walk into our building.

Our mission is to develop outstanding women who are intellectually curious, courageous, and compassionate, and we believe that this is done by guiding our girls to seek their own paths of discovery. We also believe that there is merit in learning from occasionally taking a divergent path – one that may challenge our girls, and tasks them with learning from stumbles and mistakes. As we like to say: the best path is rarely a straight line.

Choosing a school for your daughter is a very important decision. It is my hope that as you read this online profile, you will get a little sense of who we are and will be inspired to take the next step to venturing in to meet our community – one that reflects relentless passion, courage, and curiosity in learning.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing more about St. Clement’s School. .

Warmest regards,

Martha Perry ’85




Curriculum Traditional

Primary Curriculum: Traditional

What St. Clement's School says: Our School’s broad and diverse academic program offers an enriched experience within a nurturing, small school environment – this is what makes us unique. Our teachers are highly trained educators, skilled at guiding students to achieve new heights, while helping them learn that the best path to success is rarely a straight line. Our girls are encouraged to become resilient learners, to develop themselves academically by taking risks, and to recognize that persistence in the face of challenge only makes them stronger.

  • Pedagogies and subject courses

  • Mathematics
    • What St. Clement's School says: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    • Textbooks and supplementary materials: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    • Calculator policy: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    Early Reading
    • What St. Clement's School says: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    • DIBELS Testing: This school periodically uses DIBELS testing to assess reading progress.

    • What St. Clement's School says: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    • What St. Clement's School says: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    • Teaching approach: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    • Topics covered in curriculum:

      Subject = offered
    • Treatment of evolution:

      Evolution as consensus theory
      Evolution as one of many equally viable theories
      Evolution is not taught

    • What St. Clement's School says: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    Social Studies
    • What St. Clement's School says: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    Humanities and Social Sciences
    • What St. Clement's School says: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    Foreign Languages
    • What St. Clement's School says: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    • Languages Offered: • Chinese-Mandarin • French • Latin • Spanish

    Fine Arts
    • Program offers:

      Subject = offered
      Visual Arts
    • What St. Clement's School says: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    Computers and Technology
    • What St. Clement's School says: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    • Program covers:

      Subject = offered
      Computer science
      Web design

    Physical Education
    • What St. Clement's School says: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    • St. Clement's School's approach to sex-ed: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    Religious Education
    • What St. Clement's School says: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    Advanced Placement Courses
    • AP Art History
    • AP Music Theory
    • AP Physics 1
    • AP Physics 2
    • AP Research (Second part of the AP Capstone program)
    • AP Seminar (First part of the AP Capstone program)
    • AP Statistics
    • AP Spanish Language
    • AP Studio Art: 2-D Design
    • AP Studio Art: 3-D Design
    • AP Studio Art: Drawing
    • AP Biology
    • AP Calculus AB
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP Chinese Language and Culture
    • AP English Language and Composition
    • AP English Literature and Composition
    • AP Human Geography
    • AP Macroeconomics
    • AP Microeconomics

    Curriculum Pace Standard-enriched

    • Standard-enriched
    • Accelerated
    • Student-paced

    Broadly-speaking, the main curriculum -- like that of most schools -- paces the provincially-outlined one. This pace is steady and set by the teachers and school. The curriculum might still be enriched in various ways: covering topics more in-depth and with more vigor than the provincial one, or covering a broader selection of topics.

    What St. Clement's School says: SCS is a community of life-long learners who are engaged in innovative and interactive ways. We begin in Junior School by building a strong foundation, and continue through our supportive Middle School. Senior School provides academic challenges and specialized courses to ensure our graduates are well prepared.

    Flexible pacing:

    Flexible pacing style = offered
    Subject-streaming (tracking)
    Multi-age classrooms as standard
    Ability-grouping (in-class) as common
    Frequent use of cyber-learning (at-their-own-pace)
    Regular guided independent study opportunities
    Differentiated assessment

    What St. Clement's School says about flexible pacing: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    Academic Culture Rigorous

    • Rigorous
    • Supportive

    A school with a “rigorous” academic culture places a high value on academic performance, and expects their students to do the same. This does not mean the school is uncaring, unsupportive, or non-responsive -- far from it. A school can have a rigorous academic culture and still provide excellent individual support. It does mean, however, the school places a particular emphasis on performance -- seeking the best students and challenging them to the fullest extent -- relative to a normal baseline. High expectations and standards – and a challenging yet rewarding curriculum – are the common themes here. Keep in mind this classification is more relevant for the older grades: few Kindergarten classrooms, for example, would be called “rigorous”.

    What St. Clement's School says: [St. Clement's School has not provided this information]

    Developmental Priorities Intellectual, Social

    Primary Developmental Priority: Intellectual
    Academically strong, creative, and critical thinkers, capable of exercising rationality, apprehending truth, and making aesthetic distinctions.

    Secondary Developmental Priority: Social
    Socially aware and active citizens, motivated to change the world (or their community) for the better.

    What St. Clement's School says: At St. Clement’s School, we believe that education is not just about teaching students; it’s about developing the whole girl. Our pioneering, highly regarded LINCWell program does just that. This comprehensive program is far more than guidance counselling. LINCWell programming is woven through the entire curriculum at St. Clement’s, from Grade 1-12 – meaning that from the time they arrive at SCS, our girls are developing critical learning skills, leadership capabilities, and life skills. This provides the foundation to help our girls realize high levels of academic, co-curricular, and personal achievement within a supportive, small school environment.

    Special Needs Support Limited


    St. Clement's School offers limited support for students with learning difficulties or special needs.

    • Academic Support:

      Support Type = offered
      Learning strategy and study counselling; habit formation
      Extra support and minor accommodations for children experiencing subclinical difficulties

    Gifted Learner Support No Support

    No Support

    St. Clement's School does not offer any specialized programming for gifted learners.


    What St. Clement's School says:

    St. Clement's School has not provided this information.

    • Sports OfferedCompetitiveRecreational
      Downhill skiing
      Field Hockey
      Ice Hockey
      Track & Field
    • Clubs Offered
      Art Club
      Chess Club
      Community Service
      Computer Club
      Dance Club
      Debate Club
      Drama Club
      Environmental Club
      Foreign Language Club
      Jazz Ensemble
      Math Club
      Musical theatre/Opera
      Outdoor Education
      Poetry/Literature club
      Robotics club
      Round Square
      School newspaper
      Science Club
      Student Council

    Tuition & Financial Aid



    St. Clement's School has not provided this information.

    Need-based financial aid

    Grade range that need-based aid is offered: 7 to 12
    Percentage of grade-eligible students receiving financial aid0%
    Average aid package size$0
    Percentage of total enrollment on financial aid0%
    Total aid available$0

    Application Deadline:
    December 04, 2015

    More information:

    Application Details:

    This school works with Apple Financial Inc. for processing financial applications
    Renewable needs-based scholarships are available for students in need of assistance from Grades 7 to 12. St. Clement’s School is committed to enrolling exceptional girls from diverse backgrounds, regardless of their families’ financial situations. St. Clement’s School uses the services of Apple Financial and their Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS) program as a third-party organization to assess the needs of families.

    Merit based Scholarships

    St. Clement's School
    Amount: $7,500
    Deadline: 12/04/2015
    Eligibility Details: Students grade 7 to 9—

    St. Clement's School is pleased to award two entrance scholarships to outstanding applicants entering the Middle School. The scholarships are awarded to one student entering Grade 7 and one student entering Grade 9 who demonstrate courage, compassion, excellence and leadership in the areas of academics, co-curriculars and community service.

    Application Details:

    We offer a limited number of merit-based entrance scholarships to new students entering Grades 7 and 9 who demonstrate excellence and leadership in both their academics and co-curricular activities.

    For more details, visit: www.scs.on.ca/admissions/


    Total enrollment 470
    Average enrollment per grade39
    Gender (grades)1 to 12 (Girls)
    Boarding offeredNo

    Student distribution: We do not have this data for St. Clement's School




    Admissions Assessments:

    Assessment = requiredGrades
    SSAT (out of province)
    Entrance Exam(s)

    Application Deadlines:

    Day students:
    December 04, 2015

    What St. Clement's School says: St. Clement's School has not provided this information


    Acceptance Rate:


    Type of student St. Clement's School is looking for: St. Clement's School has not provided this information

    Student Entry Points

    Student Type123456789101112
    Day Acceptance
    (Acceptance rate)

    University Placement

    Services = offered
    Career planning
    Mentorship Program
    University counseling
    Key Numbers
    Average graduating class size65
    *Canadian "Big 6" placements17
    **Ivy+ placementsN/A

    *Number of students in 2015 who attended one of McGill, U of T, UBC, Queen's University of Alberta or Dalhousie.

    **Number of students since 2005 that attended one of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Stanford, University of Chicago, Oxford or Cambridge (UK)

    What St. Clement's School says:

  • Most popular universities: Western and Queen's
  • Yale University, Columbia University, and University of St. Andrews are popular international universities.

  • Notable Alumni

    Alumnus Graduation Year Accomplishment
    Adrienne Arsenault 1986 Foreign correspondent for CBC
    Margaret  MacMillan 1961 Historian, academic, and author
    Claudia Dey 1991 Novelist and playwright
    Julia Foster 1965 Member of the Order of Canada, Chair of the Board at York University (first woman), former Chair of the NAC, one of Canada's Top 100 Powerful Women (Women's Executive Network).

    Alumni Highlights

    • Annual Alumnae Reunion Weekend
    • Networking events
    • Homecoming
    • University and Regional Reunion
    • Carol Service and Christmas Party
    • An Evening of Golf

    Stories & Testimonials


    Learning by Leading

    At SCS, leadership is about more than having a title. From organizing our School-wide Spirit Week to helping a new student find her classroom on the first day of school, our girls are encouraged to lead - and learn about leading - within and beyond the School's walls. 

    The Leadership Program combines instruction and hands-on experience which spans the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. Classroom curriculum, student leadership conferences, topic-specific workshops, leadership retreats and trips, and local, national, and international service projects are all components of a student's leadership development at SCS.

    Structured leadership opportunities begin as early as Grade 4 where students have the opportunity to mentor younger students as a reading buddy. Other early leadership opportunties are the Mentorship and Peer Tutoring programs, where girls in Grade 6 can become tutors. Middle School students are encouraged to build on their leadership capabilities initiated in the Junior School by participating in student government and a wide range of special interest clubs. Volunteers and elected representatives help lead community work, the School's EcoTeam and organize special events. In the Senior School, there are a wide range of student-run groups and activities providing leadership opportunities for students in a vast array of interests. In her graduating year, each student will hold a formal leadership role so that she can practise and refine her leadership capabilities.

    At the end of their time at St. Clement's, students will have received formal leadership training and multiple opportunities to put that training into practice - learning by leading. 


    Beyond the Classroom

    At St. Clement's School, our goal is to develop well-rounded girls who enjoy all aspects of life and have the confidence to try new activities. Active participation fosters a sense of belonging and helps build friendships that last a lifetime.


    Let us paint you a picture of how the arts bring SCS to life: with splashes of vibrant colour, doses of drama, and soaring, soulful music. Our robust Arts offering provides students at every grade level with the opportunity for creative expression, enhanced problem-solving skills and confidence building. 

    Our girls engage in the arts through both the formal curriculum, and co-curricular activities and clubs. Whether it's a passion for the stage or standing behind the camera, our girls have the opportunity to explore interests and participate in musical and drama productions; dance clubs and competitions; House plays; art shows; and musical and choral events. 


    We have a long-standing tradition of achievement in a variety of sports, and our girls have many opportunities to explore and participate on the field, track and court.

    Our athletics program prides itself on a philosophy of encouraging participation, developing skills at all levels, and building healthy lifestyles. Junior School students participate in soccer, cross-country, basketball, swimming, volleyball, and track and field. Middle and Senior School students may choose from 13 different sports offered each year, including Alpine Skiing, Golf, Swimming, and Softball.  

    Our teams compete against other independent schools, and many go on to participate in OFSAA championships. 

    School Spirit

    The extraordinary spirit of our School is shared by students, staff, parents and alumnae alike. A collective sense of pride is evident throughout the school day and beyond, especially in our inspiring assemblies, exciting House games, cheers and skits. 

    Spirit Week allows our girls to compete in friendly competitions and express House pride. The School-wide event features a fun line up of activities, events, and competitions, like lip syncing and locker decorating. 


    Academics at SCS

    We're known for academic excellence.

    With a robust curriculum that extends far beyond our walls, classroom lessons are reinforced with real-life experiences. Our small size is our advantage - an individualized approach for each student and our ability to nimbly approach learning in new ways sets us apart. The academic program at St. Clement's supports our mission to develop outstanding women who are intellectually curious, courageous and compassionate. We do this by ensuring that excellence is not just a word - it's our commitment and our passion.

    St. Clement's is a community of life-long learners, where hard work and dedication serve to engage students in innovative and interactive ways. We begin in the Junior School by building a strong foundation within a caring environment, and continue through Middle School where nurturing and support help our girls travel successfully through the early adolescent years. Finally, our Senior School provides academic challenge and specialized courses to ensure our students graduate, prepared and eager to tackle the next exciting phase of life. 



    • Advanced Placement Canada (AP) Associations
    • Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) Associations
    • Round Square Associations
    • The Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario (CIS) Associations
    • The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Associations

    Social Feeds

    Other Hightlights:

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    Elena Holeton

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