Pickering and Ajax Montessori schools

Find the best Montessori schools in Pickering, Ajax, and Oshawa, Ontario

There are some great Montessori schools in Pickering and Ajax, Ontario, two districts that are considered part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This includes schools in the areas of Brougham, Claremont, Kinsdale, Seaton, Whitevale, Audley, Meadow Ridge, Nottingham, and Pickering Beach. It also includes Montessori schools in the neighbouring regions of Oshawa, Whitby, Uxbridge, Brock, Clarington, and Scugog (which are all part of the Durham region). Read more

List of Pickering and Ajax Montessori schools

  • Pickering, Ontario
  • NS to 8 Coed
  • $9,000 to $13,000

Montessori Learning Centre of Pickering is a non denominational, inclusive school that offers programs from Pre-school to Grade eight. We acknowledge and celebrate religious and cultural events as part of our cultural program.

  • Day
  • Montessori
Montessori Learning Centre of Pickering 9000 Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools Day Coed
  • Pickering, Ontario
  • NS to 6 Coed
  • $8,400 to $17,000

École Montessori is Durham Region's premier French private school dedicated to transforming your child into a BILINGUAL critical thinker with our enriched curriculum that fosters the genius within each student.

  • Day
  • Montessori
École Montessori 8400 Preschool Kindergarten Elementary Day Coed
  • Oshawa, Ontario
    Wilson Road/Adelaide Ave
  • NS to 12 Coed
  • $1,000 to $11,500

At G.B.MS, D.E.P.S and Durham Academy Secondary school focus is on each individual student and helping them meet their unique potential and goals. We believe in excellent customer service and families have a voice. Throughout the year we enhance our programs through program enhancement and enrichment.

  • Day/Homestay
  • Progressive
  • Montessori
Durham Elementary, Durham Academy and G.B.M.S. 1000 Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Day Homestay Day Coed

Montessori school philosophy

Montessori schools in Pickering and Ajax employ a unique approach, one which tends to differ from that of mainstream schools. While most Montessori schools follow this approach, how it’s applied can vary between schools and levels of education (for instance, preschools and high schools).

That said, most Montessori schools in Ajax and Pickering follow some essential principles. Some of the main ones are described below.

Montessori teaching approach

Pickering and Ajax Montessori schools have an unconventional teaching approach. Teachers rarely stand at the front of the classroom or provide whole-class lectures. The one exception is when they deliver great lessons at the start of the school year. But even these tend to be more interactive and engaging than traditional lectures.

The role of the teacher is more of a guide or mentor. Teachers walk around the classroom, offering guidance to students, either one-on-one or in small groups. They also help connect kids with meaningful and developmentally appropriate work.

Ideally, though, teachers “stay out of the way” unless their help is needed. The thinking is that students shouldn’t be interrupted when involved in engaging work. It’s also believed that kids benefit more from student-to-student teaching than teacher-to-student teaching.

Choosing a Pickering or Ajax Montessori school

A Montessori school in Pickering, Ajax, or neighbouring regions, such as Oshawa,  Whitby, and Scarborough, can be a great option for many families. Most of these schools are accredited by a world-class certifying institute, such as the CCMA or AMI. They also normally have teachers with both general teaching credentials and Montessori specific training.

It’s important to research any prospective school carefully. You want to choose the right school for your child and your family. Be sure to visit the school, talk with school officials, and ask plenty of questions, including:

For a list of questions to ask private schools, read our comprehensive guide to private school questions.

On this page, we list Montessori schools in Pickering and Ajax, Ontario. To learn more about a school, including how to register your child, click on a school profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Pickering and Ajax Montessori schools are there?
There are 3 Pickering and Ajax Montessori schools that are Our Kids trusted members.

How much is tuition at Pickering and Ajax Montessori schools?
Tuition fees for Pickering and Ajax Montessori schools range from $12 to $17,000 per year with an average tuition of $6,580 per year.

What’s the largest school?
Of the Pickering and Ajax Montessori schools, the largest is Montessori Learning Centre of Pickering with 200 students in Grades Nursery/Toddler to 8.

Are Pickering and Ajax Montessori schools good?
We interviewed both parents and students. You can read reviews about Pickering and Ajax Montessori schools on this page.

Is there a private school expo where I can meet with Pickering and Ajax Montessori schools?
Yes. You can meet with private schools and education experts at the Our Kids Private School Expos held every year in September and October. These events are designed for both parents and students. Find event details and ticket info here.


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