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REVIEW OF Fieldstone School BY Alum, Lexie Dias

  • Date of Review
    March 10, 2020
  • Grades
    Gr. 6 - Gr. 12
  • University (major)
    University of Toronto

(5) Overall Experience

My experience at Fieldstone has shaped who I am today! The kind staff and teachers at Fieldstone allowed me to reach my full potential as a student through their after-school tutorials and the Cambridge curriculum. I especially enjoyed the extracurricular clubs which allowed me to further my horizons in the community and create bonds with students who enjoy the same activities as me. Some of the clubs I joined through my years included: the drama club, model UN, choir, prefects, community outreach, and many more. The diverse groups of students allowed me to learn about other cultures and even languages. Throughout my time at Fieldstone I learned what it meant to create life long friendships and even the core learning habits I use today!

(5) School Leadership

The staff at Fieldstone creates a bond with their students and ensures that respect is a two way street! Through the mutual respect between administration, teachers, staff, and students Fieldstone creates a very positive environment for their students to grow! Students at Fieldstone also take pride in their leadership opportunities. For example, when I was a student I took part in becoming a prefect. This allowed me to become a school leader in organizing events around the school such as dress down days, and prom.

(5) Teaching

All of the teachers at Fieldstone enjoy teaching their respected subjects and are very passionate about it. No matter what class I had throughout my time at Fieldstone I enjoyed every single one! With students being eager to learn and teachers being eager to teach there is a level of support that is created. Students will never be left unsupported, and after-school help is always an option! Personally, as a student Math was never my strong suit, but at Fieldstone I was given the opportunity for one on one learning to ensure that even though it was not my favourite subject, I was still able to learn! To me, this is an experience I find not all schools give to their students, and for me it allowed me to grow through my academics!

(5) Academics

The academics at Fieldstone are amazing, they even have the Cambridge program which is unique to them! Through the Cambridge program I was able to complete additional testing, and as a student, receiving my exams back allowed me to feel proud of the work and effort I put into these exams! In the Cambridge program I took part in the English and Drama testing. Through this I was able to work closely with my teachers and peers to prepare for the exam, and I enjoyed every minute of it! Even now, I use my completion of my Cambridge testing under the achievements heading on my resume! I hold the Cambridge curriculum to a high standard, and I am proud to say that I completed it!

(5) Extracurriculars

The extracurricular activities at Fieldstone were great! I really enjoyed joining clubs and sports! I can honestly say that I was a part of almost every club Fieldstone offered, and I enjoyed every one of them! The students and teachers allowed for a safe and trusting environment where everybody was able to input their ideas without feeling ridiculed. I especially loved Fieldstone’s extracurriculars because they allowed me to spend time with my friends outside of class, and even make new ones!

(5) Students

The student body at Fieldstone was very diverse! There were so many international students from many different cultures, and it allowed me to broaden and diversify my friend group! All of the students at Fieldstone were friendly and positive. I especially enjoyed learning about the different places they came from. For example, students came from all over the wold such as: China, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Iran, and even some from Africa! This large mix of people allowed me to become familiar with many different cultures. Fieldstone even held events such as cultural day which allowed students to set up a table and feature foods and other things they wanted to share! I really enjoyed the many people I met at Fieldstone and the positivity and friendships that came out of those relations!

(5) School Life

I loved my time at Fieldstone! I remember waking up everyday and being excited to go to school. Fieldstone creates a very loving and supportive environment for their students! Especially because the size of the student body is smaller, and it allowed the administration and staff to get to know each and every student! This to me was amazing, and even now I still drop by every once and a while to say hello to everyone! At Fieldstone, I really felt that the teachers really cared about their students, and always gave room for students to request extensions on their work to ensure low stress levels! This allowed me to gain a sense of responsibility and even time management! I personally really enjoyed the time I spent at Fieldstone!

(5) Community

The alumni community is amazing, I keep in touch with the administrators of Fieldstone, and they always invite me back to help out with events! It’s an amazing opportunity to see the next generation of students who come out of Fieldstone, and the work that they’ve also put in throughout their years. Since graduating, I’ve still continued to keep up with students at the school. I really believe that I’ve truly made life long friendships! The parents at Fieldstone are also great, and they even have their own faculty in the JK-8 section of the school! I found that through my elementary years at Fieldstone the parents contributed a lot to the events and even creating a close-knit circle of friends for their children.

(5) School Location

The location of the school was great, throughout my highschool years I was able to venture beyond the school to help my community! For example, through the community outreach club I was able to organize school wide community clean ups. During this time, we would get into groups and venture around the community to pick up litter and properly dispose it!

(5) Admissions

Throughout my admissions process into Fieldstone I felt that they really cared about me as a person. During the admission process, I did go through testing however, it wasn’t a process of elimination to see who was the smartest but I felt like it was done to assess the level of the new students to best accommodate them into their new learning environment. To me this was everything because I came from a public school that didn’t have the resources or time to ensure that my level of learning was the same as everybody else. There was also an interview to see what I was interested in as a student, and the goals I had previously set for myself. Fieldstone, took my level of learning and allowed me to catch up and even get ahead!

(5) University placement and counselling

When applying to university, I felt completely supported! Fieldstone ensured that as a student I knew what all my options were. They educated me from the beginning of my highschool years about the different types of classes that were required for the type of continued education I wanted. For me this allowed me to pursue my goals to the fullest, and ensure I was able to be accepted into my first choice university! Throughout my senior year Fieldstone held meetings which taught me how to properly apply to university, and the guidance counsellor was always available for additional questions. Once I began getting accepted into universities the staff at Fieldstone were as excited for my continuing education as I was! This allowed me to feel supported and guided throughout my application and acceptance process!


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