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REVIEW OF Fieldstone School BY parent, Axelle Vaughan

  • Date of Review
    March 17, 2021
  • Grades
    JK - Gr. 7

(5) Student Experience

My daughters are thriving at Fieldstone School. They have been students at the school for four years and have become strong young leaders. They love walking into school and hearing classical music as they are welcomed with warm smiles. They enjoy the playground and the different extracurricular activities offered such as team sports, chess club, public speaking club and so much more. Learning how to play the violin and taking part in the yearly Shakespeare Production has proven to be important moments in their student life. They are eager to go to school every day and look forward to connecting with the supportive teachers and administration. Fieldstone has been able to provide my daughters with a wonderful school experience combining a warm and caring environment on a beautiful campus.

(5) School Leadership

I have developed a strong bond with the administration team and have felt supported with any questions I might have had in the past and have always had follow-ups on the same day. The positive culture of the school has been extremely important for my daughters and myself as we are always met with understanding. I have developed a strong sense of trust with the school and have always been happy to see transparent, open communication between teachers, students and parents.

(5) Teaching

There is no better feeling than to see your children grow as young leaders and as a Fieldstone parent, I have witnessed huge growth in my daughters. We chose Fieldstone School because my daughters needed to be challenged and stimulated. I have seen them grow to their full potential. The teachers are dedicated and committed to their student's success. They provide clear instruction with daily feedback allowing students to thrive. My daughters receive the encouragements necessary to push themselves further. There is ongoing communication between teachers and parents permitting a team effort to best support the student. I am confident my children are receiving excellent education and that they will be able to excel in their next steps going forward. Due to small class sizes, teachers are able to cater to the student's needs and this has highly benefited my children.

(5) Academics

Fieldstone is a Cambridge school that has been preparing my daughters for high academic achievements. My children have developed a passion for learning in a positive school culture. They are encouraged to participate in public speaking contests, school plays, leadership roles and are given the tools to succeed in all of their endeavours. My daughters are developing into young female leaders with a great sense of worth and confidence. Fieldstone has developed the need for my children to be curious, to search deeper into themselves to achieve the best possible results. They have been encouraged to constantly review their work and to discuss their work with teachers. They have access to one-on-one tutorials if they choose to deepen their understanding. Teachers are always available for their students and that is key to their success.

(5) Extracurriculars

Fieldstone has not only developed my daughters into strong learners but has also been able to develop their sense of community through ongoing extracurricular opportunities. They have always participated in the annual Shakespeare Production, even my youngest daughter in JK. The sports alongside the public speaking contests offered have contributed to daughters becoming strong, well rounded students.

(5) Students

One of the great strengths of Fieldstone School is the diversity in the student body. The class sizes are small enough for students to really bond with one another and they have multiple opportunities to learn from each other. My daughters have developed strong friendships that they will always cherish. Students are encouraged to engage with students outside of their class. An example would be the "House" captains, leaders within the school, that have the important role to bring all students together regardless of grade and age. This creates a wonderful atmosphere and school spirit. Finally, I will add that Fieldstone School stands out with students proudly wearing the blue and gold colours in all sports event and putting forward their mascot - The Grizzly Bear!

(5) School Life

My daughters love going to school because they know they will be heard, encouraged, guided and respected every single day. The building and campus are very welcoming. They offer a wonderful setting for student engagement and student academic achievements. The common areas are spacious and allow for gatherings and student life. The older students care about the younger ones and it offers a sense of family to new students. My daughters have found their second home within Fieldstone School. Also, at Fieldstone there are four "Houses" to which students are assigned upon arrival. These "Houses" create a sense of belonging and motivation. Many activities are linked to gaining points for the "Houses" and it always fun to see teachers and students joyfully compete to achieve their goals.

(5) Community

Fieldstone School parents are able and encouraged to become as involved as they choose to be. There are opportunities to meet new families multiple times a year through parent coffee time and parent meetings. We receive weekly newsletters and updates on key dates and student news as well as photos to support student's achievements and fun times. The Fieldstone community is strong and growing. It brings people together in a warm, caring and structured environment. I had the opportunity to be a part of the parent association and it was wonderful to have a direct impact on some school decisions such as fundraisers, spring fairs and student life overall. I highly encourage new parents to join this fantastic community and to get involved with their children.

(5) School Location

I have found the school location to be central and very convenient for our family. It is located in a safe neighbourhood and close to a main intersection. The campus is beautiful with a large field, playground and parking lot. Fieldstone school is absolutely charming while being in the heart of the city. It is also lovely to have access to shopping malls close by.


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