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Find the top Montessori schools in Milton, Ontario

Some top-notch Montessori schools are in Milton, Ontario. Milton is considered part of the Halton district of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and it borders Oakville and Mississauga. Among other areas, there are Milton Montessori schools in Campbellville, Haltonville, Beaty, Bowes, Cobden, Clarke, Coates, Dempsey, Forrest Grove, Harrison, Valleyview, Mountainview, Milton heights, and Old Milton.

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Features of Milton Montessori schools

Milton has a variety of different kinds of private schools. Other than Montessori schools, it has special needs, gifted, Christian, and Catholic schools, among others.

What are Milton Montessori schools like? In many ways, they resemble other Montessori schools. They have a unique and progressive approach, which is responsive to the developmental interests and needs of both younger and older children.

The Montessori educational approach provides an appealing alternative to what you’ll find in traditional schools. Like Waldorf and Reggio Emilia, it follows a number of principles that depart from the norm.

  • Mixed-age classrooms: Most Montessori schools in Milton, Ontario have multi-age groupings. This includes infant (birth to 3), toddler (3 to 6), lower elementary (6-9), and upper elementary programs. Some schools have secondary programs as well.
  • Decentralized learning: In Montessori schools in Milton, teachers rarely stand at the front of the classroom and deliver lectures. Rather, they walk around class, provide guidance, and give short lessons to students. Instead of sitting at desks listening to the teacher, children work on different tasks in various parts of the classroom, either on their own or in groups.
  • Curricular flexibility: There isn’t a one-size-fits-all curriculum. Instead, kids have quite a bit of latitude to choose their own work, with guidance from the teacher.
  • Concrete learning: Children work with lots of hands-on materials. This can make learning more engaging and efficient.
  • Integrated curriculum: Few subjects are taught are on their own. Rather, learning tends to be more interdisciplinary, where students focus on tasks and topics that cover a wide range of subjects, such as math, science, history, and theology.
  • Character education: Schools focus on more than academics. Students are taught practical skills, as well as independence, responsibility, and the importance of the community.

Benefits of Montessori schools in Milton

The Montessori method is, above all, child-centred. A common phrase to describe the Montessori method is “follow the child.” Meaning follow the child’s interests, needs, and abilities.

This child-centred approach is both popular method and effective. While it isn’t without its detractors, many agree it has several appealing features. Among others, Montessori schools in Milton tend to have the following benefits.

  • Individualized learning: Teaching and learning is tailored to the abilities and interests of each child. Children work at their own pace, choose developmentally appropriate tasks, and have their own learning goals.
  • Peer teaching: Multi-age groupings allow for plenty of student-to-student teaching. Older kids teach, mentor, and model behaviour to their younger peers. Research shows this can speed up learning.
  • Improved focus: Students are given lots of time to work on their own tasks and projects, free of interruptions (during uninterrupted work periods). This can boost their focus, concentration, and discipline.
  • Love of learning: The freedom to choose one’s own work, with teacher guidance, allows students to pursue their unique interests and passions. This can lead to a love of learning that extends beyond the classroom.

Below, find the top Montessori schools in Milton and Campbellville, in Ontario. Click on a school profile to learn more about it. You can also click through to a school’s website, connect with school officials directly, and learn how to register your child.

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List of Milton Montessori schools

  School Name Type Cost

Hitherfield School (est. 1991)  

  • Milton-Campbellville, Ontario
  • PS to 8 Coed
  • Day school (100 students)
Hitherfield School offers programs from pre-school to grade 8. With an average class size of 14 students, we offer an excellent academic program along with a multitude of outdoor activities. [View profile]
  • Traditional
$11,600 to $14,680

Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools Day Coed 11600

Silver Maple Montessori Private School   

  • Milton, Ontario
  • NS to 1 Coed
  • Day school (63 students)
Housed in the elegant colonial mansion, Harrop House in the beautiful town of Milton, Ontario. Offering low teacher to child ratios with an emphasis on personal and social development of each child. [View profile]
  • Montessori
$12,000 to $12,500

Preschool Kindergarten Elementary Day Coed 12000

The Montessori Country School - Milton Campus (est. 2007)  

  • Milton, Ontario
  • PS to 3 Coed
  • Day school (69 students)
Montessori Country School has provided a first-class academic experience to students in an environment that is distinguished by its compassion, integrity and unwavering commitment to the individual child. [View profile]
  • Montessori
$8,160 to $13,600

Preschool Kindergarten Elementary Day Coed 8160

Stirling Montessori Academy (est. 2013)  

  • Milton, Ontario
  • PS to 3 Coed
  • Day school (65 students)
Our highly qualified staff use the Montessori Method to provide students with the opportunity to develop intellectual and social skills and to enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence. [View profile]
  • Montessori
$6,600 to $11,995

Preschool Kindergarten Elementary Day Coed 6600

Oxford Learning Academy (Private School) (est. 1984)  

  • Milton, Ontario
  • PS to 8 Coed
  • Day school (65 students)
Oxford Learning Academy – where your child will experience a homeschooling approach with the benefits of socialization in a small classroom environment. This Milton private school runs from PK to grade 8. [View profile]
  • Traditional
$12,000 to $12,850

Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools Day Coed 12000

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