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Topic: School Leadership

Walquiria Francato - Parent   (Nov 06, 2019)

The school stands out for working our children's greatest skills, considering that "Every human being is a mine rich in priceless jewelry, and that education can only make them reveal her treasures and enable humanity to reap the benefits of it." (Baha'ú'llah) ". And this way of working emphasizing the nobility of man is a commitment of the school board since its foundation. That in itself ranks this school on an innovative level and that sees in our children the best they have.

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Angela Zhang - Parent   (Nov 19, 2019)

The school leadership and administration reflects the school's mission and commitment to preparing students for their future. For a long time, Nancy Campbell has 19 code of conducts as the discipline for students to follow, helping students to be good citizens instead of people with high academic success but no values. This school encourages both. They also utilize a variety of new technologies, authentic assessments to respond to problems so as to sustain a positive school environment for students. 学校的管理影响培养学生的宗旨,长期来,南希坎贝尔为学生制定的19条行为准则,培养帮助学生自尊心和自信心的成长,在取得优异的学习成绩的同时,学会自律,成为社会有用人才。另外,学校运用多种新科技和评估手段,维护学校的秩序并确保学校正常运行。

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Gabriel Quinn - Alumnus   (Nov 06, 2019)

The keyword to describe Nancy Campbell's administration is attentive. The school staff cares deeply about the student body's well-being. There are constant consultations and actions being put into place in the school to improve the social and academic environments. The administration is always open to suggestions, and are there to help with issues the students are facing. When it came to dealing with problems and having to discipline students, the administration made the issue very clear and often talks one on one with the student to know why, and to understand the situation. When it came to students making mistakes, the administration almost always offers a second chance for the student to learn from it in a healthy way. I faced a lot of challenges during my time at Nancy Campbell, both in life and in my academics. I had challenges at home and with my early education. I received a lot of one on one help from the administration with these problems and was able to overcome them and graduate with an above 90 average. My qualities were seen, and I was singled out as a leader among the students, I didn't know I had such potential but it was that potential that was nurtured into qualities that heavily impact my life today. I've been nominated at my university to be a student ambassador, and I attribute that to the help I received from the administration.

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Tara Sohanaky - Student   (Nov 19, 2019)

I respect all the school leaders. They guide you into the right path. They are always there for you when you need them. They always care about your wellbeing no matter what, especially the teachers. If you have a problem or you’re going through something they make sure to take care of it or help you through it. I remember whenever I had a problem or were worried about my studies I’d ask for an advice from one of my teachers even if he/she wasn’t teaching the course I was struggling in.

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Hugo Francato - Parent   (Jan 21, 2020)

The school uses google class, so every week they sent me an e-mail with the contents, homework, and subjects studied at every class and what is expected for her to deliver in the next week. Please note that we are separated by thousands of miles, but I'm more informed now about what she is doing at school, than before when we were together. I have all the contacts of teachers and even the vice principal. They always answer us, and it's great to see how it all works almost perfectly.

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Nivia Dyal - Student   (Feb 26, 2020)

I have full respect for all the school leaders here. They are my role models. The teachers aren't just teachers they are supportive and I can tell from experience that they treat us like their very own children. This is the only school I've been to and not one day have I felt uncomfortable expressing my feelings or asking for help. There are some times when I think I'm a failure but the motivation they give makes me think that I can do it. This school changed me and Nancy Campbell made me more active in the community.

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Jennifer Crawford - Parent   (Aug 07, 2020)

The staff at Nancy Campbell have created a positive and nurturing environment for students. We were impressed by their ability to create an online learning platform during the covid pandemic and continue working with students daily to ensure their continued learning. The staff ensured that parents knew what has happening and kept us updated. They also supported the students to remain positive during the difficult and stressful stay at home orders. We are very happy with the leadership of the principal and vice principal.

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Sherry Brown - Parent   (Aug 07, 2020)

The school appears to utilize a distributive leadership model that benefits the students. Teachers take the time to get to know each and every student on a personal level and even teachers who may not have taught my daughter took an interest and provided support to her. Any concerns that I had were quickly and appropriately addressed by school administration who are easily accessible and responsive. The school fosters a community in which discipline issues are rarely a concern. This is definitely the safest, most inclusive and encouraging school I have ever seen.

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Lorelei Brown - Student   (Aug 07, 2020)

I really like my Guidance Counselor Ms. Schaffer. She is really helpful, she actually listens to kids and helps them learn about and solve their own problems, provides academic support and really helped me get used to being away at school. The principal and Vice Principal are also availbel to talk to and participate in the daily activities of the school. We have a daily meeting and always eat lunch together as a school. I really like that my teachers and the principals are there because it helps me get to know them and build a relationship with them. The teachers are knowledgeable about their content area and are always available to help. Mr. Davids really believed in me and helped me to build my confidence and believe in myself.

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David Ryan - Parent   (Aug 07, 2020)

Under the direction of a dedicated and caring faculty, stressing the importance of individual student development, in all areas of life, not just academics, NCA showed wise and compassionate leadership while dealing with our daughters life lessons. Keeping us, as parents, fully informed and part of a larger working group of caring professionals. We are grateful for a school that promotes consultative solutions and logical consequences to challenges facing a young student away from home for the first time.

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