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Topic: Teaching

Walquiria Francato - Parent   (Nov 06, 2019)

I am very pleased with the education my daughter is receiving, and my main thermometer is her happiness in telling the advances and reports we have had from her response. Teachers are committed to their students and the commitment they see in their classes and interactions goes far beyond mere duty and is like a relationship of friendship, respect and commitment to the evolution of each student respecting their individuality. Communication is effective and providing feedback is always constructive as the focus of work is on developing what your child has best in his personality. I also feel that my daughter receives all the challenges she needs for her evolution and development, as well as the support and encouragement she needs to overcome them.

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Angela Zhang - Parent   (Nov 19, 2019)

Teaching is great at Nancy Campbell Academy. They have many excellent teachers with variety of academic skills. They are versatile and meet the children where they are at. For example, a science teacher can also be a wonderful artist, which makes a great impact on their students' personalities creating and modeling well-grounded adults. Students are likely to follow their examples and become well-rounded people with more interests. Most of teachers in the school are very passionate and love their students. They believe every child can shine like a diamond, and the teacher has the duty or responsibility to make the great success in each student. The school never regards fast or slow students differently -- each student is valued and different learning styles appreciated. As a result, most of the graduates from the school are admitted to the top universities in Canada. My daughter was of no exception. She was accepted by Waterloo University. 南希坎贝尔的教学是很不错的。 学校拥有不少多才多艺的优秀的老师,如科学教师又是一位出色的艺术家,这对学生开拓兴趣很有帮助,学生也会跟着老师榜样走。老师们都很有激情,他们都是优秀的教育家,因为他们相信每个孩子都会成功,如同宝石会发光。老师的责任就是打磨使其发光。因此,大多数的学校毕业生都被加拿大的名校录取,我女儿也不例外,考取了滑铁卢大学。

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Gabriel Quinn - Alumnus   (Nov 06, 2019)

The teaching at Nancy Campbell gives you a lot of room to succeed, and also a lot of room to fall behind if you don't do the work. The school gives a bit more responsibility to the students to make sure their time is managed well, and their education is on track. In a normal school setting, a student would go home to a parent who helps to make sure all the homework is done. If you are living in the residence, the only person who is going to hold you accountable is you. I struggled with this freedom, but am glad to have overcome the challenge, because I was going to have to learn to manage your time in your university education anyway, I'm glad I learned early. One of the most unique qualities of the school is that it developed its own course called WCC (world citizenship course) that is only found there. This course spans all grades and offers a unique education into family dynamics, childhood development, and the state of the world we live in. Because of this training, I feel very at ease moving about in the world and find it natural to make new contacts wherever I go and learn new skills quickly. The dynamic between the staff and myself were on the informal side. I attribute this to the small class sizes and close bonds the students build with teachers. I still keep in contact with many of my teachers at Nancy Campbell. The fact that it was more informal, did not impact the respect I had for the staff. The work ethic they would show in their participation in extracurriculars and how they were available after school to help the students evoked a great deal of respect. My English teacher Dr. Walker stands out from the rest. I missed a lot of my academic education from age 10 to 14, because of family complications. I struggled a lot with English grammar, and essay structure. After Ms. Walker's two classes in English and creative writing, I became a strong writer in multiple disciplines, and my essays often receive praise in my current university program. I attribute this to the encouragement, and instruction I received in her class. Many of the teachers I had during my time at the school greatly impacted my academic and personal development. a couple of them have retired from the school, so I cannot say that they are still at the school, but many of their values and teachings are still alive and part of the culture. If you are wondering about the teachers at Nancy Campbell, they are all very compassionate, understanding, and encouraging practitioners.

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Tara Sohanaky - Student   (Nov 19, 2019)

They do not ask too much of you. They are always considerate. They take your social life, personal life and school life into consideration. But they do challenge you. All the teachers have high hopes for students. If a student is struggling in class they do not take their attention away from them, they make sure to help them out as best as they can. They think of all the student as equals but at the same time if some of the students are ahead in work or already know that subject, they will give them extra work. They see your strength and weaknesses and work on what is best for you. Overall the teachers really care. They also make sure to let you what they expect from you.

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Hugo Francato - Parent   (Jan 21, 2020)

Yes, they have highly qualified teachers, and they all want to make sure that the students are understanding the subjects in the class. As most of the students don't speak English as the first language, their task is even harder, and a lot of patience is required. I always receive a report card, with comments of all teachers, telling us what are their impressions of my daughter, what she is doing well and what she could do to get better. Until now, despite my fears, she is doing very well, in her studies and in learning the language. As they have a limited number of students, teachers are able to work closely with and guarantee results in the learning.

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Nivia Dyal - Student   (Feb 26, 2020)

The teachers are cooperative. They don't force a student to do anything. If I'm having a bad day they are understanding. This is what I love about it. Teachers know what I am capable of even though I don't know what I want. Sometimes I think I might give up and my teacher would start listing all my qualities and this shows me how well they know me and what I can do. This pushes me and would get me back to my feet able to complete what I left off. They are never negative and would do anything for me and other students to achieve our goals and success. I started from 37 percent and moved up to an 87 percent without being pressured. I love the patience they have with students learning.

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Jennifer Crawford - Parent   (Aug 07, 2020)

Our daughter thrived with the teachers at Nancy Campbell. She felt they listened to what she had to say, her contributions were accepted and she trusted and respected her teachers. This was very important as our daughter had been in the public sector for many years and was frustrated with the ambivalent attitude of teachers towards students. Nancy Campbell works to ensure the learning environment helps students to be successful and confident in their approach to life. We are very pleased with the teachers and staff who work so hard. We look forward to another year of supportive and encouraging teachers, kind and loving staff and a happy and successful child - this is the most important.

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Sherry Brown - Parent   (Aug 07, 2020)

The teachers at Nancy Campbell Academy are both knowledgeable and dedicated to their craft. They often come in early, work through lunches ans stay after school to provide support and assistance as requested by students. The teachers are also intimately involved with afterschool activities and can often be seen volunteering with their students in the community or hosting evening weekend events for enrich the lives of their students. As a parent, I appreciate being able to communicate directly with the teachers and I have always received a response quickly that left me feeling supported as a parent and knowing my child with getting the support she needs. I have been pleased to see our daughter be challenged to grow, learn and develop and free to take responsible risks knowing that her teachers and school staff will be there to support her along the way.

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Lorelei Brown - Student   (Aug 07, 2020)

I feel that for the most part teachers ask the right amount from us. There were times this year that I felt the workload was too high, especially at the end of the semester but I suppose that can't really be avoided. When I needed help they were there which was especially important when the classes switched to online due to COVID. My teachers are encouraging and help me make goals that push myself. I don't always love each of their teaching styles, but I feel they are fair, reasonable and effective. One thing I really appreciate is how they are involved in school life outside of the classroom and the mentor program. I was able to pick a mentor teacher that even though I don't have a class with I found supportive and helped me learn and develop.

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David Ryan - Parent   (Aug 07, 2020)

The dedication to teaching and development of the students to reach their full potential was clearly evident at NCA. Keeping us, as parents, informed weekly through clear lines of open dialogue, if there were areas of concern that needed further review and consultation. When switched to online classes, it was very apparent that the teachers were ready and willing to take the extra step necessary to achieve the desired success. Students were proactive in ensuring that everyone was reaching their full potential. When our daughter struggled in one particular class, the teacher was quick to email us and offer concrete solutions to ensure a passing grade. The vice principal and guidance councillor were always available to answer all of my prying questions when I was feeling stressed about our daughters activities

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