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Topic: University placement

Walquiria Francato - Parent   (Nov 06, 2019)

For those who live in Brazil, like me, that education is so different from that of Canada, the university's counseling program is something essential for our daughter's future decisions. And I feel that she is being closely followed in this as well, the school has for each student a teacher who is a counselor, and who is the one that the young person chooses because they have more affinity, and this teacher is trained to support and direct the student to the choices that will make him happy, ensuring that our child chooses what is most compatible with his skills and abilities. So far, all the doubts we had about our daughter's future university processes have been properly addressed, and this allows us to draw up plans for her to continue in school until she applies for college.

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Gabriel Quinn - Alumnus   (Nov 06, 2019)

Nancy Campbell has an almost perfect university acceptance rate, many universities visit the school and give presentations to the students, and the school will help students apply to their schools of choice. They can't help much if you're applying to schools outside of Canada, but that's just the nature of the system. I applied to a school in the UK and was accepted on my second attempt (I did not have a strong application due to my apathy and desire to take a gap year for community service). On my second attempt I got into my school of choice. If you want to go to university in Canada, it's amazing. If you want to study at a school outside of Canada, you will have to do the research and applying yourself.

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Angela Zhang - Parent   (Nov 19, 2019)

Nancy Campbell Academy provides students from 11 to 12th grade with comprehensive university placement and counselling service, which helps the students who desire to apply for universities in Canada plan ahead, enabling them to make themselves more ready to achieve all the credits required by the potential university admission offices. The school invites the university representatives to answer questions, students' concerns, and meanwhile the counsellor guides the students by walking them through their application processes. Most of the 12th grade students have no problem meeting the requirements from their chosen universities, nor have they faced any obstacles in their applications. My daughter's situation is case in point actually - who successfully got all the offers from the universities she applied to, due to the detailed assistance from the school. 南希坎贝尔为十一和十二年级的学生提供大学申请和咨询服务。指导老师帮助有意向在加拿大申请大学的学生提前准备,使学生更好地完成他们所意向的大学的一切课程及学分要求。学校邀请各大院校招生代表回答学生相关问题。同时,指导老师给予学生详细升学过程辅导。 大多数的12年级学生都能顺利完成申请,我女儿当年成功获得所有申请学校的录取通知应该归功于学校的帮助。

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Hugo Francato - Parent   (Jan 21, 2020)

The education system is very different from ours, so I had to learn the whole process. The school has a counselor that helped her make the right decisions. I still don't know if I'll be able to keep her until grade 12 or if I will be able to afford a university for her in Canada. In this meantime, we trust the counselor is doing his best to guide her, and I was even surprised that the school has this person. Where I live all grades are the same for every student, and they only have to choose after ending secondary school.

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