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REVIEW OF Royal Crown School BY student, Nicholas Wuthrich

  • Date of Review
    October 18, 2023
  • Grades
    Gr. 8 (current)
  • Gender
  • Enrollment
    Day Student

(4) Student Experience

In my personal opinion, Royal Crown informs the student well when it comes to work and learning new things. I also kind of love the school considering the fact that I’m a new student and still have more to learn. One thing that I wish I had known before I came to Royal Crown was how many semesters there were included in the curriculum. I also wish I knew how many classes I had considering the fact that doing eighth grade in high school is much more different than doing eighth grade in your average middle school. At Royal Crown, I have lots of fun with my friends when we have the chance. The teaching at Royal Crown can also be hard to learn at times, and I also think that we should have days when we cannot wear uniforms.

(3.5) School Leadership

At Royal Crown, I treat my teachers and peers with respect and do my best to do so. I think that they give the students great information and always are there to help me when I ask for it. I also think that the teachers can improve and do better by keeping composed and not giving students attitude at times. Other than that, the teachers are kind and respectful the majority of the time and are filled with intelligent information.

(4) Teaching

I feel like teachers strike a good balance in their expectations. Sometimes it's a bit unclear what they want, but I try my best to understand. When they talk about success, I think they can see us reaching our full potential and achieving our goals. As for knowing what they expect, it can be a bit tricky at times. But that's where open communication comes in. Talking to them and asking questions can really help us understand their expectations better. When teachers talk about success, I think they imagine us reaching our full potential and achieving our goals. They want us to thrive and be successful in our own unique ways. It's all about doing well academically and developing important skills that will set us up for a bright future.

(4) Academics

When it comes to the work, it can be a 50/50. Sometimes it feels too easy, other times it's too hard. But ideally, it should be just right, challenging enough to help us grow without overwhelming us. As for the usefulness of what we're learning, it depends on the subject. Some things may have direct applications in our future lives, like math or language skills. But even if not everything is directly applicable, the process of learning itself is valuable. It helps us develop important skills like critical thinking and problem-solving that can be useful in many areas of life. Plus, learning gives us a broader understanding of the world and fosters curiosity. So while not every detail may be useful, the overall experience of learning is definitely valuable for our future selves.

(4.5) Extracurriculars

I personally joined the chess case (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) which is an extracurricular activity. I also personally think that we have many options when it comes to extracurriculars such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, chess, scuba diving, math, science, and many more. I feel that everyone has enough to do and is able to do the things they want considering how many options they have.

(3.5) Students

The students at Royal Crown feel more like a city due to the fact that we are an international school that has many students from many different countries who speak many different languages. It feels more like a city than a town. The countries that different ethnicities that our school varies from are: China, Taiwan, Canada, Japan, Philippines, and many more. The ones who do best are motivated, curious, and put in the effort to succeed. They're open-minded and love learning new things. While some students may struggle a bit, our school works hard to provide support and resources so everyone feels included. We believe in creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all students. It's a vibrant community where diversity is celebrated, and everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential.

(4) School Life

The first place on my tour would be the basketball gym. The reason why is because being a basketball player at Royal Crown has lots of responsibilities that it comes with and I value that very much. It's an incredible facility where our athletes showcase their skills and where all the action/fun happens. The gym is equipped with top-notch equipment and provides an electric atmosphere for games and events. Visitors will get a taste of our school's athletic spirit and the importance we place on physical fitness and teamwork. It's the perfect place to have a tour and highlight one of the many aspects that make our school special. Lastly, at Royal Crown, we love to showcase our talents to our best giving us better opportunities for later life.

(4.5) Community

At Royal Crown, it feels like home to me because of my friends and the basketball team. My friends are like my second family. They are always there to support me and bring me up when I’m down. At Royal Crown have created so many memories together and I’ve only been here for about two months. Our basketball team is like a huge family within our school community. We train together, compete together, and celebrate victories together. The court is where I feel most alive and takes away all my stress. The court is where I’m connected with my teammates most and is a place where I can showcase my skills and be part of something bigger than myself. With my friends and basketball, Royal Crown truly feels like home to me.

(3.5) School Location

In my school, I stay on campus considering the fact that I am only in Frade 8. After school, before I go home, I have been off campus to get food or some snacks. Other than that, the older students like to go out to get lunch if the food in the cafeteria isn’t the greatest. What I know is that next year I’ll be doing the same thing and having fun with my friends.

(4) Admissions

The admissions process at Royal Crown is a mix of excitement and nerves. I get to gather all the necessary documents, fill out the application form, and write a personal statement to showcase my interests and achievements. It can definitely be a bit stressful, but also kind of fun because I got to reflect on my accomplishments and aspirations. My advice for someone planning to apply would be to start early, stay organized, and be authentic in your application. Highlight your unique qualities and experiences that make you a great fit for the school. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help or guidance from teachers or counsellors. I now realize that being true to myself and showing my passion and dedication were key factors in the admissions process.


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