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REVIEW OF Royal Crown School BY student, Bennett Cotton

  • Date of Review
    October 19, 2023
  • Grades
    Gr. 11 - Gr. 12 (current)
  • Gender
  • Enrollment
    Day Student

(4) Student Experience

The school experience at Royal Crown is very good. Aside from the in-class experience, which is solid, there are a number of services that are offered to the students that enhance the school experience. These services include the buffet-style lunch, the C.A.S.E activities, and the sports offered by the school. The school has an elaborate basketball program that produces NCAA and NBA-level talent. The in-class experience is very good, the teachers are very devoted to teaching, and provide very good interaction with the students in terms of helping them with lessons and homework, and discussing the course material. The residence housing is pretty far from the school, and it takes a 25-minute drive to get here and there. All in all, RCAS is a pretty good school.

(5) School Leadership

The school leadership is much better than that of public schools, and other schools in the area. The teachers are able to help the students progress more, especially with the small class sizes. The guidance counsellors are very knowledgeable and they help the students with their post-secondary choices and with course selection. The headmaster of the school conducts the school itself very well and has organized assemblies throughout the year which showcase different events and holidays. All in all, the school leadership is very good.

(4) Teaching

The teachers at Royal Crown Academic School are very good teachers. They are very involved in the classroom, and outside the classroom in C.A.S.E activities. They provide a very thorough teaching experience and work in accordance with the school management to provide a top-tier experience for the students and maximize learning. They clearly outline class expectations and devote time to making sure each and every student clearly understands the course material and what is expected from them in all assignments and assessments. They work with students to cater to their goals, while providing a fair grading system, where effort is rewarded. The teachers provide course information in the form of presentations, lessons, and other forms of media. All in all, the teaching is very good.

(4.5) Academics

The academics at Royal Crown School are very good. They reflect skills and knowledge that are applicable to the real world, and the learning experience is very memorable, due to the diverse and solid learning experience. The assessments are very fair and reflect the amount of work and studying you put in while allowing people to pursue their own personal endeavours outside of the classroom. An example of this is in the basketball program. Student-athletes are given time to complete homework and study, allowing them to complete school with excellence while developing their sports skills. The material that I'm learning is useful to my post-secondary education, and many of the skills that I am learning now are useful to me later in life.

(5) Extracurriculars

I personally take part in some extracurricular activities. I am a student-athlete. I am part of the Royal Crown Lions. I also partake in the Video Game Design Club, which I co-founded. People have enough to do, as there is a wide variety of clubs and activities offered every quadmester. In conclusion, the extracurricular activities are very good.

(4) Students

If I were to describe the school to students who have never visited the school, and are from different countries, I would describe the school in the following way: the school is very welcoming to international students, as the majority of the students are from different countries around the world. The school teaches people about the Canadian language (English) and culture and is welcome to people of all speaking ability. The school is located in Scarborough, and it definitely feels like a city to the students at Royal Crown Academic School. Just a walk away from the school are several malls and businesses alike, where students can engage and interact with businesses from different cultures, as Scarborough is a very unique and diverse place. Everyone definitely feels included.

(4.5) School Life

If I were to take people to any place in the school as part of a tour, I would first take them to the gym. The gym is the highlight of the school, and there are people constantly working on their craft within the gym. The gym showcases the basketball teams, and the high-quality training involved in the development of the basketball teams. I would next take them to the weight room, where there is a plethora of training utilities and devices to allow students to develop their health and their bodies. Among the equipment in the weight room, there are squat racks, machines, benches, dumbbells, pull-up bars, and turf. School life is very good at Royal Crown Academic School due to the services surrounding athletics and health.

(4) Community

The school definitely feels like home, as I personally am there all day, all days of the week. The school offers different programs and activities such that you can stay busy throughout the day. All three meals in the day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are offered. Relative to other schools, this food is pretty solid. They offer numerous different food options on different days of the week. The teachers and students there help make the school feel more lively, and make it feel like a community, where everyone is working towards their own goals, and help each other with their work. When you come here, you will find that you will make friends who help you engage in your passion, and they motivate you to be a better person.

(3.5) School Location

The school location is pretty solid. It is located in Scarborough, which is a short drive away from Toronto, the biggest city in Canada. People will go off campus to experience different locations around Toronto, including the CN Tower, parks, and more. The school location, as mentioned before, is located near different stores of different cultures. Among these stores, you can find food from all around the world, including China, Japan, India, and much much more.

(5) Admissions

The admissions process is very easy, especially if you are a student-athlete. The staff at the school make it easy, and there are people dedicated to the recruitment process and the admissions process. There is school management devoted to making the admissions process as simple as possible for the families who wish to attend the school. For myself, the process of admission was very easy, and it was not stressful whatsoever. I now know that the school is very solid and is worth the time and money, especially for international students who wish to learn about Canadian culture and wish to learn Canadian native languages — English and French. In conclusion, the school is good, the admission process is good, and for me, it went smoothly.


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