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Metropolitan Preparatory Academy

49 Mobile Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M4A 1H5

Grades (Gender):
Gr. 7 to Gr. 12 (Coed)
$20,730 to 25,100/year
Main Language:
Avg. Class Size:
12 to 18
Day: 250 (Gr. 7 - 12)

School Address
49 Mobile Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M4A 1H5



About this school:


Metro Prep Academy is a semestered, coeducational, university preparatory day school located in the DVP and Eglinton area of Toronto. Since 1982, Metro Prep has been preparing middle school (grades 7 & 8) and high school (grades 9 to 12) students to realize their highest potential. The school provides a structured environment that is geared for success at the university level. We imitate no one. We are totally original in thought and actions. Metro Prep is committed to nurturing the intellectual, physical, social and creative potential of students through a supportive yet challenging academic environment. The school places emphasis on the individual, where strengths are refined and weaknesses are overcome through academic and social supports. Metro Prep fosters a safe environment where students feel confident expressing their individuality, thinking critically and receiving the assistance needed to excel. Over 99 percent of graduates gain admittance to top-level Canadian and international universities. If the potential of your child is not fully supported by his or her current school, make an appointment to talk with us. A strong foundation can make all the difference. — Visit school website



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Our Take: Metropolitan Preparatory Academy

our takeMetro Prep, in once sense at least, is very much what you might think a preparatory academy is for: the program is intended to prepare students for post-secondary education, particularly university. From there, however, all bets are off, and the school adopts none of the cliches or the stances that are hallmarks of the traditional, stereotypical prep school. The students don't wear uniforms, for one, the intention being to encourage individuality rather than conformity. Likewise, while the school intends student success, it's not defined in test scores, but by a creative engagement with the curricular content, and the world. Confidence over bravado; critical thinking over rote learning – in so many ways, this isn't your grandfathers' prep school. The ideal student is one who can thrive in a very active, engaging student environment, and intending to continue their studies at university.

Principal's Message


William Wayne McKelvey, Principal

A cordial welcome to those contemplating enrolment at Metropolitan Preparatory Academy. As we plan for the future, I ask you all to think about the challenges and opportunities that lie in the years ahead. To be successful, it’s essential to set attainable goals and develop the ambition to achieve those targets. In other words, decide where you want to go and establish how much time and energy it will take to get there. This may sound old fashioned, but little happens unless you believe in yourself and what you are doing. You don’t want to look back on your life one day and dream about what could have been. Set inspiring goals and work toward them now. When doors to opportunity open, walk through without hesitation.

Consider our program if you are looking for a structured and caring environment. At Metro Prep Academy, we highly value involvement, new ideas and enthusiasm. We are committed to fostering the intellectual, physical, social and creative potential of university-oriented students through a supportive yet challenging academic environment. We believe young men and women flourish in a safe, inviting, learning atmosphere where they feel confident expressing their individuality, asking questions, and seeking the help they need to thrive. Because of this Metro Prep operates without uniforms and with open faculty doors. In preparation for both university and future careers, students are encouraged to trust their instincts and think both critically and creatively.

I wish the best to all students in the upcoming academic year.


Curriculum Traditional

Primary Curriculum: Traditional

What school says: Metro Prep is a semestered, co-ed, university preparatory day school for grades 7 to 12. We offer a variety of courses from all disciplines, specializing in Mathematics, Science, Business and Computers. Courses are also offered in visual, media, photographic and dramatic arts. Metro Prep provides a structured program stressing academic excellence geared for success at the university level. Organizational skills and the development of good work and study habits are stressed. Teacher-parent communication is encouraged to facilitate the best learning environment for each student.

  • Approach:

  • Pedagogies and subject courses:

  • Mathematics Traditional Math

      Traditional Math typically teaches a method or algorithm FIRST, and THEN teaches the applications for the method. Traditional algorithms are emphasized and practiced regularly: repetition and drills are frequently used to ensure foundational mastery in the underlying mathematical procedures. The traditional approach to math views math education as akin to building a logical edifice: each brick depends on the support of the previously laid ones, which represent mastery over a particular procedure or method. Traditional Math begins by giving students a tool, and then challenges students to practice using that tool an applied way, with progressively challenging problems. In this sense Traditional Math aims to establish procedural understanding before conceptual and applied understanding.
      Learn about the different mathematics approaches  

    • What school says: This information is not currently available.

    • Textbooks and supplementary materials: This information is not currently available.

    • Calculator policy: This information is not currently available.

    Science Expository

      Expository science is the more traditional method of teaching science: students learn scientific facts, theories, and the relationships between them through direct instruction by the teacher. These programs still incorporate hands-on experimentation and “live science”; however, relative to inquiry-based programs, expository science tilts towards content mastery and knowledge acquisition. Direct instruction ensures this acquisition process is efficient. Textbooks are emphasized (starting in earlier grades than inquiry-based programs), as are knowledge tests: students are asked to demonstrate they have thoroughly learned the content of the course, and can apply that knowledge to novel and challenging problems or questions.
      Learn about the different science approaches  

    • Teaching approach: This information is not currently available.

    • Topics covered in curriculum:

      Subject = offered
    • Treatment of evolution:

      Evolution as consensus theory
      Evolution as one of many equally viable theories
      Evolution is not taught

    Literature Traditional

      In traditional literature programs students focus on decoding the mechanics of texts: plot, characterization, and themes. These texts tend to include a balance of contemporary and “classic” literature. When studying a past work, students investigate its historical context -- but only insofar as this adds understanding to the work itself. Past works are therefore studied “on their own terms”, and not merely as historical artifacts to be deconstructed: traditional literature programs are firmly rooted in the humanities, and carry the belief that great literature can reveal fundamental and universal truths about the human condition. These programs emphasize class discussions and critical essay writing, and aim to develop in students critical thinking, communication skills, and a cultivated taste and ethos.
      Learn about the different literature approaches  

    • What school says: This information is not currently available.

    Humanities and Social Sciences Equal Balance

      These programs represent an equal balance between the perennialist and pragmatic approach to teaching the humanities and social sciences.
      Learn about the different humanities and social sciences approaches  

    • What school says: This information is not currently available.

    Foreign Languages Equal Balance

      These programs feature an equal blend of the audio-lingual and communicative styles of language instruction.
      Learn about the different foreign languages approaches  

    • What school says: This information is not currently available.

    • Languages Offered: • French • Spanish • ESL

    Fine Arts Equal Balance

      These programs have an equal emphasis on receptive and creative learning.
      Learn about the different fine arts approaches  

    • Program offers:

      Subject = offered
      Graphic Design
      Visual Arts
    • Visual studio philosophy:

    • What school says: This information is not currently available.

    Computers and Technology Medium integration

      Effort is made to integrate the development of digital literacy through the curriculum. However, this is not a dominant focus.
      Learn about the different computers and technology approaches  

    • What school says: This information is not currently available.

    • Program covers:

      Subject = offered
      Computer science
      Web design

    Physical Education
    • What school says: This information is not currently available.

    Sex and Health Education Ontario curriculum
    Topics covered in sex and health education: This information is not currently available.

    What school says: This information is not currently available.

    Mostly value-neutral

    By and large, we teach sex education free of any particular moral or ethical standpoint. We try not to impose any particular values or value systems (such as social, political, or ideological values) on our students when teaching sex and related issues.

    Fairly value-based

    Sex education is sometimes taught from a particular moral or ethical standpoint. Sometimes particular values or value systems (such as social, political, or ideological values) are invoked when teaching sex and related issues.


    This includes a range of positions. A traditional approach might, for example, go as far as emphasizing the nuclear family and complete abstinence from sex before marriage. Alternatively, this approach might simply involve placing less emphasis on sex outside of the context of marriage and more emphasis on abstinence. Or finally, it might just involve focusing less on sex outside of the context of marriage.


    This might mean more emphasis is placed on the importance of such things as social equality, diversity, and choice in sex education.

    What school says: This information is not currently available.

    Curriculum Pace Standard-enriched

    • Standard-enriched
    • Accelerated
    • Student-paced

    Broadly-speaking, the main curriculum -- like that of most schools -- paces the provincially-outlined one. This pace is steady and set by the teachers and school. The curriculum might still be enriched in various ways: covering topics more in-depth and with more vigor than the provincial one, or covering a broader selection of topics.

    Flexible pacing:

    Flexible pacing style = offered
    Subject-streaming (tracking)
    Multi-age classrooms as standard
    Ability-grouping (in-class) as common
    Frequent use of cyber-learning (at-their-own-pace)
    Regular guided independent study opportunities
    Differentiated assessment

    What school says about flexible pacing: This information is not currently available.

    Academic Culture Rigorous

    • Rigorous
    • Supportive

    A school with a “rigorous” academic culture places a high value on academic performance, and expects their students to do the same. This does not mean the school is uncaring, unsupportive, or non-responsive -- far from it. A school can have a rigorous academic culture and still provide excellent individual support. It does mean, however, the school places a particular emphasis on performance -- seeking the best students and challenging them to the fullest extent -- relative to a normal baseline. High expectations and standards – and a challenging yet rewarding curriculum – are the common themes here. Keep in mind this classification is more relevant for the older grades: few Kindergarten classrooms, for example, would be called “rigorous”.

    What school says: We praise high academic achievement while providing a very nurturing and supportive environment. Metro Prep follows the semester system, where strong academic students are able to take up to 5 courses each semester.

    Developmental Priorities Intellectual, Balanced

    Primary Developmental Priority: Intellectual
    Academically strong, creative, and critical thinkers, capable of exercising rationality, apprehending truth, and making aesthetic distinctions.

    Secondary Developmental Priority: Balanced
    Equal attention is paid to a balance of priorities: intellectual, emotional, social, and physical.

    What school says: We believe that young men and women flourish in a safe, inviting, learning atmosphere where they feel confident expressing their individuality, asking questions, and seeking the help they need to thrive. Because of this, Metro Prep operates without uniforms and with open faculty doors. In preparation for both university and future careers students are encouraged to trust their instincts and think both critically and creatively.

    Special Needs Support Indirect Support

    Indirect Support

    Students remain in a regular classroom for the whole day; the teacher receives special training in accommodating special needs and/or learning disabled students.

    • Academic Support:
      Support Type = offered
      Learning strategy and study counselling; habit formation
      Extra support and minor accommodations for children experiencing subclinical difficulties
    • Mild but clinically diagnosed ADHD
      Support Type = offered
      Extra support
    • Support for moderate-to-severe special needs:
      Special needs
      ADHD (moderate to severe)
      Learning disabilities
      Dyslexia (Language-Based Learning Disability)
      Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
      Language Processing Disorder
      Nonverbal Learning Disorders (NLD)
      Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit
      Asperger's Syndrome
      Down syndrome
      Intellectual disability
      Williams syndrome
      Behavioral and Emotional
      Troubled behaviour / troubled teens
      Clinical Depression
      Clinical anxiety
      Suicidal thoughts
      Drug and alcohol abuse
      Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
      Multiple sclerosis
      Cerebral palsy
      Muscular dystrophy
      Spina Bifida
      Dyspraxia (Developmental Coordination Disorder)
      Cystic Fibrosis
      Multiple physical
    • Forms of support delivery:
      Support Type = offered
      A regular class with indirect support
      A regular class with resource assistance
      A regular class with withdrawal assistance
      A special education class with partial integration
      A full-time special education class
    • Additional Support:
      Support Type = offered
      Social skills programs
      Occupational therapy
      Speech-language therapy

    Gifted Learner Support No Support

    School does not offer any specialized programming for gifted learners.

    Gifted education: If you want to learn more about gifted education, check out our comprehensive guide. It’s the first of its kind: it covers different kinds of gifted schools and programs, and a whole host of issues parents face in finding the right option for their gifted child.

    Homework Policy

    In grade 12, Metropolitan Preparatory Academy students perform an average of >2 hours of homework per night.

    Nightly Homework
    school60 mins60 mins90 mins120 mins120 mins160 mins
    Site Average53 mins57 mins70 mins80 mins96 mins109 mins

    Report Card Policy

    How assessments are delivered across the grades:

    Lettered or numbered grades7 to 12
    Prose (narrative)-based feedback7 to 12
    Parent-teacher meetings7 to 12

    Class Sizes Not available

    This information is not currently available.


    What school says:
    • Metro Prep’s Elementary Track team competed at the annual SSAF meet held at Brampton’s Terry Fox Stadium. The boys were led by Christian, earning a whopping 4 medals in 5 events. Luka also fared well claiming silver in the 400m.
    • SSAF Cross Country championships held at Sunnybrook Park. Over 500 athletes competed in six different categories for their chance to call themselves a champion. Metro athletes faired very well in the U20 boys division as Kieran and Kenny finished in the top 10 out of a competitive field.
    • Metro Prep’s U20 Boys and Girls Track team competed well at the annual SSAF meet held at York University. Cameron placed 2nd in the long jump. Daniel earned a silver medal in the 400 meter dash. The girls were just as successful earning two medals of their own. Melanie placed 3rd in the 200 meter and Randi earned gold for Metro Prep in the triple jump.
    • The Metro Prep Soccer team hosted the third annual Metro Cup Indoor Soccer Tournament earlier this semester. The tournament brought 12 schools together to compete at the nearby Toronto City Sports Centre Dome. Metro boasted a strong line up and prevailed through their quarter final match but fell short in the semifinals, finishing fourth overall. It was a strong showing and a great opportunity to keep working on ball handling skills in the winter.
    • The girls’ basketball team had one of the most successful seasons to date. With leadership from senior captain Casey Q., and junior captain Casey A., the team earned its first birth into playoffs in years. The girls were committed and persevered through various challenges during the season. The team improved with every game and is looking forward to next season. We hope this positive performance and progression in girls’ basketball will lead to future success for the Metro Prep Predators.
    • The hockey team once again hit the ice at the Victoria Village Arena every Tuesday throughout the year. Although the SSAF hockey tournament was cancelled this year the Metro team still was able to compete in an exhibition game against TMS. The team was led by seniors Nick and Josh, who held down the crease throughout the year.
    • The Senior Basketball team fell short of their goal of winning three consecutive championships by losing in the semifinals to a tough team from ARS. Although the team did not finish a perfect season, progress was made throughout the year and a solid foundation has been laid down for a successful season next year. Highlights for the year include Batu scoring 60 points in a single game, Allen L. making 8 out of 10 three-pointers in the pre-season championship game, and Kirk leaving Metro Prep to continue his basketball career at Durham College.
    • The Metro Prep Predators once again competed in the SSAF ball hockey championships held at the Magna Centre in Newmarket. The team was comprised of both ice hockey players and other students who learned their hockey skills in the gymnasium. The team battled hard but unfortunately lost in the semifinals. The team was led by Joshua R. who played hard and backstopped the team making over 100 stops on the day. Great job boys.
    • The girls’ volleyball team had a very successful season this year. After finishing the regular season in 2nd place with a 4 and 1 record, they moved onto the final tournament which boasted the top 4 SSAF schools from the North and South divisions. After a tough day of battling on the court, the girls earned a respectable 5th place overall in the SSAF.
    • Both the U20 and elementary students competed at the SSAF badminton championships this past spring. The elementary team unfortunately did not earn a spot in the playoff rounds but the senior team did extremely well in their qualifying tournament. Adam and Allen W. placed 2nd and 3rd in men's singles along with Terry and Pierce, who earned a 3rd place in the men's doubles competition and earned a spot in the championship tournament. Randi and Tiffany M. also qualified in women's doubles as well as Daniel D. and Melanie who qualified in mixed doubles.
    • The tennis team once again competed at the annual SSAF invitational tournament held at the Mayfair tennis club. Entering both singles and doubles teams, the students battled through stiff competition throughout the day. Adam, Mark and Pierce all earned silver and bronze medals respectively!
    • The boys’ soccer team had a very successful season. Starting way back in October the team participated in 2 indoor tournaments and finished the season in May competing in 2 outdoor tournaments. Although they came up short in the tournaments they did end the year with three 3rd place finishes against a very competitive group of teams.
    • The senior softball team put in a tremendous amount of work throughout the season. They practiced 3 times a week, for over a month, and many players were able to greatly improve their overall ability. The team fared well at the tournament and finished with 3 wins and 2 losses on the day, eventually losing to the championship team.
    • The elementary soccer team competed both in the SSAF indoor and outdoor championships this past year. The team battled hard and was able to earn a spot in the playoff rounds in both tournaments. They were led by strong goaltending by Luka and by their defensive line lead by Steven.
    • MOUNTAIN BIKING- After a lengthy hiatus, the Metro mountain biking club has been resurrected. We have taken advantage of Metro's close proximity to the Don Valley mountain biking trails by going on weekly rides in the fall and spring. Berms were thrashed, jumps were hit, and roots were crushed.
    • ARCHERY- Flinging arrows and putting holes in targets like Swiss cheese! This autumn, Metro Prep introduced the first ever Archery Club. The club practiced at the outdoor Toronto Archery Range in E.T. Seton Park, a little oasis amongst the towers of the concrete jungle we call Toronto. It was a safe and interactive environment where the club members learned how to shoot, handle and perfect their skills in archery.
    • BOARD GAME CLUB- Every Monday after school, several students have been meeting in room 21 to have some friendly competition playing games. Each week, students have volunteered to bring in various board games or card games and compete against one another.
    • ROCK CLIMBING CLUB- approximately 15 middle and high school students from Metro Prep attended a climbing trip to the Toronto Climbing Academy. For many of the students it was their first experience climbing. The students received professional instruction, rentals and were able to climb for three hours. A few students overcame their fear of heights and reached the top of the climbing walls.
    • ROBOTICS CLUB- On Saturday, November 29, Metro Prep’s Robotics Club participated in the Vex Robotics Competition – Skyrise where they placed 22nd out of 69 schools. This competition had students build a complex robot and learn how to control and alter its handling characteristics. It was our first major robotics competition and the students did very well. We will look to improve our performance next year.

    • Sports OfferedCompetitiveRecreational
      Downhill skiing
      Ice Hockey
      Ice Skating
      Mountain biking
      Track & Field
    • Clubs Offered
      Art Club
      Chess Club
      Community Service
      Computer Club
      Debate Club
      Drama Club
      Habitat for Humanity
      Math Club
      Outdoor Education
      Robotics club
      School newspaper
      Student Council

    Tuition & Financial Aid


    Day (Domestic) Day (International)
    Day (Domestic)$20,730
    Day (International)$25,100


    Discount TypeEnrollment TypeAmount
    2nd child (sibling)all students10%

    Need-based financial aid

    This information is not currently available.

    Merit based Scholarships

    This information is not currently available.


    Total enrollment 250
    Average enrollment per grade42
    Average class size12 to 18
    Gender (grades)Gr. 7 to Gr. 12 (Coed)
    Boarding offeredNo

    Student distribution: This information is not currently available.



    Admissions Assessments:

    Assessment = requiredGrades
    Interview7 - 12
    SSAT (out of province)
    Entrance Exam(s)N/A
    Entrance Essay
    Application Fee 

    Application Deadlines:

    Day students:

    What Metropolitan Preparatory Academy says:

    Transcripts/ Report Cards

    Reference Letters


    Acceptance Rate:


    Type of student Metropolitan Preparatory Academy is looking for: We are looking for conscientious students who are dedicated to both academic and athletic avenues.

    Student Entry Points

    Student Type789101112
    Day Acceptance
    (Acceptance rate)

    University Placement

    Services = offered
    Career planning
    Mentorship Program
    University counseling
    Key Numbers
    Average graduating class size60
    *Canadian "Big 6" placements25
    **Ivy+ placementsN/A

    *Number of students in 2015 who attended one of McGill, U of T, UBC, Queen's University, University of Alberta, or Dalhousie University.

    **Number of students since 2005 that attended one of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Stanford, University of Chicago, Oxford or Cambridge (UK)

    Notable Alumni

    Alumnus Graduation Year Accomplishment
    John  Brunswick 2003 A leading shoe designer for Gina Shoes (London, England), John has many credentials from London College of Fashion and completed a Master in Arts for Fashion Footwear from Cordwainers College.
    Kate Ruby-Sachs 2003 Kate is Senior Addictions Counsellor at GreenStone Toronto. She graduated from McGill University and then completed her Master in Science in Social Work at Columbia University
    Eden Grinshpan 2004 Eden, a famous foodie and current host on the Cooking Channel, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu London with a grand diplome in both pastry and cuisine.
    Roxy Kirshenbaum 2005 Accomplished writer and photojournalist, Roxy currently works as an editor in NYC. After graduating from McGill, Roxy continued to complete a Master of Science in Journalism at Columbia University.
    Brain Vadasz 2008 With a Masters in Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology, Brian works to better understand heart attacks, strokes and blood disorders and contributes to the development of therapies, clinical management and prevention.

    Stories & Testimonials




    They lied, they cheated, they manipulated…in short, they played politics.  With each challenge the best teams emerge victorious, whether they were physical or mental tests.   And with each victory they began to realize that without the manipulation and back room deals it did not matter.  We saw Corey outwit himself, we stood by and watched Andrew master the eating challenge and we were blown away by Ben and Carlisle’s victories.  However, nothing compared to Sujin and her impressive strength of fortitude in the final Survivor challenge – her rendition of “Call Me Maybe” is one for the ages.  In the end those back room deals, countless manipulations and impressive loyalties were overshadowed by one simple lesson – “Money is always the trump card in politics”.  With that in mind, we crowned our first Survivor – Ali.  Can’t wait until next year!


    PLAYDIUM: Choices Into Action

    Fifty Metro Prep students across all grade levels attended an educational program presented by Playdium called, “Choices Into Action: Guidance and Career Education Program”. The program included a video that contained interviews with Canadian Industry leaders who discussed the various positions and educational requirements for career opportunities within the video game industry. After attending the educational seminar students were then able to explore the video games for the remainder of the day. The games included a newly released Nintendo arcade version of Mario Kart, which was a fan-favourite amongst the students. The highlight for most of the students who attended was being able to interact with not only the games but also their classmates and teachers. This was an excellent culmination activity to end off the year and everyone had fun.


    Calabogie Ski Trip

    While other hills in Ontario became icy and busy, Calabogie had soft snow for us and nearly the whole mountain to ourselves. There were no lift lines and there was nice snow. We started off with a nice evening game of hockey on the frozen pond outside our hotel. The next day we were all up early to get in fresh lines and for the ski/snowboard lessons. Skyler & Chris were among the many who were taking advantage of the beginner areas of the mountain. They showed great improvement over just 2 days of practice. Randy and Tiffany quickly found the terrain park and began to session the jumps. Adam, while quick, was not quite quick enough to beat Jonathan in a friendly race. Adam used his skiing experience to help out some of the other skiers.It was a great weekend and well-timed for the break between semesters.


    Fishing Trip

    It was a cold, foggy rainy morning when Metro Prep’s Fishing Club set sail. Their destination? Lake Ontario! For most people, Lake Ontario would seem to be the least likely place to go fishing but a few brave anglers took advantage of this challenge and rare opportunity to experience world class fishing waters! A total of ten students chartered a 26’ fishing vessel and were able to experience the anticipation and thrill of a catch. Eight of the ten student caught fish but everyone got to take home fresh fish fillets.


    Halloween Haunt @ Canada's Wonderland

    Fifty Metro Prep students participated in Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland. “Drama Days:” Scare School at Canada’s Wonderland presented students with an exclusive opportunity to work with Canada’s Wonderland Entertainment department and go behind the scenes of Halloween Haunt. Scare School taught the Metro students about all the different aspects of production – from a scary make-up tutorial, to a set design seminar with the creative directors behind the Haunt. This haunting experience was truly unique and combined all aspects of the theatre in one thrilling trip. The students had early access to the park and enjoyed the evening exploring all the rides, haunted houses and various other attractions. 



    On Friday, September 12, sixteen Metro Prep students attended a Wakeboarding field trip to Spray Lake Watersports and Activity Centre. The facility is situated on a one-of-a-kind, private freshwater lake, in King Township, Ontario. The students rode on an industry leading straight-line cable park (“The Ranch”) and learned the basics of wakeboarding. For many of these students it was a premiere experience that enabled them the opportunity to try a fun and challenging activity. The park catered to all ages and abilities and their team of professional coaches with decades of combined experience were committed to providing the best training in a safe environment. The students enjoyed the day even though it was a little chilly. They all mustered up the courage to try it and had a great time.


    New York, New York 2015

    The Manhattan annual started off with Ryan losing his passport. This was not good. We rallied like true travellers do and somehow everything worked out for the best. A special thanks to Mark M. for his fear of flying and love of Michael Jackson.  This eclectic, hilarious group led by real estate tycoon, Ali, and comedy duo Aidan and Brooke, were in top form. We walked the streets, took in some incredible theatre, and enjoyed 4 days of great weather and great company. The Museum of Natural History is also great, if you like dinosaur bones and waiting in line for an hour to see other dead things. I preferred Bill Nighy in his navy suit, moving across the stage like Mick Jagger in Skylight. I also enjoyed a rather disturbing play about puppetry as a form of therapy. Only in New York. Until next year, Manhattan. 



    This classic tale of survival and loyalty is rarely performed on a stage. With a dedicated cast and crew of over 30 people, Ryan and the gang recreated this island tragedy to splendid reviews. Set to the music of U2, a soundscape by Madison and original orchestration by Andrew and Sean, the goal of this production was to create an environment, not just a show and to lift the words of William Golding off of the page and into the air of the theatre. Alumnus Jonathan Hirsh dazzled the audience with an LED extravaganza of light, shadow, smoke, and fire and lit the talented cast of actors like never before. Thanks to everyone who came out to see the show! It will not soon be forgotten. And Amanda, watch out for dry ice.



    The Faculty at Metro Prep would like to commend MPA students for their contributions to all our fundraising endeavors; thank you for giving to our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, for providing toys for Sunnybrook Hospital’s Toy Mountain Drive, and for donating so generously to Global Medic’s Philippine Typhoon Relief Fund.  Through our efforts, GlobalMedic received approximately $5000 to equip households with portable water purification units.   A special thanks to GlobalMedic for inviting Metro Prep to participate in their bucket drilling day, where students assembled and shipped a total of 1000 purification units.

    Also, a special thanks to all students who made CTV’s Toy Mountain Broadcast at Sunnybrook Hospital an amazing success.  It was a truly magical event and your support and generosity really captured what the initiative- and season- are all about.  To view the full newscast, click here: http://toronto.ctvnews.ca/more/toy-mountain





    A Lie of the Mind Blacks Out

    Despite an opening night blackout, the cast and crew of Metropolitan Preparatory Academy’s 2014 school play,  A Lie of The Mind, was ultimately a success due to six months of preparation, sweat and tears.

    Due to a power outage, the opening night of Metro Prep’s annual school play was called off only three hours before it was set to blast off.

    Cast, crew and audience members were all disappointed to hear that May 3rd opening night was going to be postponed.

    “I was devastated because we had worked so hard and it felt like the same thing was going to happen that had happened last year” said cast member Madison when asked about the subject.

    The previous year’s play had been cancelled due to various injuries and sicknesses, which left a glooming curse type feeling on Metro Prep’s theatre production.

    Despite the play’s initial bad luck, the play was a huge success for the next four shows and impressed schoolmates, teachers, and relatives alike.

    When the play came to its last performance, the cast and crew were left with an empty feeling, realizing that six months of hard work ended with just three days of performance.  “I didn’t know what to do for a while.  No more staying after school till six joking around and having fun” said Dan, actor in the play.

    In the end the actors and crew built a connection that will last a lifetime, despite the roadblocks they experienced during the six months.


       Metro Prep’s Past Productions

    • Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot
    • The Unwanted an adaptation of Sam Shepard’s Buried Child
    • Moises Kaufman’s The Laramie Project
    • Arthur Miller’s The Crucible
    • Ryan Seeley’s My Favourite Movie is Jaws
    • George F. Walker’s Better Living
    • Timothy Findley’s Can You See Me Yet?

    Ice Fishing

    Metro Prep students dressed to impress, travelled north for a premiere ice fishing experience with our veteran fisherman Senõr Ortiz.  Ice fishing in Simcoe allowed our novice anglers to gear up in a shelter and nestle close while they hoped and prayed for a bite.  They attempted to conquer the great White North and all its elements, some in Gucci attire, and reel in the catch of the day.  The only successful fisherman was Yugo, who reeled in a nice bass and took it home for dinner.  This exceptional Canadian experience provided many with laughs, friendships, cold hands and warm hearts.   


    White Water Rafting in West Virginia

    Once again, many Metro students braved the fierce whitewater found in the heart of West Virginia for an experience of a lifetime.  Geared with only a helmet, wetsuit, and a paddle, 14 students from grades 7 to 9 jumped into a big rubber raft and paddled down the New River Gorge.  The New River boasts some of the largest whitewater rapids in North America.  Students were tossed back and forth and paddled with all their heart and no one left the water without a smile!  The next day students exchanged their wetsuits for zip lining equipment and tackled a new challenge that consisted to 10 zip lines ranging from 200 to 1000 feet about the trees of Ace Whitewater Adventure Park. 


    Annual Trip to New York City

    The annual May long weekend trip to the big apple went off without a hitch this year and the eclectic group had a wonderful, exciting time. Broadway did not disappoint, the Metro Prep drama enthusiasts took in two Tony-winning plays, Of Mice and Men with James Franco and All the Way, starring Bryan Cranston.  Breaking Bad fans were very jealous, as we hung with the star after the show.  Brooklyn, Central Park, The Met, Soho, Times Square and NYU, The Village, The Financial District, and Bryant Park were just some of the highlights.  We saw most of the city on foot and returned culturally and physically exhausted.  A tradition unlike any other.


    "I Will ..." Campaign

    Never before have I seen a student take the lead on one of the most inspirational projects at Metro Prep.Jamie K., senior at Metro Prep, wanted to change the reactive dynamic of the traditional anti-bullying campaign.  She wanted to do more, and most importantly, she wanted to lead.  So, she created the "I Will ..." Campaign- a simple idea that has had an enormous impact on the students and faculty around her.  With one picture she was able to shout a thousand words about diversity, acceptance and courage.  Well done Jamie, and we will be happy to carry on this impressive tradition.


    In the News


    August 31, 2016 - Resounding Success For Metro Prep's Lord of the Flies

    The reviews are in and Lord of the Flies was a resounding success. "The best high school production I have ever seen", said Lisa W. ...


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