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North York, Ontario
Sheppard Avenue East/Victoria Park Avenue
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"Head Start Montessori was founded in 2002, on the premise that children need a warm, loving and authentic Montessori environment for them to grow into well-adjusted and peaceful beings. H.S.M. is a home away from home." —From the school

  • Gr. NS to 3 (Coed)
  • Montessori curriculum
  • $14,500 to $18,500
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Head Start Montessori School 14500 Preschool Kindergarten Elementary Day Day Coed
Whitchurch-stouffville, Ontario
Ninth Line/Main Street
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"Toronto French Montessori offers French and English programs from pre-school to grade 8 in North York, and Toddler programs in Stouffville. Its average class size is 15 students." —From the school

  • Gr. PS to 8 (Coed)
  • Montessori curriculum
  • $7,620 to $16,350
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Toronto French Montessori 7620 Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools Day Day Coed
North York / Scarborough, Ontario
Victoria Park/Lawrence
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"Nurturing innate love for learning, we offer independent educational chances for young children to cultivate lifelong knowledge and self discovery." —From the school

  • Gr. NS to SK (Coed)
  • Montessori approach
  • $8,500 to $13,500
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Curlew Montessori School 8500 Preschool Kindergarten Day Coed
North York, Ontario
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"Bannockburn provides a strong, academic foundation anchored in the principles of the Montessori philosophy that supports your child’s intellectual, moral, social, and emotional development in a nurturing environment." —From the school

  • Gr. NS to 6 (Coed)
  • Montessori curriculum
  • $18,515 to $28,120
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Bannockburn 18515 Preschool Kindergarten Elementary Day Coed

North York Montessori schools often feature large classes with mixed ages and high teacher-to-student ratios. This fosters lots of interaction, even among grade levels, and also encourages some student-to-student teaching along with cooperative group work , as well as independent learning. We also have pages on Montessori schools in Toronto and Scarborough Montessori schools.

Below, we look at some aspects of Montessori education, as seen in these North York schools but you’ll find much more in our comprehensive coverage, see our main Montessori school guide.

Montessori philosophy

Some of the main principles of the Montessori philosophy are as follows:

Student-centric:  In a Montessori classroom, students can freely move around the room, choose their own coursework, and set their own learning pace.  Kids choose work that they find engaging and stimulating. This helps encourage a love of learning at a young age.

Uninterrupted workflow: Uninterrupted work time is an important part of Montessori education, particularly at the elementary level. Some schools give students a three hour uninterrupted work period in which they focus on something they’re interested in.  The reasoning behind this is that it helps children develop concentration skills and personal work habits.  It’s all about developing self-discipline from an early age.

Concrete learning: There’s a focus on hands-on work in the classroom at Montessori schools. Kids work with “manipulatives” or self-correcting puzzles, spindle boxes, and other materials. The intention is to engage all the senses. Concrete learning engages many of the senses. And it’s been shown that kids learn faster this way, especially when they’re younger.

Absence of external rewards: Kids aren’t given tests, assignments, or grades in Montessori primary schools. They’re praised occasionally for effort but not for outcomes. Their progress is assessed informally, through observation and developmental rubrics, but there are no report cards.

This is only a brief look. Learn much more in our full look at the Montessori education philosophy

Frequently Asked Questions

How many North York Montessori schools are there?
There are 4 North York Montessori schools that are Our Kids trusted members.

How much is tuition at North York Montessori schools?
Tuition fees for North York Montessori schools range from $7,782 to $27,300 per year with an average tuition of $15,837 per year.

What’s the largest school?
Of the North York Montessori schools, the largest is Bannockburn with 200 students in Grades Nursery/Toddler to 6.

Are North York Montessori schools good?
We interviewed both parents and students. You can read reviews about North York Montessori schools on this page.

Is there a private school expo where I can meet with North York Montessori schools?
Yes. You can meet with private schools and education experts at the Our Kids Private School Expos held every year in September and October. These events are designed for both parents and students. Find event details and ticket info here.

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