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The world is a little smaller at a Round Square school

Round Square schools in Canada are part of a worldwide association of schools that allow students to travel, experience multiple cultures, participate in community service, and simply enjoy a variety a learning environments. Many of Canada's Round Square schools are also private institutions which you can find in our listings. If your child enrolls in a Round Square school, he or she can request and receive an exchange to any other school in another country for a semester at a time. There are approximately 60 Round Square schools in the world. Read more

List of Round Square schools


Bayview Glen

Toronto, Ontario
Don Mill Rd/York Mills Rd
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"Bayview Glen is co-ed, multi-denominational and diverse. Our student, faculty and staff community mirror the diversity of Toronto. Our culture is one of balance and openness, and embraces different perspectives.

  1. 2 years to Grade 12
  2. Enriched academics and individualized curriculum
  3. Advanced Placement programme
  4. Tablet programme

—From the school

  • Gr. PS to 12 (Coed)
  • Traditional curriculum
  • $20,950 to $31,050
  • Day school
  • 1124 students
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Bayview Glen 20950 Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Day Coed
Oakville, Ontario
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"We know boys have different learning styles. Research shows that boys learn differently and socialize in their own distinct ways. We also know through research that boys thrive in an all-boys’ learning environment." —From the school

  • Gr. JK to 8 (Boys)
  • Progressive curriculum
  • $25,935 to $30,660
  • Day school
  • 180 students
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Linbrook School 25935 Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools Day Boys
Ottawa, Ontario
Mariposa Avenue/Springfield
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"This traditional private school in Ottawa, Ontario offers Grades 4 to 12 with 100 boarding and 600 day school students. Tuition is from $33,720 to $76,830." —From the school

  • Gr. 4 to 12 (Coed)
  • Traditional curriculum; International Baccalaureate
  • $33,720 to $76,380
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Ashbury College 33720 MiddleSchools HighSchools Day Homestay Boarding Coed
Burlington, Ontario
North Service Road/King Road
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"Fern Hill School provides an engaging & rigorous academic program for children from Preschool to Grade 8. Our traditional and structured approach focuses on developing intellectual curiosity, creativity & confidence." —From the school

  • Gr. PS to 8 (Coed)
  • Traditional curriculum
  • $24,684 to $26,681
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Fern Hill School - Burlington 24684 Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools Day Coed
Montreal, Quebec
Av de Monkland/Boul Cavendish
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"Lower Canada College is a gender-inclusive, K-12 university preparatory school, committed to excellence in teaching and learning. It is the only high school in Quebec offering both the IB MYP and DP." —From the school

  • Gr. K to 12 (Coed)
  • Liberal Arts curriculum; International Baccalaureate
  • $25,365 to $27,660
  • Day school
  • 890 students
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Lower Canada College 25365 Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Day Coed

Round Square defines its vision according to IDEALS: internationalism, democracy, environment, adventure, leadership, service. Round Square schools emphasize community involvement, especially through International Service Projects. Activities here might include building infrastructure in underprivileged areas, constructing fresh water systems, working in soup kitchens, and working with impoverished youth.

The name "Round Square" derives from a 17th century building at Goronstoun School in Scotland, which was one of the founding schools of the program. This educational approach bases itself on the theories of renowned educational philosopher Kurt Hahn. He argued that schools shouldn't only exist to prepare students for post-secondary institutions. Instead, Hahn saw more of an intrinsic value in education; it was a tool through which children could learn to about real human challenges. He sought to foster such values as generosity, bravery, creativity, and conflict resolution. As such, today's Round Square schools encourage growth of the whole child, not just his or her scholarly side.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Round Square School

Prior to selecting a Round Square school think about some of these key questions:

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