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Review by: Adriana Isilein - Student (Jun 09, 2022)

"I have great respect for the teachers, guidance counsellors and principals."

Student Experience

I have been at Niagara Christian Collegiate for a year who is also a dorm student and I love it here. I do not think there is anything I would change about the school because the teachers and students are so encouraging and constantly want the best for you. The sports coaches really strive so you can achieve your sports goals. In addition, if you are struggling in a subject the teachers are always willing to help you overcome your challenges because they want the best for you. Also, the guidance counselor is always there to help you know your next step after high school whether you are going to university or college she will always give you great advice on the subjects and courses to take in order for you to get into your desired program in university or college.

School Leadership

I have great respect for the teachers, guidance counselors and principals. This is because they are constantly doing their best to integrate you into the Christian lifestyle as this is a Christian school. Also, the principal is really approachable and always checks up on you as he cares about your well-being. Our guidance counselor is always there and available as long as you book an appointment with her beforehand. Overall, the leaders in this school as friendly, encouraging and approachable and always want to see you succeed


From my time at Niagara Christian Collegiate the teachers here are really transparent with what they expect from us. I feel the teachers here depending on the course are open with what they expect from us as students. For example, in my family studies class, the due dates were always clear and she always gave us the rubric so we know how to achieve the highest marks. Also, I think the expectation teachers have for us is that we are honest and open with them if we have any challenges or we are struggling. In addition, I do not believe teachers ask too much or too little from us at all. When teachers talk about us succeeding I think they mean they want us to do our very best in order to pass the course


In my academics, I think the workload and the actual contents of the work are just right. What I am learning right now would be useful for me in the future because when I am in university I would like to get a psychology degree in the bachelor of science program. The prerequisites for that depending on the school are advanced functions, calculus and vectors, two of the sciences which are biology, chemistry and physics. The school offers all these subjects in order for me to achieve my goals. In addition, the school also offers a course called Introduction to anthropology, sociology and psychology so I have a base knowledge of what I am getting into in my first year of university and I know what the coursework is going to be like.


I do take part in extracurricular activities as I am a grade representative on the student council and I am on the track and ultimate frisbee team. I think the activities the school offers are enough as there are 15+ clubs the school offers. I believe everyone has enough to do and you really can do all the things you want to do.


At Niagara Christian Collegiate, if I were to describe the students in three words, they would be encouraging, determined and friendly. This school feels like a town where everybody knows everybody and they want the best for everyone. When I was on the ultimate frisbee team, when we lost a scrimmage (that is a game of thirty mins) they were so encouraging and always upbeat and always found a way to cheer you up and look at the bright side of things. I feel all students do their best at this school because the resources and materials are available for them to succeed. In addition for the neuro-divergent people, they have extra help and accommodations that allow them to be comfortable and do their very best.

School Life

If I were to give a tour of the school to a group of visitors, the first place I would take them to is the classrooms because that is where all the learning and magic happens. It is where you can see first hand the teachers deeply care for the students and how the students do their best to learn, do their assignments and get ready for tests. Also, the other first place I would take the students to is the cafeteria during lunch time so the visitors can see how we students interact with each other and how friendly and affectionate we are if each other as this is an international school there are students from all around the world who work and cohabit together.


This school feels like home to me because of the students and teachers that make it so. I feel like everyone feels included and is appreciated because this is a close-knit Christian community that cares for each other and the well-being of one another. I think everyone also feels included because the students make effort to include people in events because the more the merrier. Also, the people here are from all over the world so we come from different walks of life and I think that really helps in making people feel welcome and included as we do not want anyone to feel left out or isolated because that is the worst feeling. Overall the students are welcoming and make an extra effort to make people feel included.

School Location

During the course of the day, the students tend to stay on campus as most of us are dorm students so we cannot leave campus unless we sign out. The local students also stay on campus as we are by the border and the next Tim Hortons or Mcdonald's is fifteen minutes away so most people just order food.


The admissions process was not difficult or hard it was fairly easy and was okay. The advice I would give to someone applying to Niagara Christian Collegiate is that you should be patient and hopeful because it may take a while for NCC to get back to you. I did not know back then that Niagara Christian Collegiate was such a diverse school with different people from all walks of life. Also, I wish I knew that the school was a bit small and not as big as I imagined it to be. A piece of advice I would give to someone applying to Niagara Christian Collegiate is that they should be excited to come to such a great school, that the workload is not much and the people here are awesome

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