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Canadian Schools

If you are an international searcher looking for Canadian schools, you have come to the right place. is one of the best web resources for schools in Canada, as we are the number one ranked resource in Canada for private schools. Over 100,000 visitors a year use Our Kids' website to help plan their children's education in Canada. We've been covering schools in Canada for over a decade now.

Kinds of Canadian schools covered in our directories include private schools, boarding schools, independent schools, Montessori schools, religious schools and many others. Our Kids is closely associated with many authorities in the sphere of independent Canadian schools, including the Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and the Canadian Education Standards Institute (CESI). Our association with these organisations is all in the interest of best educating people about benefits of private schools in Canada.

Why choose a private school in Canada?

Private schools provide an alternative to public schools in Canada. Private schools are known to offer a more solid foundation, closer personal attention to children and protection from many of today's more negative cultural influences. And as an international parent, you will pay virtually the same costs in terms of tuition.

Getting your child into a Canadian elementary school is not just an excellent way to immerse them in English language studies and acquaint them with Western culture and customs.

It can provide your child with an excellent foothold to get into Canadian or North American universities.

The Canadian school system

Canada is split into ten major provinces and three northern territories. Each province and territory has its own laws and government regulations over schooling. For example, each province has distinct laws about the funding of private schools versus public schools. On the surface a factor like this might not seem to affect international students but whether a school is publicly or privately funded does make a difference in the day-to-day school experience. Of course standards across all Canadian schools are uniformly high.

In general, children in Canada start school at the age of four or five, in kindergarten. In almost every part of Canada, parents have the option of sending their children to junior kindergarten (begins at age four). This is becoming increasingly popular (as is preschool), with many working couples and career-driven women.

All children start grade one the September of the sixth year after their year of birth. In some cases, a school can intake students during the month of January. Secondary schools go up to grade 11 or 12 depending on the province. For children who are unfit or unwilling to further their education it is legal to "drop out" of school at the age of 16 in most provinces. Once a child is done regular schooling, they can choose to attend a university or college if they are inclined to do so. Universities offer more abstract education in pursuits such as the arts, engineering, or science while college offers more practical-based training and shorter duration of programs.

You can click on the links on this page to find more information on Canadian schools or begin your search for a school in Canada. You can also read more about the grade levels of the Canadian education system, as well as a comparison of its 12 provinces' grade structures.

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