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Rachel Meissner - Alumnus   (Jul 28, 2022)

My overall experience as a student at Niagara Christian Collegiate was good. I had good teachers who cared about my success, both inside and outside the classroom. There were plenty of opportunities to get involved in extracurriculars, even though I did not get very involved in them at the time. Looking back now I wish I was more involved in extracurriculars than I was. The campus was very beautiful and peaceful to be on and still is. I loved that to get from one classroom to the next meant I had to walk outside. It was great to get fresh air between classes. I also appreciate the effort that is put into connecting with alumni and updating them with what is happening at Niagara Christian Collegiate.

Adriana Isilein - Student   (Jun 09, 2022)

I have been at Niagara Christian Collegiate for a year who is also a dorm student and I love it here. I do not think there is anything I would change about the school because the teachers and students are so encouraging and constantly want the best for you. The sports coaches really strive so you can achieve your sports goals. In addition, if you are struggling in a subject the teachers are always willing to help you overcome your challenges because they want the best for you. Also, the guidance counselor is always there to help you know your next step after high school whether you are going to university or college she will always give you great advice on the subjects and courses to take in order for you to get into your desired program in university or college.

Gwendolyn Gbadamosi - Student   (Jun 09, 2022)

In regards to the student experience aspect at Niagara Christian College, I would say that it is rather exceptional. There is evidently a lot of structure in the school as well as a very inviting community where you feel safe and at home. There’s a lot of open space to study, and hang out with your friends and overall it’s just a free-loving environment. I wouldn’t change anything about my school because I believe it has the perfect amount of everything that makes a good school. One thing I would say I wish I knew before attending here is that I would meet people from all over the world. The diversity is overwhelming and comforting. Moreover, the student experience at NCC is really amazing and I’m sure all students can agree with that.

Keegan Metcalfe - Student   (Jun 09, 2022)

Niagara Christian Collegiate provides a great environment for learning as well as socializing. There is a strong focus on improving in all areas of life as the weekly Advisory classes will try to ensure. Many fun events are provided and encouraged, such as great events to celebrate both the beginning and the end of the school years, and a creative celebration known as The Arts Cafe. All staff members at Niagara Christian Collegiate are very friendly and obviously care about your success. The teachers very much want you to succeed and will help you in any way that they can. You will be exposed to many different worldviews and perspectives due to the great diverse school population. Overall, there are many opportunities to have a great learning experience and also an enjoyable high school experience.

Valerie Ng - Student   (May 17, 2022)

My experience at Niagara Christian Collegiate has been extremely rewarding. I started studying at NCC in Grade 11 and am currently in the final few months of grade 12, with offers to 7 different universities and scholarships to 4 of them. As an international student who has resided in a non-English speaking country for most of my life, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to fit in when I initially came here. But all teachers, staff, and students here were exceptionally friendly and accommodating, and I found myself treating NCC like a second home very early on. Getting to know people from different cultures, bonding over shared experiences and memories and getting to know teachers and residence staff like close friends were wondrous experiences I will never forget. I appreciate the connections I have made immensely, and am grateful for the teachers who have pushed me to work hard and to constantly strive for improvement. There are several suggestions that I would love to see NCC implement or take into consideration. One is that I wish there would be individual coaches for sports teams, so that teachers would be able to focus on more academic-related activities, such as running debate clubs, working on expanding courses, etc. Another suggestion would be to add facilities for those who are physically disabled, such as wheelchair ramps and accessible toilets. Lastly, it would be appreciated if there could be more awareness of mental health, especially for minorities such as people of the LGBTQ+ community. There are many seminars and lectures that raise awareness of overall mental well-being, but oftentimes it seems that little is done in action to ensure student safety.

Trish Sutherland - Alumnus   (May 04, 2022)

I loved my time as a 5 day boarding student at NCC. The teachers actually cared about their students. I loved spending time in the gym and at the snack bar after study hall in the evenings. I enjoyed the setting of the school with it being right on the Niagara River. I loved the friendly staff. My experience at NCC prepared me very well to be successful in university because of the high academic standards. My children actually attended NCC as well and had a wonderful experience, too. Both have gone on to get university degrees and have successful jobs. Students enrolling at NCC should expect an environment where they are loved and encouraged to be successful. They should expect to be accepted for who they are. They should expect the opportunity to be challenged academically, spiritually, and socially.

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