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REVIEW OF Niagara Christian Collegiate BY student, Gwendolyn Gbadamosi

  • Date of Review
    June 09, 2022
  • Grades
    Gr. 10 - Gr. 11

(5) Student Experience

In regards to the student experience aspect at Niagara Christian College, I would say that it is rather exceptional. There is evidently a lot of structure in the school as well as a very inviting community where you feel safe and at home. There’s a lot of open space to study, and hang out with your friends and overall it’s just a free-loving environment. I wouldn’t change anything about my school because I believe it has the perfect amount of everything that makes a good school. One thing I would say I wish I knew before attending here is that I would meet people from all over the world. The diversity is overwhelming and comforting. Moreover, the student experience at NCC is really amazing and I’m sure all students can agree with that.

(4.5) School Leadership

When it comes to school leadership, we hold high respect for our principal, vice-principal, guidance counsellor, etc. Mainly because we see all the work and effort they are putting into their job and the school. They are really approachable as well as phenomenally good at their jobs. They help direct you on the path you want to pursue in your life even if it means cautioning you. I think they are really good at giving advice because they are all very experienced.

(4.5) Teaching

In comparison to other schools, the NCC teaching system is relaxed and organized. The teachers give enough time to complete work as well as teach the syllabus. They are never in a rush and they are always eager to help. Judging from the way the teachers do their jobs, the students' future plans are always number 1. They are always eager to guide us and put us first. In addition, we are always aware of what the teachers are expecting of us which pushes us to do our very best. Never have I ever felt too pressured or overwhelmed in an NCC classroom. To add to all of this, I would say that NCC teachers do a good job of preparing students for university life or whatever they plan on doing after graduating high school.

(5) Academics

When it comes to academics, I would say that the work given is just the right amount. It’s not too easy that we don’t challenge ourselves but it’s not too hard that we get overwhelmed. It’s the right amount of work that keeps our brains occupied and constantly challenges us to think outside of the box. I personally believe that everything we learn in the classroom will come in andy in the future. Whether in a summer job or in a university classroom. The way the academics aspect is structured it is clear that NCC wants the best for us and will go the extra mile to achieve that. One thing I like especially is that no student is frowned upon if not doing so well, there will always be something put ( whether a peer helper or after classes with a teacher) in place to help such a student to achieve academic excellence.

(4) Extracurriculars

I participate in extracurriculars such as badminton, soccer, MUN and arts council. There is a lot of variety of extracurriculars ranging from sports to the arts. Every student is welcomed and never shut off. I feel like the extracurriculars are very inviting and there’s something for everyone to do and the school is always open to suggestions. In addition to that, there are a lot of coaches and teachers put in charge to train you and guide you.

(5) Students

If I were to describe the students at NCC to someone who has never visited the school, I would say that they are a diverse group of people who are inviting and friendly. The student community is like a town where everyone knows each other and helps each other out. You hardly ever see someone on their own in NCC. There’s always a familiar face beside them. I would say from what I have noticed being in this school for 1+ years that everyone feels included and no student ever gets left out. I believe that all students thrive in this school and there’s no divide in the student body. Overall, students in this school are very positive and welcoming and everyone, absolutely everyone, fits in.

(4) School Life

If I were to give a tour of the school to visitors, I would take them to the classrooms so they can see how welcoming and engaging the school is. Honestly, the feel of the classrooms at NCC is very enticing and a lot can be acquired from just observing a class for a few minutes. You are able to notice how well the teachers are engaging the students, how the students communicate with one another as well as the teacher, how friendly and welcoming the environment is, etc. I think a lot can be learned about the school just by looking around a classroom. Even the way the classes are decorated makes it more appealing and fun. In conclusion, the first place I would take visitors is definitely the classroom.

(5) Community

As a dorm student, I would say the school community feels like home. The dorms look homey and the dorm staff are like parents to the students. The dorms make everyone feel included and appreciated. There are loads of events that appeal to every student both the outgoing and quiet ones. There is a lot of love booming around the school that just makes it feel so much like a home. They appreciate us verbally and through their actions towards us. They always express their appreciation and love for each and every one of us. Personally, the community is one thing I love so much about the school. Because even though we are small in number, the amount of love and acceptance makes up for it.

(4) School Location

Throughout the school day, students stay on campus. However, students are allowed to leave campus after school with parental permission. There are a lot of protocols put in place to ensure safety such as signing out with a dorm staff and always keeping them updated on where they are going and when they will be coming back. (This applies to dorm students.)

(5) Admissions

I don’t remember the application Process being too stressful. It was very straightforward and self-explanatory. There weren’t any hiccups along the way and there was as always someone to contact for help. One thing I also loved about the application process was that they always got back to you quickly. Some advice I would give someone planning on applying for this school is to start early and ask loads of questions. Apart from that everything is just smooth and easy. One thing I would advise about the application process is to pick the right subjects that align with what you want to pursue and perhaps if you don’t know what you want to do, you should make your choices open by picking a wide variety.


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