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On this page, we cover Montessori schools in Vaughan, Ontario. This includes schools with Montessori programs in Thornhill, Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, Maple, and Concord. Most of these schools are accredited by a Montessori certifying institution such as the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA) or the Association Montessori Internationale) AMI.

For a comprehensive guide to Montessori education, including a detailed discussion of the Montessori philosophy and classroom, read our introductory guide.

Vaughan Montessori school approach

Montessori schools in Vaughan (including Thornhill, Woodbridge, and Concord) are a great option for many families. They offer challenging programs for students of different ages. From preschool to secondary school, they offer mixed-age classrooms, usually for children aged 0-3 (or 1.5-3), 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, and 12-15.

Mixed-age classrooms promote plenty  of interaction, collaboration, and child-to-child teaching. It also leads to a dynamic classroom with lots of engaging and stimulating work.

Below, the Montessori approach is discussed in more detail. For more detailed coverage, see our main Montessori school guide.

The Montessori philosophy is unique. It includes several effective educational principles, including the following

  • Self-directed work: There's no one-size-fits-all curriculum. Kids can move around the class, choose their own work, and determine the pace of their studies. In this setting, they often choose tasks that are engaging. This can inspire a love of learning, sometimes a life-long one.
  • Concrete learning: Similar to Waldorf, Montessori schools offer lots of concrete and hands-on learning. This is especially true at the preschool and elementary level. Children work with plenty of concrete materials. This engages many of their different senses, which is often an effective way to learn.
  • Uninterrupted work time: Children are given lots of uninterrupted work time. In some schools, they’re given at least one 3-hour, uninterrupted work period a day. This allows kids to focus on their chosen work, free of interruptions. Uninterrupted work time can improve children’s concentration, self-discipline, and work habits.
  • Integrated curriculum: Subjects are usually taught in an inter-disciplinary way, rather than on their own. For instance, students may be given what's called a great lesson on the beginning of life. In this lesson, they'll learn about science, history, religion, and other subjects.  

Montessori teaching approach

Montessori school teachers rarely provide whole-class lectures. They rarely stand at the front of the class and lecture to all the students. And when they do provide lectures or lessons, these tend to be short, interactive, and engaging.

More often, though, teachers move around the class, and provide guidance and support to students. One of their main aims is to connect children with meaningful work. They also encourage them to repeat and practice activities, and plan projects to meet the specific learning needs of each child. Teachers are thus viewed more as “guides” or “mentors” than “teachers” in the traditional sense.

Montessori schools in Vaughan

Vaughan is located in the York region of Ontario, just north of Toronto. It has six main municipalities: Woodbridge, Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC), Maple, Thornhill, Concord, and Kleinburg. Each of these has its own unique community feel and culture.

There are plenty of Montessori schools in the Vaughan region. This includes several different kinds of private schools, including a number of Montessori schools and preschools.

A Vaughan Montessori school can be a great option for many families. Most of these schools are certified by a world-recognized accrediting institute, such as the CCMA. They also normally have dedicated teachers trained by AMI or MACTE (the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education).

Choosing a Montessori school in Vaughan

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions of each of the Vaughan Montessori schools you're interested in. Consider the following questions before choosing a school:

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List of Vaughan Montessori schools

  School Name Type Cost

The Montessori Country School - Nobleton Campus (est. 1988)  

  • Nobleton, Ontario
  • NS to 6 Coed
  • Day school
For over 25 years, the Montessori Country School provides a first-class accredited curriculum for students 12 months through grade 6. The sprawling 10 acre campus offers a unique indoor and outdoor learning experience. [View profile]
  • Montessori
$9,000 to $18,000

Preschool Kindergarten Elementary Day Coed 9000

Aurora Montessori School (est. 1989)  

  • Aurora, Ontario
  • NS to 8 Coed
  • Day school (370 students)
Aurora Montessori School offers a comprehensive, nurturing and enriched program for Toddler to Grade 8. Our enrolment of 375 day students has an average class size of 15 to 24. [View profile]
  • Montessori
  • Reggio Emilia
$10,500 to $16,200

Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools Day Coed 10500

Rutherford Private School & Daycare   

  • Vaughan, Ontario
  • PS to 12 Coed
  • Day school (100 students)
  • Boarding school (50 students)
Rutherford Private School creates an atmosphere of academic excellence, and develops students with a love of learning that provides sound preparation for higher education. [View profile]
  • Progressive
  • Montessori
$9,900 to $29,000

Preschool Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Day Boarding Coed 9900

Country Garden Montessori Academy (est. 1995)  

  • Newmarket, Ontario
  • JK to 12 Coed
  • Day school (100 students)
  • Homestay school (5 students)
Situated on seven acres of rolling parkland and gardens, Country Garden Montessori Academy in Newmarket is a co-ed private day school for students in grades PS-12. The school provides a family atmosphere and is committed the intellectual growth and emotional well-being of students. [View profile]
  • Montessori
$7,400 to $14,300

Kindergarten Elementary MiddleSchools HighSchools Day Homestay Coed 7400

Shining Light Montessori School (est. 2011)  

  • Maple, Ontario
  • NS to SK Coed
  • Day school
Shining Light Montessori is the community you've searched for -- where children feel comfortable, with teachers who care. Our children learn, build their confidence, reach their potential, & let their lights shine! [View profile]
  • Montessori
$10,200 to $11,600

Preschool Kindergarten Day Coed 10200

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