Private schools in Canada with mid-year or mid-term admission

Find schools that admit students during the academic year

Looking to switch schools? Looking to enter a school in the middle of the year or at the beginning of the winter term? 

It's not uncommon for families to figure out their child's school is not a good fit in the middle of the school year. Changing schools can be a difficult transition. It can be stressful for you, your family, and of course your child. Luckily, there are plenty of options for you, your family, and other families in your position.

While most private schools admit students only at the beginning of the school year, some offer mid-year entry or admission. These schools admit students at some time after the school year begins. For instance, they might admit students half way through the school year, at the beginning of a term, or even halfway through a term. 

In fact, this is quite common. There are many schools now that use a semester system. This means that their courses, or some of their courses, don't run through the whole academic year. Rather they run through only part of the academic year, such as half the year or a third of the year.

These schools often will admit students at the beginning of a semester. For instance, they might admit students at the beginning of the winter semester or the spring semester (if they're on a trimestered system). They might also accept students in the middle of a semester. Even some schools that only have courses that extend through the whole academic year offer mid-year entry or admissions. That is, they admit some students in the middle of the school year (even though that means these students will begin in the middle of one or more courses). 


While most private schools admit students only at the beginning of the school year, some offer mid-year entry.


Switching schools is a big decision. You'll want to make sure you find the right fit for your family and your child. For detailed information on finding a school for your child, read our choosing guide. Our choosing guide covers several important topics related to choosing a school, including school size, school expos, school visits, and questions to ask schools. For more useful tips and advice, read our admissions and applications guides. 

When choosing a new school, it's important to consider many different factors. These are similar factors that should be considered when choosing any private school for your child, and ensuring find the right fit for them and your family. Although this is not an exhaustive list, some of the more important factors to consider when choosing a private school include the following:

On this page, we list private schools offering some form of mid-year admission or entry. This includes both semestered schools and schools with full-year academic courses.

Click on a school to view its profile and learn more about it. Through a school’s profile, you can also learn how to directly contact a school official to get all the details about its admissions process, including its application process for mid-year entry students. Let us help you make switching schools a smooth transition. 

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