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Advanced Placement Canada (AP)

Founded in May 2002 at a meeting of educators in public, Catholic and independent schools from across the province, the council is directed by executive officers representing the various types of member schools.


Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE)

Founded in 1990, the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (EFMA) is a national public institution placed under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It provides the public service missions for the French education for children residing outside France and helps promote language and French culture and the strengthening of relations between French...


Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta (AISCA)

AISCA was established in 1958 and serves as Alberta’s umbrella organization for independent schools. It currently represents approximately 85 percent of the publicly accredited-funded K-12 schools in the province. AISCA’s mission is to promote the general welfare of AISCA and of independent schools and colleges in the Province of Alberta....


Association of Jewish Day Schools (AJDS)

The Association of Jewish Day Schools (AJDS) is a non profit organization representing the interests of its members in all matters relating to government and education as well as those within the Jewish Community of Montreal.


Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States (AMCSUS)

OUR MISSION: The Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States (AMCSUS) is a group of schools (college preparatory schools; two-year colleges; and colleges and universities) which provide a quality education in a military environment with emphasis on strong values, leadership development, citizenship, and service to others. While...


Bronfman Jewish Education Centre (BJEC)

BJEC is the planning and coordinating agency for Jewish community educational needs in Montreal. Governed by a volunteer board and managed by a dedicated staff, BJEC is responsible for the development of Jewish identity and continuity in our community through formal and informal Jewish education experiences and lifelong learning opportunities...


Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS)

Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) is the new national voice for Canadian independent schools, and is the preeminent organization of accredited independent schools in Canada dedicated to educational excellence and organizational leadership.


Christian Schools International (CSI)

An educational organization serving Christian schools with products and services rooted in the Reformed tradition of Christian theology. Contact 800-635-8288 or

EcoSchools Canada

Since 2005, EcoSchools Canada’s award-winning certification framework has provided independent reporting and recognition for schools and outdoor and environmental education centres. Reaching about 1 million students annually, we are the largest bilingual, voluntary environmental certification program for K-12 schools in Canada.


Federation of Independent School Associations (FISA)

A British Columbia Federation for independent schools acting as spokesperson for, and a liaison between, schools and the provincial government, and other educational institutions.

Global Online Academy

The mission of GOA is to reimagine learning to empower students and educators to thrive in a globally networked society.

  • We deepen learning through courses that equip students with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be successful in high school, college, career, and life.
  • We coach teachers to think differently about how they design student learning experiences.
  • We work with educational leaders to ensure they have the strategies and tools to lead innovation and change.

Independent Schools Association of British Columbia (ISABC)

The Independent Schools Association of British Columbia (ISABC) welcomes 11,500 students annually at 23 member schools. ISABC has a long-standing tradition of providing outstanding learning experiences for young people of British Columbia and beyond.


International Baccalaureate (IB)

IBO, founded in 1968, is a non-profit foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland. Its purpose is to establish an internationally accepted common curriculum and university entry credentials. The IBO offers schools three programs - the Diploma Program for students in the final two years of secondary school, the Middle Years for students aged 11 to 16, and the Primary Years for students aged 3 to 12. It has 1,464 schools participating in 113 countries.


International Boys Schools Coalition (IBSC)

Founded in 1995, the International Boys’ Schools Coalition is a not-for-profit coalition of independent, parochial and public schools from around the world dedicated to the education and development of boys world-wide, the professional growth of those who work with them, and the advocacy and the advancement of institutions that serve...


La Fédération des établissements d’enseignement privés (FEEP)

FEEP members number 160 schools in Quebec with more than 92,000 students. The federation supports the development of its members by promoting private education.


National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP)

The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) represents a variety of programs and schools providing treatment to over 4,600 clients across North America. Our members include therapeutic schools, residential treatment schools, wilderness programs, outdoor therapeutic programs, young adult programs and home-based residential programs working with troubled teens and troubled...


Oakville Independent Schools (OIS)

The Oakville Independent Schools (OIS) are an impressive consortium of 11 independent private schools located in beautiful Oakville, Ontario, including: Appleby College, Chisholm Academy, Clanmore Montessori, Dearcroft Montessori School and West Wind Montessori Jr. High, Glenburnie School, King’s Christian Collegiate, MacLachlan College, Oakville Christian School, Rotherglen School, St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School...


Prizmah is the network for Jewish day schools across North America. We partner with day schools, yeshivas, philanthropists, and communities from all denominations, helping them grow their reach and impact and tackle the challenges on their path to success.


Round Square

Round Square is a worldwide association of schools which share a commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility through service, challenge, adventure and international understanding.


Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS)

The Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS) exists to support international schools in Switzerland and neighboring countries in achieving their educational goals and to provide representation on issues of common interest. The Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS) is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to: promote closer links among teachers,...


The Associated Waldorf School (AWSNA)

Introducing a truly holistic education... For nearly 90 years, Waldorf schools have been leaders in providing students, from newborns to teenagers, with a truly holistic education. Every Waldorf student is seen as a unique human being developing physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and morally. From learning to tie their shoes to grappling...


The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)

The Association Montessori Internationale upholds and furthers the pedagogical principles and practice formulated by Dr. Maria Montessori. The Association aims to establish these objectives by all means. Learn more at


The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS)

TABS is the only non-profit educational organization exclusively serving boarding schools and students in the U.S. It was formed in 1976 to address enrolment issues. In 2000, TABS became an independent, non-profit organization serving nearly 300 schools. TABS provides comprehensive programs designed to market boarding schools and to maintain healthy and sound residential programs. Free directories are available by calling 800-541-5908.


The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)

ACSI accredits schools, certifies teachers and provides conferences for teachers, administrators and board members, serving more than 5,400 schools in 102 countries. Student services include academic and sports activities. ACSI also has products and services at reduced costs, to update member schools on legal matters, provide a teacher listing service and represent member schools with provincial ministries of education.


The Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (CCMA)

The CCMA encourages the development of member schools' programs toward Montessori ideals. An evaluation process has member schools share their delivery of Montessori education with knowledgeable peers to provide validation and to examine their own processes and objectives critically. An evaluation team visits the school, confirming that the process has been completed. Schools are then designated accredited. This entire process ensures that all CCMA members have qualifying programs and meet the standards and criteria established by council.


The Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario (CIS)

CIS is a membership association that provides a collegial forum for the promotion of excellence among its member schools. The program of study at CIS schools is designed to prepare students for entrance into post-secondary educational institutions. CIS member schools must have a governing body (board of directors) that operates at arm's length from the administration of the school.


The Independent and Private School Forum (IPSF)

The Independent and Private School Forum (IPSF) provides members with single-point access to professionals in the field of education, with expertise across a broad range of educational issues. IPSF is a forum for Accredited Schools or schools which are pursuing Accreditation by a recognized Accrediting Agency ...


The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)

The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) is a voluntary membership organization for more than 1,300 independent schools and associations in the United States and internationally.


The Ontario Federation of Independent Schools (OFIS)

Established in 1974, OFIS represents all types of independent schools, including religious, alternative methods, special needs, community-based and home-schooling. Membership is open to those who support freedom of choice in education. School membership is open to independent schools in Ontario.


The Quebec Association of Independent Schools (QAIS)

The Quebec Association of Independent Schools is an organization consisting of 25 English non-profit elementary and secondary independent schools licensed in the public interest and located in Quebec, Canada.

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