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The most expensive private schools in Canada

Ranking private schools by cost

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While it’s misleading to rank private schools overall, it can be helpful to rank them in terms of specific criteria. Here, we rank them in terms of cost: we provide a list of the top 20 most expensive private schools in Canada.

A school’s pricetag is important. While schools with higher tuition rates are less affordable, they also tend to have some great perks. They often have impressive facilities, lots of extracurricular activities, and ample technological resources, specialized programs, and student support services. Some pricier schools have also built up a strong reputation, in Canada and abroad.

Cost, though, shouldn’t be confused with excellence. Just because a school is expensive doesn’t mean it’s a great school, or more to the point, the right fit for you child. In choosing a school, you should look at far more than price. You’ll also want to consider its academics, programs, community, culture, and much more.

To help you out, we list schools by location and type. You can filter these schools using our advanced search, and dive in deeper by reading our comprehensive school profiles. You can also compare schools in terms of a wide range of criteria, like admissions, academics, course pedagogies, extracurriculars, special needs support, gifted programming, and more.

If you want focused guidance, check out our advice guide, which contains detailed articles on different types of schools, choosing a school, paying for school, and many other topics. Finally, to meet with many private schools, all in the same place, go to one our school expos.

Private School Expos
School Location Grades Tuition
1 Appleby College (est. 1911) Oakville, ON 7 to 12 $35,090 to $42,620
2 Landmark East School (est. 1979) Wolfville, NS 3 to 12 $27,900 to $38,400
3 Greenwood College School (est. 2002) Toronto, ON 7 to 12 $35,600
4 St. Andrew's College (est. 1899) Aurora, ON 5 to 12 $30,120 to $35,120
5 Upper Canada College (est. 1829) Toronto, ON SK to 12 $30,860 to $33,860
6 Crescent School (est. 1913) Toronto, ON 3 to 12 $33,250
7 Lakefield College School (est. 1879) Lakefield, ON 9 to 12 $32,800
8 Havergal College (est. 1894) Toronto, ON JK to 12 $32,750
9 Shoore Academics (est. 1975) Toronto, ON 5 to 12 $32,000
10 Branksome Hall (est. 1903) Toronto, ON JK to 12 $29,590 to $31,840
11 The Bishop Strachan School (est. 1867) Toronto, ON JK to 12 $31,740
12 TFS - Canada's International School (est. 1962) Toronto, ON NS to 12 $17,600 to $31,100
13 Royal St. George's College (est. 1964) Toronto, ON 3 to 12 $30,540
14 The Sterling Hall School (est. 1987) Toronto, ON JK to 8 $29,600
15 The Country Day School (est. 1972) King, ON JK to 12 $29,500
16 St. Clement's School (est. 1901) Toronto, ON 1 to 12 $29,175
17 Odyssey Heights School for Girls (est. 2017) Toronto, ON 1 to 12 $26,450 to $28,375
18 Shawnigan Lake School (est. 1916) Shawnigan Lake, BC 8 to 12 $27,200
19 Holy Trinity School (est. 1981) Richmond Hill, ON JK to 12 $26,995
20 Ashbury College (est. 1891) Ottawa, ON 4 to 12 $26,300