Camp Basics

Physical and mental preparations for summer camp.

The 7 benefits of summer camp

It’s every parent’s concern: What’s the best way for your child to spend his or her free time during summer and school breaks? To some, it’s a time for children to play and have fun. For others, it’s an opportunity for kids to hone their studies or learn new skills -- or evensubjects, from... [Read More]

Rick Mercer rant: The meaning of summer camp

By: Rick Mercer

I loved summer camp.

I know for many kids going away to camp means exploring a part of the country that is new and exotic. For me, not so much. My summer camp was in a meadow located about three miles from my house. I could have ridden my bike.The camp didn’t own the land; it was either borrowed or... [Read More]

Why send your kids to camp?

By: Lenore Skenazy

The kids were rolling their eyes. The parents were dabbing theirs. Homesickness loomed…

For the parents.

That’s the scene I witnessed not too long ago as dozens of kids were boarding buses to go to overnight camp. If the younger folk were worried about being separated from their parents and... [Read More]

Kidsickness: the silent epidemic

Sending your child to camp provides them with the gift of independence and confidence. Beginning at a young age, they can grow and flourish in a summer camp environment.

That is, if parents are willing to put aside their worries and concerns and take that step to set them free.For many parents, it’s not as easy as... [Read More]

I'm concerned about my child's safety at camp

"When it comes to ensuring your child’s safety and well-being, the buck stops with the camp director,” saysCatherine Ross, communications officer with the Canadian Camping Association and former camp director.Her advice: do appropriate research, seek out answers to your questions, experience the camp f... [Read More]

The Nature of Things

Time spent at camp reduces stress, increases wellness, and boosts mental clarity. All good stuff. Do kids care? Not in the least. For them, it’s all about one thing: play.

By Glen Herbert

Despite all the mental and medical benefits, for kidsthe natural world—whether it’s the backyard, the park down the... [Read More]

Is my child ready for overnight camp?

What age should I begin sending my child to overnight camp? This is one of the most common questions parents ask. But, according to camp experts, there’s no one simple answer or formula. The right age depends on the child and on the particular program being considered.“While some kids come to us as young as... [Read More]

Special needs and summer camp

Many Canadian camps offer programs to children with special needs, (click here for a list),including physical challenges, medical conditions, developmental, behavioural or learning disabilitiesWhatever their mandate, and whether the camp provides shadows or support staff or requires parents to send someone familiar and... [Read More]

Who is taking care of my kids?

Camp has come and gone. The duffle bags are packed and stacked beside the dining hall, and the buses will be leaving soon. The first parents are pulling through the gates. And here you are, a counsellor, barely out of your teens, and you’ve built this beautiful thing: a cabin group, a community of kids who were s... [Read More]

Kids need nature: expert

We step outdoors and into nature to get fresh air--to feel alive again. We want to feel the wind gently ruffle our hair, while we soak in the warmth of the hot sun. We appreciate the brilliant colors that nature has to offer and are overjoyed to touch and sample the ripe berries dangling from the vines in front of us.... [Read More]

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Why send your kids to camp
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Three steps to finding the right camp:


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