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Find camps in Canada that specialize in ESL

Parents wanting to encourage kids and teens to acquire deeper skills in and understanding of the English language will find English language camps listed below. ESL camps across the country help kids as young as seven years old develop English skills coupled with time to engage in camp fun both indoors and outdoors. Many of these offer focused ESL activities, taught by instructors who are TEFL-certified. It’s the perfect way to extend language acquisition into the summer months. Below the list, find more advice on finding the best fit for you. Read more

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    Programs with ESL as a specialty (7 results)

    At camps below, teaching English as a Second Language is a top priority in the camp's curriculum.

    Jun 30 - Aug 23, 2024
    • Overnight
    • Newmarket, ON
    • Age 13 to 17 (Coed)

    Pickering College’s ESL Summer Camp combines English language learning with a summer vacation in Ontario, Canada. Visit website

    Pickering College Summer Camps695013-172024-06-012024-07-012024-08-01,196,2,32,342,358,79,281,97,270,271,19,11,3,347,12,327,54,251,28,222,139,260,161,1,overnightcamp,coed,
    Jun 29 - Jul 27, 2024
    • Overnight
    • Stanstead, QC
    • Age 11 to 17 (Coed)

    A 4-week language immersion program that includes classroom learning, excursions and other exciting on-campus activities! Visit website

    Stanstead College Summer Camps386011-172024-06-012024-07-01,48,6,170,41,81,256,5,17,133,154,22,259,258,274,288,59,10,9,173,123,69,174,196,2,32,195,79,33,91,97,270,19,8,3,224,11,347,12,327,194,54,325,58,63,28,29,51,125,222,221,260,16,322,25,56,44,161,1,225,188,0,overnightcamp,coed,
    Jul 28 - Aug 24, 2024
    • Overnight
    • St. Catharines, ON
    • Age 13 to 16 (Coed)
    St. CatharinesOntario

    For students with an intermediate to advanced level of English proficiency who wish to participate in a more rigorous program Visit website

    Ridley College Summer Programmes699513-162024-07-012024-08-01,79,2,overnightcamp,coed,
    Jun 30 - Aug 24, 2024
    • Overnight
    • St. Catharines, ON
    • Age 11 to 16 (Coed)
    St. CatharinesOntario

    For beginner to intermediate level English speakers, this camp enhances English reading, writing, speaking and comprehension. Visit website

    Ridley College Summer Programmes699511-162024-06-012024-07-012024-08-01,79,2,overnightcamp,coed,
    • Overnight
    • Lakefield, ON
    • Age 13 to 18 (Coed)

    Strengthen your English fluency while learning and exploring in nature. Visit website

    Lakefield College School Summer Programs600013-182024-08-01,48,6,298,41,81,256,5,133,196,2,32,79,24,224,3,12,347,327,223,54,58,63,21,324,28,222,221,260,15,322,16,25,49,56,overnightcamp,coed,
    • Overnight
    • Montreal, QC
    • Age 7 to 17 (Coed)

    Learn English at McGill University while exploring Montreal on daily excursions and camp activities. Age focused programming! Visit website

    MWS Montreal Language Camps22207-172024-06-012024-07-012024-08-01,170,6,79,2,54,3,347,56,322,63,44,overnightcamp,coed,
    Jun 24 - Aug 03, 2024
    • Day camp
    • Montreal, QC
    • Age 7 to 17 (Coed)

    Learn English at McGill University while exploring Montreal on daily excursions and camp activities. Age focused programming! Visit website

    MWS Montreal Language Camps10107-172024-06-012024-07-012024-08-01,170,6,79,2,54,3,347,56,322,63,44,daycamp,coed,

    Camps encourage learning in English as a Second Language

    Camp is an ideal way to improve language skills, for international students, recent immigrants still acquiring basic English, or those who want to enrich linguistic skills and achieve fluency. Camp makes learning fun, and it’s also the starting point for friendships and unique summer fun. At ESL camps, kids will be deeply involved in language acquisition through daily learning, team building and through the interaction with other kids there. Kids will, of course, speak English at these camps, one opportunity to enhance their language skills — and they will also find their second language skills supported. Specialized ESL camps may also offer extra tutoring, unique English-learning activities and, simply, English language communication that helps deepen their understanding of Canada and our culture. Several camps listed above also offer special classes.

    High-school-related and other summer ESL classes are operated by experts in teaching the English language. Some camps are run by TEFL-certified teachers who do this year-round, know how to make it appealing and fully engage learning, through speaking and reading. Instead of languishing during summer, your son or daughter deepens skills and understanding of English.

    Find the right English summer camp or school

    When searching for an English summer school, families focus on factors like location and programming. There are other things that should affect your decision, starting with the questions listed below. Once you narrow down a short list of camps to contact with questions, you can request more information through any of the camp profiles listed at

    ESL summer camps

    When you speak to camps, consider the advantage of meeting many of them face-to-face. The most efficient way of doing this is by attending the Our Kids’ Toronto Camp Expo, held every February. Many ESL kids’ camps are at the expo, and they’ll enthusiastically answer questions. If you can’t attend, it’s also possible to meet camps at open houses or by appointment.

    Questions for parents to ask ESL camps:

    • Are there counselors and teachers with TEFL certification? 
    • How many other kids in the camp are international students or ESL students? 
    • Are counselors and teachers trained in conflict resolution and other issues?
    • Has the camp ever had to deal with bullying issues? What is their policy concerning this? 
    • How much time is spent on formal ESL activities? 
    • How do the activities relate to ESL instruction and retention of information?
    • What is the instructor-to-camper ratio?
    • Can you provide testimonials from other campers and parents?

    Other resources relevant to you

    Our Kids is really a hub for international learners and students. Here are more pages and resources that should be important to you:

    English Language schools offer tutoring and other support that maximizes kids’ language acquisition. These are especially ideal for international students, equipping them for work and life in North America and the rest of the Western World. Canada is rightfully renowned as an international destination for people from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and anywhere else in the world. And there’s no better way to soak up Western culture and the English language than attending one of these schools. Learn more about and find a list of English Language schools in Canada.

    For families wanting to fold all living costs into one fee and give their children an exceptional education, there’s no better way than ESL boarding schools in Canada.

    TIP: ESL teachers with public school teaching qualifications and experience are on hand at many camps and provide dedicated instruction that will help to extend their English learning throughout the summer months into the new school year. Some camps also combine ESL with a TOEFL.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many ESL summer camps are there?
    There are 7 camps that are Our Kids trusted members. Use the filters to narrow by age and program type, then click on matched programs to see daily activities, dates, rates and registration information.

    What are the fees to attend ESL summer camps?
    Fees for programs with esl as a specialty range from $1,010 to $7,990 per program (program types and lengths vary). Use the filters here to narrow programs by age and type.

    Where can parents meet with ESL summer camps?
    Meet with program directors and staff at the Our Kids Camp & Program Expo. The Expo is held annually in February, and is a fun and informative day for parents, kids, and teens. Find event details and free tickets here.

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