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Camps in Vancouver and the surrounding areas of BC give local kids and teens, as well as visitors to the west coast a chance to learn new things and develop their passions. Vancouver families: please note there are many online programs for kids available during the coronavirus quarantine. The list below includes camps in downtown Vancouver, the West End, Yaletown, and Gastown. Further down the page, we offer a variety of advice for Vancouver parents searching for the best camp for their child(ren). Read more

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  • Dance (multi)
  • Fantasy (multi)
  • Music (multi)
  • Visual Arts (multi)
  • Science (multi)
  • Water Sports (multi)


FDT Academy    


  • Education: Debate
  • Day Camp, Program, Virtual Program

FDT's 2021/2022 Debate, Speech & MUN programs are offered either online via Zoom or in-person at our Vancouver locale. FDT Academy is renowned for having over 25 of its students make it on national Debate & Speech teams. Read more...

  • Ages 4 to 18
  • Coed
  • from $100
instructorleadoneononeacademictutoringmultisocialjusticeleadershipmultipublicspeakingreadingwritingdebateempowermentjournalismeducationeducationmultidebatedaycampprogramclassvirtualprogramcoed1004-18VancouverBritish Columbia2021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-012022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-01
  • Education: STEAM
  • Day Camp

In-person STEAM camps at UBC Vancouver. The very best curriculum created by leaders in the Silicon Valley. Choose from diverse programs! Read more...

  • Ages 9 to 18
  • Coed
  • from $1,498
youtubevloggingcartooningvisualartsmulticomicartdrawingfilmmakingphotographyanimationvideogamedesignwebdesigncreativewritingstemtechnologyinstructorleadgroupacademictutoringmultisteamarduinoprogrammingmultijavapythonscratchengineeringsciencemultimechatronicsrasberrypiminecraftaiartificialintelligencefinancialliteracyleadershiptrainingleadershipmultieducationeducationmultisteamprogrammingmultivisualartsmultidaycampcoed14989-18VancouverBritish Columbia2021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-01

Code With Us   


  • Computer: Programming (multi)
  • Day Camp, Program, Virtual Program

A leading Silicon Valley based EDTech company offering top quality coding and robotics classes and camps. Online live classes and camps with a 3:1 student to teacher ratio. Read more...

  • Ages 5 to 18
  • Coed
  • from $295
technologyvideogamedesignwebdesigninstructorleadgroupacademictutoringmultimathstemjavaprogrammingmultipythonminecraftanimationvirtualrealitysteamarduinorasberrypiroboticsscratchinstructorleadoneonone3ddesignwebdevelopmentcomputerstechcomputermultiprogrammingmultiprogrammingmultidaycampprogramclassvirtualprogramcoed2955-18VancouverBritish Columbia2021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-012022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-01

Camp Ecolart   

Vancouver; Whistler

  • Traditional (multi activity)
  • Day Camp, Overnight Camp

A premium summer and winter camp for boys and girls 4 to 17 years old offering more than 15 different programs in their summer overnight and day camp, and a skiing/snowboarding program in the March break camp. Read more...

  • Ages 4 to 17
  • Coed
  • from $240
skiingextremesportsmultisurvivalskillswildernessouttrippingwildernessskillscanoeingwatersportsmultikayakingseakayakingswimminghikingmountainbikingfishingwaterskiingwakeboardingarcherybadmintonbaseballsoftballballsportsmultibasketballdodgeballflagfootballfootballsoccertennisultimatefrisbeevolleyballtravelcookingartscraftsvisualartsmultiphotographysailingmarineskillsziplinehorsebackridingequestrianrockclimbingwhitewaterraftingtraditionalmultiactivityextremesportsmultidaycampovernightcampcoed2404-17VancouverWhistlerBritish Columbia2021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-01

InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Pacific   

Thetis Island; Vancouver

  • Traditional (multi activity)
  • Overnight Camp

One of nine Inter-Varsity Camps, Pioneer Pacific offers Christian summer camp and leadership programs for kids from 7-18, and includes a wide range of activities such as sailing, archery, kayaking and more. Read more...

  • Ages 7 to 18
  • Coed, Girls
  • from $285
jamcampmusicmultipercussionpianostringartscraftsvisualartsmultidrawingpaintingcitlitprogramleadershipmultileadershiptrainingsocialjusticesupercampmeditationmindfulnesstrainingboardsailingwatersportsmulticanoeingdivingfishingkayakingseakayakingsailingmarineskillsswimmingwaterskiingwakeboardingarcherybasketballballsportsmultidiscgolfdodgeballgagahikingmountainbikingextremesportsmultipingpongsoccersportsinstructionalandtrainingtrampolineultimatefrisbeevolleyballwaterpoloempowermentwildernessskillsbakingdecoratingcircusguitarvocaltrainingsingingtheatreartsperformingartsmultiballroomdancemultitraditionalmultiactivityleadershipmultiovernightcampcoedallgirls2857-18Thetis IslandVancouverBritish Columbia2021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-01
  • Education (multi)
  • Day Camp, Program, Virtual Program

Virtual Saturday classes, for all students who needs to excel, enhance or accelerate their academics. Our teachers will work to improve your child's grades from JK-Grade 12 for Math, English, Science, Writing and Coding. Read more...

  • Ages 3 to 18
  • Coed
  • from $600
instructorleadgroupacademictutoringmultientrepreneurshipfinancialliteracylanguageinstructionsocialjusticeleadershipmultimathnatureenvironmentpublicspeakingreadingarchitecturesciencemultiengineeringhealthsciencemarinebiologymedicalsciencespacezoologysteamtestpreparationwritingdebateempowermentjournalismanimalsstemstorytellingsuperheromarveldcfantasymultiharrypotterplaywritingartscraftsvisualartsmulticartooningcomicartdrawingfilmmakingphotographyanimationjavaprogrammingmultipythonminecraftroboticsscratchtechnologyvideogamedesignvirtualrealitywebdesignleadershiptrainingsupercamp3ddesignvideographywebdevelopmentcreativewritingsafarieducationmultileadershipmultiprogrammingmultidaycampprogramclassvirtualprogramcoed6003-18VancouverBritish Columbia2021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-012022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-01

Pedalheads Bike, Swim and Sport   

Throughout British Columbia (46)

  • Sport: Cycling
  • Day Camp, Program

Pedalheads offers bike, swim, and trail programs to families across Canada. Pedalheads helps kids develop life skills, confidence, and independence through fun, safe, and engaging instruction. Read more...

  • Ages 2 to 12
  • Coed
  • from $199
cyclingsportsinstructionalandtrainingbadmintonbaseballsoftballballsportsmultibasketballgymnasticshockeymountainbikingextremesportsmultisoccertrackandfieldsuperheromarveldcfantasymultiarcheryswimmingwatersportsmultibmxmotocrossrockclimbingsportssportmulticyclingextremesportsmultiwatersportsmultidaycampprogramclasscoed1992-12BurnabyCoquitlamDeltaKelownaLangleyNorth VancouverPort MoodyRichmondSurreyVancouverVictoriaWest VancouverBritish Columbia2021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-01

ivyGoal Institute Canada   

Richmond; West Vancouver

  • Education: Academic/Tutoring (multi)
  • Program, Virtual Program

We offer a variety of educational programs offered such as ESL, English, Math, Toefl, SAT, SSAT prep, and support for private school & college applications. Guarantee one grade level improvement after 40hrs of tutoring. Read more...

  • Ages 6 to 20
  • Coed
  • from $70
testpreparationlanguageinstructionmathreadingwritingjournalismeducationeducationmultiacademictutoringmultiacademictutoringmultiprogramclassvirtualprogramcoed706-20RichmondWest VancouverBritish Columbia2021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-01

Sports Camps Canada   


  • Sport (multi)
  • Day Camp, Overnight Camp, Program, Virtual Program

Our coed summer sports camps are geared toward kids ages 4-18 of all abilities and skill levels. From beginner to elite, there is a camp option for everyone. Improve Your Skills & Have SERIOUS FUN at Sports Camps Canada! Read more...

  • Ages 4 to 17
  • Coed
  • from $235
basketballballsportsmultisoccertennisvolleyballdodgeballflagfootballgymnasticssportsinstructionalandtraininggagagolficeskatingfootballlacrosseultimatefrisbeesportmultiballsportsmultidaycampovernightcampprogramclassvirtualprogramcoed2354-17VancouverBritish Columbia2021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-01

Learning Disabilities Society   

North Vancouver; Vancouver

  • Education (multi)
  • Day Camp, Program, Virtual Program

Programs provide customized, one-to-one or small group learning support for children and youth with diagnosed or suspected learning differences. Read more...

  • Ages 3 to 18
  • Coed
  • from $15
mathwritinginstructorleadoneononeacademictutoringmultireadingeducationmultiacademictutoringmultidaycampprogramclassvirtualprogramcoed153-18North VancouverVancouverBritish Columbia2021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-012022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-01
  • Arts: Musical Theatre
  • Day Camp, Overnight Camp, Virtual Program

Kids in the Spotlight is an evidence-based performing arts organization helping children and youth develop self-confidence, social skills, and harmonious relationships with family and friends. Read more...

  • Ages 3 to 100
  • Coed
  • from $800
actingfilmtvperformingartsmultiballetdancemultiballroombreakdancinghiphopjazzvocaltrainingsingingmusicmultimusicaltheatretheatreartsartscraftsvisualartsmultiphotographyleadershiptrainingleadershipmultimindfulnesstrainingiceskatingartsartsmultimusicaltheatreperformingartsmultidaycampovernightcampvirtualprogramcoed8003-100GabriolaBritish Columbia2021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-01
  • Education (multi)
  • Program, Virtual Program

Little Mountain Learning Academy is a well-recognized After-school Academic Enrichment facility on the UBC campus. We offer a wide range of English and Math programs from PreK to Grade 12. Read more...

  • Ages 3.8 to 18
  • Coed
  • from $30
instructorleadgroupacademictutoringmultiinstructorleadoneononereadinglanguageinstructionwritingcreditcoursesplaywritingtechnologycreativewritingpublicspeakingmathtestpreparationartscraftsvisualartsmulticomicartdrawingpaintingeducationmultiprogramclassvirtualprogramcoed303.8-18VancouverBritish Columbia2021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-01

Elevate Ultimate - Fun Disc Sports for Kids   

North Vancouver; Vancouver

  • Sport: Ultimate Frisbee
  • Day Camp, Program

Elevate Ultimate uses the FUN, self - refereed, and co-ed sports of Ultimate frisbee and Disc golf to teach kids important values such as sportspersonship, conflict resolution, and gender equity. Read more...

  • Ages 6 to 19
  • Coed
  • from $170
sportssportmultiultimatefrisbeedaycampprogramclasscoed1706-19North VancouverVancouverBritish Columbia2021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-01

Timberline Ranch   


  • Traditional (multi activity)
  • Day Camp, Overnight Camp, Virtual Program

Known for its delicious, home-style food, friendly staff, beautiful, convenient location, and exceptional programs, Timberline is open all year for camps, retreats, youth groups, banquets, and conferences. Read more...

  • Ages 7 to 18
  • Coed, Girls
  • from $299
swimmingwatersportsmultiarcherydiscgolfgagaballsportsmultihorsebackridingequestrianrockclimbingziplinetraditionalmultiactivitydaycampovernightcampvirtualprogramcoedallgirls2997-18VancouverBritish Columbia2021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-01

The-Cutting Room   


  • Arts: Fashion Design
  • Day Camp, Program

During this week-long camp, campers learn techniques in design, draping, sewing, and illustration, work on a real-world fashion project, and receive the opportunity to visit the city's most exclusive showrooms. Read more...

  • Ages 8 to 16
  • Coed
  • from $650
fashiondesigndrawingvisualartsmultiinstructorleadgroupacademictutoringmultiartsartsmultifashiondesigndaycampprogramclasscoed6508-16VancouverBritish Columbia2021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-01

Types of camps in Vancouver

Camps in the Vancouver area come in all different shapes and sizes. Day or overnight, specialized or traditional, Vancouver camps will keep your aspiring artist, pro sports player, super scientist or adventurer busy with a variety of arts, science, technology or outdoor activities. Here’s a look at the spectrum of options available in Vancouver kids' camps:

Vancouver sports camps

These camps offer kids and teens an opportunity to meet and compete with some of the best from throughout the city. There are programs throughout Vancouver that encourage your child’s interest in specific sports such as those listed below.


Vancouver educational camp

Educational camps help kids develop skills and interest in a wide range of subjects. Select your favourite from below to find camps offering programming in that area:

Search Vancouver EDUCATION CAMPS   


Computer and technology camps in Vancouver

Kids who love tech can geek out at the camps linked to below. Select your favourite technology interest and find programming in that area.

Search Vancouver COMPUTER AND TECH CAMPS    

Camps throughout Greater Vancouver and area

Find camps in select cities and areas including the following: 



Over the summer your child will be immersed in camp life that will improve their confidence and leadership skills, among a range of other benefits.

Advantages of attending a camp in Vancouver

Camps are designed to help kids and teens be themselves, explore their passions, and learn something new, all while having fun! Whether your child is excited to go to camp to improve their skills in something they already love, or to try something completely new, there’s a Vancouver camp that will fit your family’s needs.

A side-effect of learning to be yourself is learning to get along with others. In addition to helping campers develop confidence and independence, camps give kids and teens the opportunity to be social and learn about teamwork. When campers work together and have fun as a group, friendships blossom. In fact, life-long friendships are often a result of days spent bonding at camp.

Another advantage of camp is that kids and teens living in city landscapes such as the Metro Vancouver area get to experience the great outdoors. While many camps offer indoor programming or are based in studios or computer labs, most give campers the chance to get active. Goodbye nature deficit disorder!

Learn more about the many benefits of sending a child to camp.

Finding the right camp in Vancouver

Camps in Vancouver offer kids and teens as well as families, a wide range of activities that will keep them busy, active and learning new things. For most parents, the search for a specific activity or type of camp and a convenient location are foremost in mind when considering camps. As you look closer at your options, though, we at Our Kids think there are some other questions you should ask. The following is a brief glance:

Find out how the camp troubleshoots discipline problems. What training do counselors have in dealing with bullying or related issues? How does the camp actively promote healthy, positive interaction? ‘

Knowing your own children’s needs, how do those match up with the camp’s expectations. For example, if your children are prone to shyness, can they stick together with a sibling? What level of personal independence will be expected during participation throughout the camp? 

Be clear about special provisions required for your child, or expected by the camp. For example, do they have a policy concerning allergies or special diets that will affect what snacks your child is allowed to bring? If there are children in the camp with exceptional needs, does the camp have proper staff (like EAs or PSWs) to give proper attention to those kids? 

Combine this with more information in our guide:


In the spotlight:

  • How literate are Canadian students?

    They can read, but when it comes to functional literacy—expressing ideas, crafting arguments—some feel that students could, and should, be doing better. [Read more]

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