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VISST Summer Camps

1490 West Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6H 4E8
VISST Summer Camps logo

VISST Summer Camps  

1490 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6H 4E8

  • Type:
    Day camp
  • Focus:
  • Cost:
    $25 to $225/week
  • Ages:
    9 to 17
  • Gender:
  • Main language:
  • Capacity:
    18 to 30
  • Programs:
    0 available; 5 TBD
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  • Summary Profile

    About VISST Summer Camps

    Join us for STEM focused summer camps designed for kids and teens aged 9-17. We offer topics not taught in regular school, from coding for robotics, to machine learning, building an electric motor, and bridge design. Our camps are designed and taught by award-winning PhDs, experts and veteran teachers, and are based on hands-on activities to keep participants engaged. At VISST, cultivating curiosity and having fun are explicit goals of our programs and school. Contact us today to register.

    • Special needs: Not available

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  • Programs, Rates & Dates

    Programs and Sessions Calendar

    Choose the right programs and sessions for your child; VISST Summer Camps currently has 0 program available; 5 TBD.

    Filter activities :

    Day Camp
    Ages: 9 - 12
    Robotics, Programming (multi)
    Day Camp
    Ages: 11 - 17
    AI (Artificial Intelligence), Programming (multi)
    AI (Artificial Intelligence)|Technology|STEM
    Day Camp
    Ages: 12 - 17
    STEM, Technology
    AI (Artificial Intelligence)|Technology|Engineering|STEM
    Day Camp
    Ages: 10 - 15
    Programming (multi), STEM
    AI (Artificial Intelligence)|Technology|Video Game Design|Video Game Development|STEAM|STEM
    Day Camp
    Ages: 11 - 14
    STEM, Architecture
    AI (Artificial Intelligence)|Technology|Engineering|STEAM|STEM

  • Insider Reviews & Perspectives

    User reviews of VISST Summer Camps

    Thanks for the awesome camp!
    Grade 9 Student (Camper)

    The deepfake lesson was really cool and it got me hooked right in and i was super interested to learn more about it. I liked the oh yay platform that we had the class on, i found it really good for an online class. Almost close to being in a real class. That was really cool. I liked that they are very helpful and kind. They have a good sense of humor and it was just great. Thanks for an awesome camp guys. I had a great time. I would definitely recommended this camp to my friends :) ... Read More

    My favourite camp
    Grade 6 Student (Camper)

    Something that I would personally like to share with people is how open and immersive this camp is and how kind all the people in it are. It teaches you so much so well and the way Mike and Shaun teach it is amazing. It's so hard to teach a class and coordinate it (which I've learned from my teacher) especially online and how it's something not much of nowadays youth knows about yet it’s so important for us and our family to know. This camp was an extraordinary experience, I learned so much, and I’m glad that I took the time to learn about something so important and helpful. It was so nice to meet all these amazing people and get to know them and it is something I wish for other people to experience. That they take the time to learn about this as it’s very fascinating. This was probably my favourite camp I've ever been to and it gives you knowledge that you will use throughout your life. This was amazing and thank you so much Mike and Shaun for teaching us about this. ... Read More

    I learned a lot
    Grade 7 Student (Camper)

    I learned a lot. Before, I knew nothing about social media platforms, but now, I do. This program really helped me understand socials media platforms. I realized that not only students, but everyone should learn about this because we are in the technology age and we should learn how to protect ourselves from hackers. Otherwise, we will lose our identity ... Read More

  • What's New

    Director's Message

    Mike Gelbart, Co-Founder and Principal
    PhD, certified high school teacher

    Welcome to the Vancouver Independent School for Science and Technology (VISST). Before founding VISST, I was a computer science professor at UBC where I taught over 25 courses to thousands of students. At UBC I made two key observations. One, that university students are much more comfortable with well-defined short-term tasks than with ambiguity and long-term planning; this, I concluded, is likely a product of our current high school system. And two, I observed firsthand the insatiable demand for computer science at UBC and all universities around the world, which is well beyond our capacity to provide it. This is unfortunate, I felt, because kids are more than capable of learning computer science. Combining these observations with my teaching experience, I decided to create VISST along with a fantastic team. VISST is a non-profit high school in Vancouver that aims to address the struggles I observed in university students and the lack of computer science in high schools. 

    Our pedagogical approach is to combine project-based learning with rigorous fundamentals. The former builds teamwork skills, long-term planning, and comfort with ambiguity. The latter is an essential component to STEM excellence. An overarching theme of our educational philosophy is to have students interface with the real world as much as possible. Whether it is publishing an article, interpreting data from the news, or partnering with a community organization during a project, real-world experiences are motivating and educational. We would consider it a failure on our part if our students are left wondering, "Why am I learning this?"

    Our summer camps follow the same VISST teaching philosophy in a more condensed format. At our camps you will find relevant skills, real-world applications and outstanding instructors. We look forward to having you join us. Welcome to the VISST community.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does VISST Summer Camps have good reviews?
    We've collected reviews from past attendees. Read 3 reviews of VISST Summer Camps here.

    What types of programs does VISST Summer Camps offer?
    VISST Summer Camps runs: day camps. Programming specializes in: Robotics, Programming (multi), AI (Artificial Intelligence), STEM, Technology, Architecture. Browse the program calendar for rates and dates.

    What age does VISST Summer Camps start?
    VISST Summer Camps has programs for children aged 9 to 17.

    How much does is cost to attend VISST Summer Camps?
    Fees to attend VISST Summer Camps range from $25 to $225/week.

    Does VISST Summer Camps offer support for children with special needs?
    VISST Summer Camps does not offer support for children with special needs.

    Does VISST Summer Camps offer busing?
    No, VISST Summer Camps does not offer transportation.

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