Top Summer camps in Durham Region for 2023/2024

Find kids' camps from Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, an Oshawa

Camps in Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and elsewhere in Durham Region focus on summer learning and growth. Day camp gives kids a unique opportunity to focus on activities and disciplines that vary from what they are exposed to in school. They also learn self-confidence and leadership. Kids and teens meet new friends and, of course, they have a ton of fun! Underneath the list of camps find out more about the variety of specailized camps can you attend and find more advice for kids and parents.   Read more

List of Durham day camps and programs on this page:

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    Canlan Sports 

    Throughout Ontario (6)

    • Sport: Hockey
    • Day Camp, Program, Virtual Program

    From camps for kids to instructional programs raise your game by working on your skills and learn the fun way, through play-based teaching. Canlan Sports is where we play. Read more...

    • Ages 4 to 18
    • Coed
    • from $120
    Canlan Sports1204-182022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-01,29,3,daycamp,programclass,virtualprogram,coed,

    STEM Camp 

    Throughout Ontario (51)

    • Education: STEM
    • Day Camp

    STEM Camp is a weekly summer day camp at more than 50 locations across Canada where youth aged 5-13 engage in fun and amazing activities in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. 519-475-6600. Read more...

    • Ages 5 to 13
    • Coed
    • from $212
    STEM Camp2125-132021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-012022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-01,197,5,345,349,177,350,266,67,159,129,2,182,50,130,316,144,315,317,137,314,268,70,288,293,10,9,302,178,331,180,304,179,88,91,33,281,24,7,11,3,347,12,327,29,151,54,63,364,365,357,daycamp,coed,

    Pedalheads Bike, Swim and Sport 

    Throughout Ontario (65)

    • Sport: Cycling
    • Day Camp, Program

    Pedalheads offers bike, swim, and trail programs to families across Canada. Pedalheads helps kids develop life skills, confidence, and independence through fun, safe, and engaging instruction. Read more...

    • Ages 2 to 12
    • Coed
    • from $199
    Pedalheads Bike, Swim and Sport1992-122021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-012022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-01,21,3,74,36,346,56,322,346,322,daycamp,programclass,coed,

    Benchmark Equestrian 


    • Sport: Horseback Riding/Equestrian
    • Day Camp, Program, Virtual Program

    Stonewood Equestrian was designed as a tier-one riding academy. Conveniently located in Pickering, Ontario, just 30 minutes from Toronto and other GTA locations. Read more...

    • Ages 5 to 80
    • Coed
    • from $600
    Benchmark Equestrian6005-802023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-01,30,3,daycamp,programclass,virtualprogram,coed,

    TAC - Sports, Aquatics and Education 

    Throughout Ontario (8)

    • Sport (multi)
    • Day Camp, Overnight Camp, Program, PA Day, Virtual Program

    TAC Sports, TAC Aquatics and Lifetime Skills Academy (LSA) specialize in sports, swim and S.T.E.M programming. Ages 4-16, Co-ed. Year round Camps, Lessons, Academy and House Leagues across the GTA! Grow, Learn, Lead! Read more...

    • Ages 3.5 to 16
    • Coed
    • from $250
    TAC - Sports, Aquatics and Education2503.5-162021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-012022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-01,154,5,22,258,165,337,10,9,300,177,331,180,304,68,135,2,278,33,91,268,224,3,12,347,54,58,21,27,56,322,257,259,364,332,351,344,160,63,67,357,50,144,7,314,74,133,24,182,130,316,317,35,287,37,339,286,292,173,355,123,333,159,88,366,275,97,267,321,1,8,260,178,129,362,153,319,276,254,353,296,297,69,327,226,188,0,347,322,91,22,180,50,9,daycamp,overnightcamp,programclass,paday,virtualprogram,coed,

    Safari Zoo Camp 


    • Education: Zoology
    • Day Camp, Overnight Camp, PA Day

    A camp that specializes in hands-on learning experiences with wildlife. Campers work alongside professional Animal Care staff to look after a variety of animals, many rescued and/or threatened with extinction. Read more...

    • Ages 6 to 17
    • Coed
    • from $550
    Safari Zoo Camp5506-172022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-01,81,6,10,5,9,69,24,2,357,50,267,7,28,3,60,161,225,221,daycamp,overnightcamp,paday,coed,

    Great Big Theatre Company 

    Throughout Ontario (12)

    • Arts: Theatre Arts
    • Day Camp, Program 

    Camps in your neighbourhood ! One-week sessions, performances every week. Our experienced, caring staff will introduce your kids to stage performance & guide them toward self-expression. A great confidence-builder ! Read more...

    • Ages 6 to 14
    • Coed
    • from $225
    Great Big Theatre Company2256-142022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-01,165,5,22,150,37,265,288,289,59,291,10,9,173,337,daycamp,programclass,coed,
    • Education (multi)
    • Day Camp, Program, Virtual Program

    Online Coding Courses For Age 5 and Above: Preparing kids for the future with coding and entrepreneurship skills. Enjoy instructor-led live online coding classes for kids at your comfort Read more...

    • Ages 5 to 17
    • Coed, Girls, Boys
    • from $90
    Cyber Square - Coding for Kids905-172022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-01,296,5,9,302,177,178,349,331,180,352,332,304,343,67,159,301,179,365,268,2,181,daycamp,programclass,virtualprogram,coed,allgirls,allboys,

    Stagecoach Theatre Arts 

    Throughout Ontario (15)

    • Arts: Performing Arts (multi)
    • Day Camp, Program 

    Stagecoach Performing Arts where we love to bring out the best in every child through the wonderful world of Acting, Dancing and Singing. Read more...

    • Ages 4 to 18
    • Coed
    • from $216
    Stagecoach Theatre Arts2164-182022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-01,274,5,288,265,59,196,2,32,daycamp,programclass,coed,
    • Sport: Golf
    • Day Camp

    Deer Creek P&PC is dedicated to helping juniors advance their golf skills. We understand that juniors learn and develop at different rates and in different ways and have designed our programs accordingly. Read more...

    • Ages 7 to 14
    • Coed
    • from $460
    Salem Ridge Golf & Academy Junior Camps4607-142022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-01,26,3,347,daycamp,coed,
    • Education (multi)
    • Day Camp, Virtual Program 

    Explore unique science and technology camp programs at Ontario Tech, including LEGO, Coding, Minecraft, Math, Engineering, and more! In-person and virtual camps available. Read more...

    • Ages 6 to 17
    • Coed, Girls
    • from $80
    Ontario Tech University Camps806-172022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-01,24,2,130,50,314,160,266,177,159,68,351,300,67,179,281,268,304,180,224,3,327,347,323,54,63,251,29,355,5,9,301,349,365,129,331,303,181,91,50,180,daycamp,virtualprogram,coed,allgirls,
    • Sport: Baseball/Softball
    • Day Camp, Program

    The Ontario Prospects Baseball Club offers a 10,000 square foot facility allowing space for fielding, & conditioning drills or 4 full hitting tunnels. The facility is fully adaptable to a variety of practices. Read more...

    • Ages 8 to 14
    • Coed
    • from $110
    Ontario Prospects Baseball Club 1108-142022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-01,11,3,347,daycamp,programclass,coed,

    The Hoop Factory 

    Markham; Oshawa; Pickering

    • Sport: Basketball
    • Day Camp, Program, Virtual Program

    Camp/program teaching the fundamentals in basketball, balance, footwork to players at all levels. A fun, high energy camp for boys/girls of all ages. Christmas Holiday-March Break-Summer Break #BuildingBetterBallers Read more...

    • Ages 4 to 18
    • Coed
    • from $200
    The Hoop Factory2004-182022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-01,74,3,12,347,daycamp,programclass,virtualprogram,coed,
    • Traditional (multi activity)
    • Day Camp, Overnight Camp, Program, Virtual Program

    Nature based summer day and overnight camp led by Ontario Certified Teachers. Spend days outdoors exploring ponds, creeks, wetlands, meadows, and forests! Read more...

    • Ages 4 to 15
    • Coed
    • from $208
    Claremont Nature Centre2084-152021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-012022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-01,48,6,81,10,5,9,173,123,69,24,2,7,50,12,3,347,28,63,298,360,327,54,251,222,70,288,357,292,314,170,88,91,366,33,316,153,1,8,323,356,188,50,9,daycamp,overnightcamp,programclass,virtualprogram,coed,

    Joookooo Sports Academy 

    Ajax; Bowmanville; Clarington

    • Traditional (multi activity)
    • Day Camp, Program

    JOOOKOOO’s programs and camps expose youth to STEM, sports and competitive games. We provide enrichment opportunities that generate valuable learning and skill development in an exciting and inclusive environment. Read more...

    • Ages 4 to 18
    • Coed
    • from $179
    Joookooo Sports Academy1794-182022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-01,10,5,9,173,196,2,32,344,342,366,91,33,129,24,97,270,268,276,1,12,3,347,327,323,54,63,251,29,188,0,66,daycamp,programclass,coed,

    Girls Inc. of Durham 

    Ajax; Pickering; Whitby

    • Traditional (multi activity)
    • Day Camp, Program

    Offering 8 weeks of summer fun in Pickering, Whitby and Oshawa for girls ages 6 to 16! Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 4:00pm, with extended care available for additional fee. Fun hands-on activities, games and theme days. Read more...

    • Ages 6 to 18
    • Girls
    • from $40
    Girls Inc. of Durham406-182022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-01,173,5,9,355,196,2,32,195,278,88,91,366,33,275,145,24,97,270,130,50,316,315,268,153,1,319,276,188,0,daycamp,programclass,allgirls,

    Idea Labs Kids Pickering & Whitby 

    Pickering; Whitby

    • Traditional (multi activity)
    • Day Camp, Program

    A STEAM (STEM + Arts) summer camp and before and after-school care provider that offers variety of classes, including coding, cooking, game design, robotics and virtual reality for children ages 4-13. Read more...

    • Ages 4 to 13
    • Coed
    • from $285
    Idea Labs Kids Pickering & Whitby2854-132023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-01,304,177,180,159,68,196,2,32,24,144,50,7,296,5,9,297,173,123,333,314,319,1,316,317,268,315,338,291,69,178,342,130,256,133,182,137,160,281,129,280,188,180,50,daycamp,programclass,coed,

    Scholars Education  


    • Education: Academic/Tutoring (multi)
    • Day Camp, Program, Virtual Program 

    At Scholars Pickering, we believe that world-class curriculum, coupled with qualified caring teachers, leads to success, both inside and outside the classroom. Build confidence, educate, and create results that matter! Read more...

    • Ages 5 to 25
    • Coed
    • from $50
    Scholars Education 505-252023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-012024-09-012024-10-012024-11-012024-12-012025-01-012025-02-012025-03-012025-04-012025-05-012025-06-012025-07-012025-08-012025-09-012025-10-012025-11-012025-12-012026-01-012026-02-012026-03-012026-04-012026-05-012026-06-012026-07-012026-08-012026-09-012026-10-012026-11-012026-12-012027-01-012027-02-012027-03-012027-04-012027-05-012027-06-012027-07-012027-08-012027-09-012027-10-012027-11-012027-12-012028-01-012028-02-012028-03-012028-04-012028-05-012028-06-012028-07-012028-08-012028-09-012028-10-012028-11-012028-12-012029-01-012029-02-012029-03-012029-04-012029-05-012029-06-012029-07-012029-08-012029-09-012029-10-012029-11-012029-12-012030-01-012030-02-012030-03-012030-04-012030-05-012030-06-012030-07-012030-08-012030-09-012030-10-012030-11-012030-12-012031-01-012031-02-012031-03-012031-04-012031-05-012031-06-012031-07-012031-08-012031-09-012031-10-012031-11-012031-12-012032-01-012032-02-012032-03-012032-04-012032-05-012032-06-012032-07-012032-08-012032-09-012032-10-012032-11-012032-12-012033-01-012033-02-012033-03-012033-04-012033-05-012033-06-012033-07-012033-08-012033-09-012033-10-012033-11-012033-12-012034-01-012034-02-012034-03-012034-04-012034-05-012034-06-012034-07-012034-08-012034-09-012034-10-012034-11-012034-12-012035-01-012035-02-012035-03-012035-04-012035-05-012035-06-012035-07-012035-08-012035-09-012035-10-012035-11-012035-12-012036-01-012036-02-012036-03-012036-04-012036-05-012036-06-012036-07-012036-08-012036-09-012036-10-012036-11-012036-12-012037-01-012037-02-012037-03-012037-04-012037-05-012037-06-012037-07-012037-08-012037-09-012037-10-012037-11-012037-12-012038-01-012038-02-012038-03-012038-04-012038-05-012038-06-012038-07-012038-08-012038-09-012038-10-012038-11-012038-12-012039-01-012039-02-012039-03-012039-04-012039-05-012039-06-012039-07-012039-08-012039-09-012039-10-012039-11-012039-12-012040-01-012040-02-012040-03-012040-04-012040-05-012040-06-012040-07-012040-08-012040-09-012040-10-012040-11-012040-12-012041-01-012041-02-012041-03-012041-04-012041-05-012041-06-012041-07-012041-08-012041-09-012041-10-012041-11-012041-12-012042-01-012042-02-012042-03-012042-04-012042-05-012042-06-012042-07-012042-08-012042-09-012042-10-012042-11-012042-12-012043-01-012043-02-012043-03-012043-04-012043-05-012043-06-012043-07-012043-08-012043-09-012043-10-012043-11-012043-12-012044-01-012044-02-012044-03-012044-04-012044-05-012044-06-012044-07-012044-08-012044-09-012044-10-012044-11-012044-12-012045-01-012045-02-012045-03-012045-04-012045-05-012045-06-012045-07-012045-08-012045-09-012045-10-012045-11-012045-12-012046-01-012046-02-012046-03-012046-04-012046-05-012046-06-012046-07-012046-08-012046-09-012046-10-012046-11-012046-12-012047-01-012047-02-012047-03-012047-04-012047-05-012047-06-012047-07-012047-08-012047-09-012047-10-012047-11-012047-12-012048-01-012048-02-012048-03-012048-04-012048-05-012048-06-012048-07-012048-08-012048-09-012048-10-012048-11-012048-12-012049-01-012049-02-012049-03-012049-04-012049-05-012049-06-012049-07-012049-08-012049-09-012049-10-012049-11-012049-12-012050-01-012050-02-012050-03-012050-04-012050-05-012050-06-012050-07-012050-08-012050-09-012050-10-012050-11-012050-12-012051-01-012051-02-012051-03-012051-04-012051-05-012051-06-012051-07-012051-08-012051-09-012051-10-012051-11-012051-12-012052-01-012052-02-012052-03-012052-04-012052-05-012052-06-012052-07-012052-08-012052-09-012052-10-012052-11-012052-12-012053-01-012053-02-012053-03-012053-04-012053-05-012053-06-012053-07-012053-08-012053-09-012053-10-012053-11-012053-12-012054-01-012054-02-012054-03-012054-04-012054-05-012054-06-012054-07-012054-08-012054-09-012054-10-012054-11-012054-12-012055-01-012055-02-012055-03-012055-04-012055-05-012055-06-012055-07-012055-08-012055-09-012055-10-012055-11-012055-12-012056-01-012056-02-012056-03-012056-04-012056-05-012056-06-012056-07-012056-08-012056-09-012056-10-012056-11-012056-12-012057-01-012057-02-012057-03-012057-04-012057-05-012057-06-012057-07-012057-08-012057-09-012057-10-012057-11-012057-12-012058-01-012058-02-012058-03-012058-04-012058-05-012058-06-012058-07-012058-08-012058-09-012058-10-012058-11-012058-12-012059-01-012059-02-012059-03-012059-04-012059-05-012059-06-012059-07-012059-08-012059-09-012059-10-012059-11-012059-12-01,332,177,180,304,159,196,2,32,314,268,331,195,342,358,79,160,129,316,50,315,271,19,270,344,daycamp,programclass,virtualprogram,coed,

    Belle Wood Equestrian 


    • Sport: Horseback Riding/Equestrian
    • Day Camp, Program

    A traditional summer camp combined with all elements of Horses from horseback riding, leadership skills, fun & games, arts & crafts and so much more! Don't miss out at Belle Wood this summer Read more...

    • Ages 8 to 15
    • Coed
    • from $645
    Belle Wood Equestrian6458-152022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-012024-09-012024-10-012024-11-01,133,5,341,345,263,368,293,197,138,37,70,288,10,9,173,123,333,69,134,33,2,91,24,7,50,137,19,276,1,54,3,347,63,30,74,161,355,323,daycamp,programclass,coed,
    • Education (multi)
    • Day Camp

    Our summer program mixes academics and hands-on learning to to mitigate against summer learning loss. Once a week, we go on a field trip to keep students engaged over the summer months. Read more...

    • Ages 4 to 13
    • Coed
    • from $325
    Cambridge International Academy Summer Camp3254-132022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-01,304,177,180,67,159,196,2,32,160,314,10,5,9,173,123,138,37,175,287,339,176,285,286,150,265,288,355,174,364,300,349,331,68,179,344,342,79,33,91,129,270,224,3,12,347,28,222,56,322,352,332,27,188,0,daycamp,coed,

    École Montessori Camp d’été 

    Oshawa; Pickering

    • Education: Language Instruction
    • Day Camp, Program

    French 4 Tots Summer Camp is a French academic summer camp. We offer reading, writing, academic support, camp activities, arts and crafts, sports, trips and more. Read more...

    • Ages 4 to 11
    • Coed
    • from $325
    École Montessori Camp d’été3254-112022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-01,79,2,daycamp,programclass,coed,

    Camps that bus from this city or region


    Camp Frenda 

    Port Carling

    • Traditional (multi activity)
    • Overnight Camp, Virtual Program

    Summer camp in the heart of Muskoka. Very reasonable rates. Activities include horseback riding, rock climbing, water skiing, rocketry, archery, and many others. Read more...

    • Ages 8 to 16
    • Coed
    • from $725
    Camp Frenda7258-162023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-012024-01-012024-02-012024-03-012024-04-012024-05-012024-06-012024-07-012024-08-01,8,3,12,347,15,322,16,21,25,27,28,30,49,54,56,63,64,221,222,251,10,5,9,69,133,174,175,37,256,41,6,48,81,363,188,0,overnightcamp,virtualprogram,coed,

    Types of kids' camps in Oshawa, Whitby, and Durham Region

    Kids find unique opportunities for fun and learning during the summer months at day camps throughout the Durham Region. They get out of the house, away from screens and meet other kids from their city. You'll find a variety of focuses here, ranging from learning and tech camps, to arts camps, and day camps for sports.

    Sports camps in Durham Region

    Today, parents and kids in Oshawa and Durham Region will find an outstanding variety of sports camps. Many local camps are taught by the finest coaches and even some professional athletes. In the list below, pick out your favourite sport, and find camps focused on it (top of the list linked) or at least offer it as an activity (further down lists).

    Search Region of Durham SPORTS CAMPS   


    Summer camps in Durham Region

    Education camps in Oshawa and Durham

    At Oshawa and Durham Region kids' education camps, learning opportunities expand every year. Kids can extend education through summer programs linked to below, many of them with a practical side to them. Whatever you’re interested in, you’ll find a camp teaching that. Links below go to lists of camps specialized in the subject listed as well as (further down the linked lists) camps that offer it as one activity among a variety of others.

    Search Region of Durham EDUCATION CAMPS   


    Computer and technology camps in Oshawa and Durham Region

    Technology camps throughout Oshawa and Durham Region give kids and teens time to explore their love of everything from gaming to coding and creating games. Many camps for older kids and teens teach coding like C++ and JAVA, while younger kids will enjoy programs focused on interests at their level, such as Minecraft and LEGO. Find your interest below and find camps teaching that either in a dedicated fashion (top of linked lists) or an activity (further down lists).

    Search Region of Durham COMPUTER AND TECH CAMPS    


    Arts camps in Oshawa and Durham Region

    Arts camps listed in the links below encourage you to develop passions in a week-long or longer immersion in that activity. Click on your favourite arts pursuit below and find camps in Oshawa that focus on that interest (top of the list) or at least offer it as one activity among others on the schedule (further down the page).

    Search Region of Durham ARTS CAMPS   


    Exceptional needs camps in Oshawa and Durham

    Oshawa and area kids and teens who face developmental, physical or health challenges will discover camps focused on their needs (at the top of the list linked to) or at least supporting those (further down lists) linked to below. Exceptional needs camps in Durham Region will have specially trained counselors and leaders in a setting where each child gets attention. Learn more from the camps listed in the linked results below.



    More camp types available in Oshawa and Durham Region:



    There are great summer camps all across the Toronto and elsewhere in the eastern end of the GTA. To expand your options, find full pages on camps in the cities and regions listed below: 

    How Durham Region parents can find the best camp

    When parents in Oshawa or Durham Region are looking for a camp, here are some questions and concerns to bear in mind: 

    On practical matters
    • Does the camp's pick-up and drop-off times mesh with your schedule? Some camps have very restricted policies about morning drop-off and end-of-day pick-up times. Others offer after-camp care or other flexibility.  Be sure you know that the camp works well with your schedule. 
    • Consider some of the legalities. 
      • Ensure that the camp is accredited by the OCA or another accrediting body. 
      • If the camp asks you to sign a waiver with lots of fine print, make sure to read it or ask them to give you a summary. 
    • Inquire about the camp’s focus on each activity within the schedule. For example, consider who much your child can indulge in his or her favourite sports, games, etc.
    On matters related to food and drink
    • Understand the camp’s rules about food and snacks. Every camp has a policy about allergies, such as nuts, etc. Be sure to understand how this will impact choices you make with regard to your child’s own diet. 
    • Are kids encouraged to keep well-hydrated on hot days?
    On matters of discipline and safety
    • Consider safety measures in place. Make sure all counselors have had police checks and ask to see a copy if you’re concerned. Inquire about any staff training with regard to disciplining. Ask about counselor-to-camper ratios and ensure you’re satisfied that your child will be well-taken care of.
    • Inquire about grouping of kids. Ask what the camp’s limit is with regard to the number of kids per session. If kids are grouped at all, how is this done? Ask to meet the counselor or leader managing the group your child is in.
    Matters related to exceptional needs

    Ask about provisions for kids with special needs and consider how this will affect your child’s enjoyment of the camp. Are there going to be Education Assistants or Personal Service Workers present and/or available, if needed?

    Combine this list with other information in our guide:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many Summer camps in Durham Region are there?
    There are 21 Summer camps in Durham Region that are Our Kids trusted members. In addition, there are 1 options that bus from the area. Use the filters to narrow options by age or type, then click on each organization to read reviews, browse program schedules, and access registration details.

    What are the fees to attend Summer camps in Durham Region?
    Fees for Summer camps in Durham Region range from $40 to $1,200 per program (program types and lengths vary). Use the filters here to narrow programs by age and type.

    What age do Summer camps in Durham Region start at?
    There are programs available for children starting at age 2. Family and adult programs are also available.

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