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Canadian Adventure Camp provides an ideal immersive overnight camp experience

Overnight summer camp offers a one-of-a-kind experience. It can enable your child to grow and mature, often in ways they may not be able to during the school year. Canadian Adventure Camp, in Temagami, Ontario, delivers these benefits and much more. Read more

    What’s unique about the camp

    Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Canadian Adventure Camp is that it’s located on an island. This means it can provide the type of immersive experience that’s hard to come by. “It creates this feeling of arriving at a special destination, a place completely separate from where you live,” says Anna Gerson, owner and director of the camp. “This feeling of being apart allows you to really focus on yourself—on who you want to be and how you want to live—and on the kinds of relationships you want to build with others.” 

    The tranquility the camp offers is enhanced by its technology-free policy. No phones, tablets, or other gadgets are allowed, which surprisingly is a rule most kids love. This eliminates some of the pressures and distractions kids might experience during the school year; they won’t have to think about how people are perceiving them online—in photos, videos, or messages.

    Like most overnight camps, Canadian Adventure Camp offers a range of traditional activities such as swimming, canoeing, hiking, campfires, and arts and crafts. One of its unique features, though, is that it offers numerous specialized activities as well. All campers can participate in trampoline, wakeboarding, waterskiing, aerials (including silks, hoop, and trapezes), gymnastics, canoe trips, and more. 

    Canadian Adventure Camp has both a full-sized gym as well as a sports centre, which is rare for an overnight camp. This increases the scope of its programs, both outdoors and indoors. And this really benefits the kids. “Since we have such a huge variety of activities,” says Gerson, “we can satisfy the interests of our campers. Each and every child who comes to our camp will have the opportunity to try so many different things, and this can help them find and develop a passion and expand their horizons.”

    Camp programs and staff

    Campers can either register for a general or a specialty program at Canadian Adventure Camp. Most kids are in the general program. This means they get to choose whatever activities they want to participate in, building their own personal itinerary each day.

    “If you’re a specialty camper, on the other hand, the bulk of your child’s day is spent in a particular activity like waterskiing, gymnastics, or trampoline,” says Gerson. “And then the rest of the day they can spend however they like, participating in whatever activities strike their fancy.”

    Both general and specialty campers can work with experienced and certified coaches. 
    This enables them to learn and develop skills, acquire knowledge, and work towards their goals. 

    In fact, the staff at Canadian Adventure Camp is a huge draw. All coaches and counsellors are 19 or older. “Having that adult staff allows us to really meet the needs of campers from an enthusiasm and fun perspective but also from a growth perspective,” says Gerson. “Our staff are more mature than you’ll find at a typical overnight camp, and they’re passionate about working with kids. We also put a lot of time into training: all staff receive 10 days of onsite training in addition to the online training they receive before they come to camp. We spend a lot of time teaching them proven strategies to set kids up for success and to support them when they encounter challenges.”

    The takeaway

    Canadian Adventure Camp provides a warm and welcoming environment, and, as Gerson points out, that’s a core value of the camp and it will continue to be in the future. The camp’s mission is to create an inclusive, positive, and fun environment where all kids feel like they are accepted and can be successful. It offers a safe space full of encouragement and positivity, and it provides the ideal environment for your child to grow physically, socially, and emotionally.

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