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Canlan Sports camps offer first-rate hockey instruction in a fun and inclusive environment

Ice hockey may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer camp. Yet it’s a great summer activity for kids, one that offers lots of physical activity, skill-building, and fun. Canlan Sports, established in 2000 and having more than 10 locations across Canada, is the perfect camp to deliver these benefits to your child. Read more

    Canlan Sports has summer camps, but it also offers programs throughout the year, including on PA days, during March break, and after school and on weekends. As a bonus, it also runs pre-season clinics for hockey players near the end of summer, especially for high performers who are on rep or select teams and who want to get in tip-top shape. 

    Offering inclusivity and flexibility

    Unlike many other camps, Canlan Sports offers ice hockey (and skating) for kids of a wide age range, namely, 6 to 16. And it provides programming for campers of all skill levels, from beginners to high performers. 

    In addition to accommodating kids of almost any age and skill level, Canlan enables different types of campers to achieve different types of goals, whether that’s to improve their hockey skills, get in great shape, have fun, or make friends. “We have camps for all kinds of kids and teens,” says Danielle MacMillan, product manager of Canlan Sports. “We’re proud of the fact that you can drop off all your kids at Canlan, and we have programming that can meet all of their needs and interests.”

    And this includes both boys and girls. A distinguishing feature of Canlan is that it not only welcomes girls with open arms, but that its camps attract such a high number of girls. Almost all of its camps and programs have plenty of girls (and boys), far more than you’ll see at most other hockey camps. 

    This is a huge draw. “Some parents are really nervous to put their daughters in a hockey camp unless they know there are other girls there,” says MacMillan. “Since we have so many girls, we can put their minds to rest. 

    And, here’s a major kicker: Canlan runs girls-only camps. And they can even create them on demand. “If someone calls me,” MacMillan notes, “and says ‘I want 12 girls in an all-girls camp,’ we can offer that.” 

    This level of accommodation and flexibility is difficult to come by. You won’t find many organizations that can run on-demand camps, whether it’s a girls’ camp, a boy’s camp, or a coed camp.  

    Other benefits of Canlan Sports

    Another major perk of Canlan Sports hockey camps are their exceptional coaches. “They’re really well trained, and they really understand the kids,” says MacMillan. “They provide high-level instruction, and teach campers the skills they need to learn, focusing on each child’s skill level as they enter camp.”

    This is made easier by the fact that Canlan owns all the buildings and facilities in which the camps operate. Because of this, campers get more ice time than you might expect at a hockey camp: in fact, they’re on the ice up to four hours a day. 

    But Canlan isn’t just about playing hockey. “We want kids to have a traditional camp experience. We want everyone to have fun,” says MacMillan. “Campers can play other sports and participate in other activities throughout the day. The kids love this.”

    Kids also learn soft skills at Canlan. They’re taught about teamwork and cheering on their teammates. They also learn about cooperation and leadership. “Especially in some of our smaller buildings, the older campers help out the younger ones,” says MacMillan. “They demonstrate their skills and they provide encouragement.”

    All of this contributes to a strong community feel, one that Canlan intentionally cultivates in many ways. “We’ve been around for so long that we’re starting to see parents who were previously our campers,” says MacMillan. “And many campers eventually become staff members.” 

    This close-knit, family-like environment enables all types of kids to feel comfortable and accepted. And it helps Canlan provide an unforgettable camp experience.

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