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    Day camp, Family programs
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    $120 to $390/program
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    4 to 18
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    Canlan Sports answered our questions

    Who are you as an organization?

    Canlan Sports™ is where we play. We offer play-based, skill development no matter your age or stage. Come join our sports community today, and take part in our world-renowned hockey and skating programs, camps, leagues, & tournaments!

    • Special needs: Not available

    What do you do differently or uniquely well?

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    Who are your staff and counsellors?

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    What do families need to know about registration?

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    Choose the right programs and sessions for your child; Canlan Sports currently has 6 programs available; 2 TBD.

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    Type (Gender)
    Ages: 6 - 16
    $150 to $240
    Winnipeg, MB
    1871 Ellice Avenue
    Sep 05-Dec 23$150 - $240
    Ages: 3 - 5
    Ice Skating
    $17 to $200
    Grasswood, SK
    2301 Grasswood Road
    Sep 06-Dec 23$17 - $200
    Ages: 6 - 16
    Ice Skating
    $60 to $340
    Ages: 6 - 16
    Ages: 6 - 16
    $330 to $360
    Ages: 6 - 14
    Day Camp
    $100 to $340
    Winnipeg, MB
    1871 Ellice Avenue
    Dec 27, 2023-Jan 05, 2024$100 - $340
    Ages: 6 - 16
    Day Camp
    $32 to $332
    Ages: 3 - 14
    Day Camp
    Ice Skating

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    Credit card payment Yes
  • Insider Reviews & Perspectives

    The Our Kids review of Canlan Sports

    our take

    Where sport is not just something we do, but something we are, Canlan Sports is a sports community. Their program is play-based, but focuses on skill development at every stage. Offering hockey and skating at levels from beginner to elite, their Play Forward Pathway is a structured program that focuses on individual skill development, both on and off the ice. The Play Forward Pathway was crafted by a global network of coaches and leaders, including Glen Carnegie, skills coach for the Vancouver Canucks, and Head Coaches from other NHL teams. All coaches get extensive training so they can make the player experience one of the best of any hockey school. Coaches are passionate about the sport of hockey and their energy is easily transferred to the kids. Frequent evaluations by instructors ensure players are moving up as needed, or working on what they need to improve. They recognize that each player has unique needs and they tailor the program accordingly. It all starts with simply learning how to tie up skates.

    Questions for the Director of Canlan Sports

    Danielle MacMillan, Product Manager, Camps & Instructional Programs

    • 00:31 - What makes your camp or program unique compared to others?
    • 01:02 - What type of child is successful at your organization?
    • 01:54 - Is the schedule more structure or more open?
    • 02:23 - How does your staff deal with behavioural issues?
    • 03:19 - What do campers or students value the most about an experience at your organization?
    • 04:03 - What message would you give to a camper who is entering your camp or program?

    • Read the full transcript

      Transcript of our interview with Danielle, Product Manager, Camps & Instructional Programs

      What makes your Canlan Sports unique compared to other camps and programs?

      I think we have the benefit of a pretty long history of providing really great quality programming. This includes a focus on skill development, but also on fostering a love for sports and community in general. So a lot of our campers have been with us since they first learned how to skate, and that also extends to our team of instructors. And a  lot of our instructors were former campers and stuck around since they loved it so much. So we're really proud of that. 

      What type of child is successful at Canlan Sports?

      We see kids of all different skill levels and ages—they all participate in our camps and find success in different ways. So it could be pure skill development. It could just be that this is where they get to hang out with their friends. But we find the skaters who are really open to just new experiences and having fun at camp are the ones who find the most success. 

      I think our instructors also do a really good job of helping kids find success and fun along the way as well, even if they weren't looking for it in the first place. We see kids come in with their older sibling as the one who really asks for this camp, and they're a little nervous and shy. By the end of the week, we usually have won them over, and they're asking to come back for another week. 

      Is your schedule more structured or open?

      We find a lot of success in having a structured camp with the number of participants who are in our venues. We want to make sure that everyone's in the right place at the right time and maximizing what they can get out of a camp day. So we’re definitely more on the structured side, but with opportunities to enable the kids to do what they'd like to do and what they're most interested in. So, we’re structured with opportunities to explore different things throughout the week. 

      How does your staff deal with behavioural issues?

      First and foremost, we pride ourselves on providing great training for our instructors, which prepares them for any situation that might pop up at camp, which could include behavioral issues. We know that camp can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, and it's a long day and a long week. So we understand there will be issues. 

      But our instructors are there to proactively prevent any situations from getting too far out of hand or impacting other participants’ experience at camp. And we want to make sure that kids feel safe and protected and that they feel like they can express themselves and work through some of those challenges. Our support staff is also always available to offer an extra hand to instructors and make sure that everyone's getting along and making it through a successful week of camp. 

      What do campers value the most about their experience at Canlan Sports?

      First and foremost, they come to our camp, they're able to play all day, which is a dream, even for the adults who are in the buildings. We love camp just as much, I think. But I think what's valued is the way the camp is structured, the ability to work on your skill development to get better at something, but also to have fun while you're doing it. And I think what we're able to do with our camps, especially our full-day and full-week camps, is provide a really great experience where everyone can cap off their achievements and get to celebrate a little bit. We also do some skill challenges and a little bit of an All-Star Game, where we have the opportunity to create some great memories for our campers. 

      What message would you give to a camper who is entering Canlan Sports?

      Camp, as a young kid especially, can be pretty intimidating. You're going into a new environment. You're leaving your parents or your guardian at the door. Sometimes you don't know anyone else, and it can be an overwhelming experience. 

      But what we would ask families to do if they're new is to ask lots of questions. We’re here. We have a team who works all year round to deliver these great camp experiences. We are here to answer your questions, whether it's in January or August. And we want you to feel really comfortable coming in the door. So when a camper signs up for our camps, they'll receive plenty of information about the camp. But we encourage everyone to reach out with their own unique questions and really get to know us before they arrive for their first day of camp.

    Review(s) of Canlan Sports

    Hallie Mitchell (Parent)The staff are kind and accommodating

    They were very accommodating to our sign in procedure and wanted to ensure that we had all the support we needed. The staff had such a positive, welcoming attitude and were so patient - I just wanted to share how grateful I was to them for being so helpful ... Read More

    Mark Cousineau (Parent)Great Coaches, great sport complex.

    The staff were incredibly supportive, and extremely well organized. By way of practice content, the coaches are far superior vs other facilities and can further be described as being supportive, informative, and fun. The staff directing us at point of entry and exit are patient, warm, and inviting to all questions. The facility itself is extremely clean and well organized which again, far surpasses Covid standards and detailed cleanliness versus all other facilities ... Read More

    Jacqueline J (Parent)Good handlers to help manage anxious moms

    It’s fantastic that you guys jumped to action to get clinics up and going and are fantastic at Customer Service! You did a great job putting together processes to get the kids on to the ice. All the protocols you guys set up made me feel so comfortable and I feel my son is in a very safe environment right from the get go. We are just so thrilled that our child is back on the ice and loving it! Thank you so much! It takes good handlers to manage us anxious moms back to the ice-and you guys are fab ... Read More

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    British Columbia (3), Manitoba (1), Ontario (6), Saskatchewan (1)
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    Rentals & Services

    Offers children's birthday party packages: Yes
    Got an occasion or event coming up? Come celebrate your special day with us! We’ve got plenty of options to provide your child(ren) the best birthday celebration yet. Check out our website and browse our programs to select your birthday party style or customize your own! From sports of all sorts to the complete customized package, party with us.

    Available for private rentals: Yes
    For team practices and casual events, Canlan Sports offers a variety of playing surfaces (ice rinks, volleyball courts, basketball courts, and ball hockey courts) for everyone to have an enjoyable athletic experience.

  • What's New

    In the News

    April 5, 2022
    No plans? No problem. Keep your kids active in Spring Break Camps.

    Spring Break is such an exciting time for your kids! They get to unwind, destress, hang out with friends, & they’re off school for a week!... Read More

    November 15, 2021
    It’s where we play™: A Rebranding Story.

    We believe that sports communities change lives for the better. ... Read More


    • Self-care tips to get ready for Camp.

      There are so many questions you may have in order to fully prepare yourself and your child for what comes next. What will a full day of camp look like? How will my child feel? Will they be able to socialize and make friends?

      Let us help you navigate, and feel confident that your child will get the most out of their camp experience. Have any questions? We're always here for you, fill out the form here for any covid related inquiries.

      Get prepared for play!

      By getting into a routine and practicing healthy habits, you can help foster positive qualities in your children to help them cope through challenging times.

      With a little help from resources like School Mental Health Ontario, we've prepared some self-care tips to help you and your child/ children keep strong & healthy, bodies & minds. 


      Recharge + Repeat

      Sleep is your body's way of recharging from a full day of activity to get prepared for the next! It plays a vital role in your overall health. According to the Canadian Paediatric Society your child should be getting 9-12 hours of sleep each night. Do you know what can help with this? Physical activity! When your child has used up all their energy playing sports, games, or activities, they'll naturally fall into a good rhythm for sleep. One tip to note: having a set schedule helps to regulate the body, so make sure you have a regular time for going to bed & waking up.


      Eat + Hydrate

      3 meals, snacks in between & lots of water! Food is such an important part of your everyday self-care routine. It's how we fuel our bodies. We partnered with Seanna Thomas, Holistic Nutritional Consultant from Hockey Snacks to give us some tips on healthy snacks to keep your child energized for a full day of camp.  She says that a good diet of whole foods with essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats all helps to promote a strong body and mind. And of course, we can't forget to stay hydrated. Many times we feel drained because our bodies aren't receiving enough, so next time your child or you're feeling sluggish try a glass or two of H2O.


      Move + Enjoy

      Being physically active and doing activities that are fun, makes life so much more enjoyable! Incorporating movement into your daily activities, whether it be a walk, stretching or gameplay has so many benefits. Physical activity helps to increase overall energy, enhances your immune system, and even stimulates brain development! Most importantly being physically active increases your serotonin: the happy hormone! When you move your body, you release both dopamine and serotonin which improves your mood and can even be particularly helpful for those that deal with anxiety or panic attacks.


      Support + Connect

      We cannot leave out how vital socialization is to have as part of our self-care routines. It's a basic human need to connect with others, and we know how increasingly difficult it's been to do so during a pandemic. Ensuring we are making a conscious effort to keep and engage with our friends and family also helps with our overall mood & well-being. Camp is a great way to encourage and foster social connections for our children. By being surrounded by like-minded children, your child can begin to establish trust while building these new relationships, gain confidence and improve their self-esteem. Support healthy friendships for your child, and encourage staying connected through virtual games, meet-ups & more!


      Recognize + Reflect

      Take good care of yourself! Being mindful is definitely a difficult practice to implement. Now more than ever we are constantly on the go and being as flexible as we can to roll with the punches. However, now more than ever is the time to start mindful practices and build them into your child's routine too! Take a breath, do it. Right now! Be present at this moment. Or make time to enjoy the now with your family. Create an environment to openly talk about emotions, we're all feeling a lot and it's important to talk about it. Once you've discussed how you and your child are feeling, make action plans to mitigate negative feelings and maintain positive ones.

      Practicing self-care is great for your child’s overall wellness, and of course yours too! We hope you enjoyed these self-care tips and that you (if you're not already) build a routine to incorporate them into!


      If you're interested in additional resources on self-care, mental health, and alternate coping strategies, we've prepared the following list provided by the Toronto District School Board to help you and your families manage your overall mental health and well-being.

      Additional Resources:

      Student Mental Health Action Kit for Families

      Mental Health and Wellness Services for Indigenous Children and Youth

      Naseeha Mental Health Hotline, Muslim and non-muslims

      Islamic Circle of North America Relief Canada

      Community Family Services of Ontario

      Tropicana Community Services

      Anishnawbe Health Toronto OSHKII OKITCHIIDAK (YOUTH) PROGRAM

      Hong Fook Mental Health Association

      Stella's Place Young Adult Mental Health 

      LGBT YouthLine Resources

      TAIBU Community Health Centre

      Black Youth Hotline

      Central Toronto Youth Services

    • On Your Marks & Get on Track with Our Top 5 Energy-Fuelled Snacks!

      Snacks are an amazing and easy way to provide our young athletes with energy. Not only can we fill nutritional gaps, but we can also make sure our snacks contain essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats, to ensure energy all day long!

      Fresh Fruit

      Fruit is the perfect snack for energy. Not only are they pre-packaged, pre-portioned, and full of fibre, vitamins, and minerals, they also contain natural sugars which are easily digestible carbohydrates and essential for energy! Carbohydrates, like the ones found in fruit, are easy for our body to recognize and turn into energy. Fruit is an excellent option an hour before any activity.

      Fresh Fruit

      Fruit Smoothie

      A smoothie is an excellent choice for energy! No matter if your young athlete enjoys banana, berries, or tropical fruit, you can find a smoothie they will enjoy. Smoothies are also an excellent way to include carbohydrates from fruit and protein from milk (or a milk alternative). A great option for kids that don’t like to eat first thing in the morning.

      Green Smoothie

      Energy Bites

      Want a make-ahead snack that will provide your player with sustained energy for hours? Energy bites are awesome! Made with only four ingredients (recipe below), they contain loads of fibre and protein, plus are completely customizable to your player’s likes and dislikes. Swap out the natural peanut butter for an allergy-friendly alternative, and you have a quick and easy snack that can be taken to camp.

      Energy Bites


      Eggs really are the perfect energy source. As a protein, they are easier for our bodies to digest than other protein sources like meat or dairy. They are also incredibly versatile! There is an egg recipe for everyone. Scrambled, hard-boiled, in a wrap, devilled, or egg salad-they are all great ways to get some protein and vitamins. Eggs will keep the energy going all day if eaten in the morning, and are excellent as a recovery snack or meal.


      Trail Mix

      Customizable and perfect for on-the-go, trail mix includes carbohydrates, protein, fibre, healthy fats, and tons of vitamins and minerals. Plus you can keep it in the car! Have your young athlete make their own by putting all their favourite nuts, seeds, and dried fruit in a jar so it’s ready to go! You can add some fun components as well like dried cereal, popcorn, or chocolate chips as a treat.

      Trail Mix 

      Keeping our kids fuelled throughout the day is so important for their energy levels and their focus. Whether your kids are great eaters and finish their meals, or you have “grazers”, that like to nibble all day, snacks can be a solution to provide more nutrition, and the right nutrients for our kids to grow and be the best version of themselves.

      Energy bites Recipe from Hockey Snacks Inc 


      1/2 cup natural peanut butter or alternative

      1/4 cup real maple syrup

      1/4 cup hemp hearts

      1 cup rolled oats

      Add-ins: dried fruit, coconut, chocolate chips, etc. (optional)


      Stir together peanut butter and maple syrup until combined.

      Add hemp hearts and oats and mix.

      Stir in your add-ins, if using, and roll into golf ball-sized balls. Keep in a sealed container in the fridge or freezer and grab 2-3 whenever you need a pick-me-up! Just remember to allow time for digestion, if eating before activity.


      For more information, you can contact Seanna Thomas, founder of Hockey Snacks Inc at [email protected] or follow Hockey Snacks on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

      Looking to register for Canlan Sports' Camps? Don't miss your mark! Learn more about getting set for an unforgettable summer here.

    • Progressing through the Play Forward Pathway

      Learn, develop, and perform through play as you progress down the Play Forward Pathway.

      The early mornings. Waking up at the break of day to be the first ones in the parking lot. The late nights. You may be exhausted, but there's always the sense of coming home being fulfilled. You do it all for your family, your kids, and yourself because you believe in self-development and putting in the work to achieve the results.

      These are the same values we believe in. Through our programs, we provide you and your children the tools to get you on a path to a better you.

      The Power of Play

      At Canlan we strive to provide the best programming so that you can focus on your skill and enhance your learning in a fun way. This is why our entire curriculum is rooted in play-based learning because play makes learning fun.

      When we researched play-based learning methods we were blown away by the strides in improvement and the impression left on an individual by completing just one class!

      To give you a better understanding of how great play is, it:

      Helps to develop motor and social skills. During an activity, you're in a scenario where you're engaging with your peers, and working on a task. For example, calling your teammate's name to receive a pass while focusing on getting that pass to go in the direction you intend it to! It's all about multi-tasking and multi-skill building.

      Gives you the motivation to learn. We all have that drive to work on our skills and push our boundaries to be the best.  When put into game mode we build confidence to keep going and reach our goals to score that goal!

      Focuses your attention. Introducing play into learning really helps to hone in on the objective. By increasing your level of focus to narrow in on completing a task, you can build a wider range of skills more effectively.

      Brings a level of curiosity and creativity to think critically and problem solve. The most important part of play is bringing back that level of excitement and thrill. Putting yourself or your child into a child-like mindset expands your creativity and challenges your way of thinking. It brings clarity to how you want to achieve your goals and flexibility to make it possible.

      We knew that play was something we wanted to implement into our programming because we could see firsthand how games and activities developed the skillset tenfold. Play is the best way to help you learn and grow, and have fun while doing it!

      Introducing the Play Forward Pathway

      Having play as the foundation of our programming was just the beginning towards creating a progressive structure.

      We are life-long learners and know the value of continuous development. We believe that growth never stops, and it is continually worked on. This is why we created a pathway, to guide you along your sports journey and keep learning. To push your limits and break boundaries. To become your best.

      The Play Forward Pathway is Canlan's ecosystem of progressive programs.

      In our Play Forward Pathway, you start with the basics of learning how to play in Play to Learn. Gaining the foundational skills you need in order to get to the next level of development.

      As you broaden your skill-set you enter Play to Develop. Transitioning from basic knowledge to an enhanced level of skill. Here you will perfect the staples and start to introduce more technical moves.

      Our pathway leads you to advanced learning in Play to Perform. Taking all the skills you have acquired, building upon them and challenging yourself every step of the way. This is how we perform at our best.

      Our three pillars in the Play Forward Pathway were designed for everyone no matter their age or skill level. Our coaches are here for you, to teach and guide you through the Play Forward Pathway. They are passionate about equipping you and your children with the skills to learn and grow.

      Join your Canlan Sports™ Community.

      Whether you're trying something new or coming back from a long hiatus, we encourage you to begin your sports journey with us, because we are a community of sports enthusiasts that care. We see the drive and determination in you, and we want to help you flourish, to grow your skill, get to that next level and perform at your best.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Canlan Sports have good reviews?
    We've collected reviews from past attendees. Read 3 reviews of Canlan Sports here.

    What types of programs does Canlan Sports offer?
    Canlan Sports runs: year-round programs, day camps. Programming specializes in: Hockey, Ice Skating. Browse the program calendar for rates and dates.

    What age does Canlan Sports start?
    Canlan Sports has programs for children aged 4 to 18.

    How much does is cost to attend Canlan Sports?
    Fees to attend Canlan Sports range from $120 to $390/program.

    Does Canlan Sports offer support for children with special needs?
    Canlan Sports does not offer support for children with special needs.

    Does Canlan Sports offer busing?
    No, Canlan Sports does not offer transportation.

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