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Develop your inner Harry Potter or Hermione Granger

Become a master of illusion this summer at a magic camp near you. Channel your inner Harry Potter, and start yourself on the road to becoming the next David Blaine! Camps below feature a variety of teaching focused on techniques of magic for kids, to help them develop into better illusionists.

Through practice at a magic camp, you'll improve immensely in technique and presentation. You'll learn how to be more natural and more relaxed on stage. You'll gain assurance, both as a magician, and on a personal level. Things you learn at magic camp will have implications for your ability in real-life areas like public speaking, and careers such as business,  marketing and other fields. Read more

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Programs offering Magic as an activity (7 results)

Learn magic in among many other camp activities at the many kids' camps listed below.

Summer Camp
Jul 04 - Aug 25, 2023

  • Oakville, ON
  • Age 4 to 12 (Coed)
  • From $356

Community camp feel with a variety of awesome outdoor activities! Visit website

  • Richmond Hill, ON
  • Age 4 to 15 (Coed)
  • From $1,350
Richmond HillOntario

Fun, exciting, and memorable day camp for children (4 years of age and older) made up of a multitude of programming Visit website

  • Throughout Quebec (13)
  • Age 3 to 15 (Coed)
  • From $200

Experienced artists will help campers develop their painting, drawing, and sculpture skills for 75 min each day. Visit website

  • Throughout Quebec (3)
  • Age 3 to 15 (Coed)
  • From $150

Soccer, Basketball, Ball hockey, Dance, Drama, Art, Music, Cooking, Magic, Science and French, English & Math for beginners Visit website

  • Montreal, QC
  • Age 3 to 15 (Coed)
  • From $200

English, French & Math for beginners, Music, Magic, Cooking, Science, Robotics, Soccer, Basketball, Drama, Dance, Art, etc Visit website

  • Parry Sound, ON
  • Age 6 to 18 (Coed)
  • From $5,830
Parry SoundOntario

Your camper deserves a summer of fun, friends and success! Learn how a summer at Camp Kodiak can change their life. Visit website

  • Throughout Quebec (13)
  • Age 3 to 15 (Coed)
  • From $200

Campers will have the privilege of working with Drama specialists, experienced with every type of theatre production! Visit website


Organizations with Magic programs (TBD)

Magic summer camps

Some of the things kids get from magic camp:

  • Essential techniques of prestidigitation, sleight of hand and misdirection.
  • Exposure to varieties of magic, including stage, parlour or close up magic.
  • Learn from professionals and working magicians.
  • Workshop with others in small groups.
  • Develop and improve your stage presence, and manipulate the audience's attention.
  • Learn staging tricks, acting and other performance techniques, to optimize showmanship.

Both overnight camps and day camps feature opportunities to learn magic. Depending on the focus of the camp you choose, your training in magic can vary greatly. A specialized magic camp will get you in front of an audience. They may even have a theatre explicitly devoted to staging, so you can get a true feel for your own stage presence. Working with real sound and lighting in an actual stage environment will have benefits beyond your expectations.

Magic lessons

Think of all the different kinds of magic you have seen. How well do you know how to perform any of those tricks? How much fun would it be to learn how to actually do some of them?

Magic camps offer lessons in a whole variety of illusions, including the following:

  • Straightforward card tricks for close-up illusions or for the stage
  • Disappearing acts, levitation, escapes, and other stage illusions
  • Sawing people in half
  • Cups and balls tricks
  • Coin and money tricks

The benefits of camp

Aside from learning magic, camps like these have many other benefits:

  • Kids grow in self-confidence as they interact with other campers.
  • They'll make friends with other young magicians, to encourage each other
  • Children get outdoors and participate in camp activities such as canoeing, hiking and sports activities.

You never know where it might lead!

As a budding magician you can have fun busking or street-performing. Many magicians and illusionists have done very well on TV shows like America's Got Talent. There are many working magicians in the world, aside from those who are world-famous and suitably wealthy. David Copperfield and Michael Carbonaro (along with David Blaine, already mentioned) are magic camp alumni. In addition, Derek DelGaudio, Dan and Dave Buck, Criss Angel, Mark DeSouza, Simon Lovell, Rocco, Eric DeCamps, Johnny Ace Palmer, Dan Hauss are just some who make a very healthy living as magicians.

Research has, in fact, shown that the best magicians have developed an understanding of people that is ahead of what you can learn through sciences like sociology and psychology. Practical benefits of learning magic can extend to later life choices. Far beyond nerdy fun, magic camp really could change your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Magic Camps are there?
There are 7 programs offering magic as an activity. Use the filters to narrow by age and program type, then click on matched programs to see daily activities, dates, rates and registration information.

What are the fees to attend Magic Camps?
Fees for programs offering magic as an activity range from $150 to $11,905 per program (program types and lengths vary). Use the filters here to narrow programs by age and type.

Where can parents meet with Magic Camps?
Meet with program directors and staff at the Our Kids Camp & Program Expo. The Expo is held annually in February, and is a fun and informative day for parents, kids, and teens. Find event details and free tickets here.


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