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Find your ideal summer camp experience in Ajax, Ontario. Camps and programs serve all of Ajax’s top neighbourhoods, including Carruthers, Hermitage, Westney Heights, Applecroft, and Downtown. Find the best camp for you and your child by browsing our complete list and reading further information below. Read more

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Pedalheads Bike, Swim and Sport   

Throughout Ontario (62)

  • Sport: Cycling
  • Day Camp, Program

Pedalheads offers bike, swim, and trail programs to families across Canada. Pedalheads helps kids develop life skills, confidence, and independence through fun, safe, and engaging instruction. Read more...

  • Ages 2 to 12
  • Coed
  • from $199
Bathurst Manor/Clanton Park, TorontoBayview Village, TorontoBloor West Village, TorontoDon Mills, TorontoEast York, TorontoForest Hill, TorontoHumber Valley Village, TorontoLansing , TorontoLawrence Manor, TorontoLeaside, TorontoLeslieville, TorontoLittle Italy, TorontoMimico, TorontoParkview Hills, TorontoRouge, TorontoThe Beach, TorontoWest Deane Park, TorontoAjaxAuroraBarrieBurlingtonHamiltonKanataKitchenerLondonMarkhamMiltonMississaugaNewmarketOakvilleOttawaOttawa SouthRichmond HillSt. CatharinesVaughanWaterlooWhitbyOntarioDowntown, East-End, East-York, Etobicoke, Midtown, North-York, Scarborough, West-End
Pedalheads Bike, Swim and Sport1992-122021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-01,21,3,74,36,346,346,322,daycamp,programclass,coed,
  • Sport: Golf
  • Day Camp

The Salem Ridge Golf & Academy is dedicated to helping juniors advance their golf skills. We understand that juniors learn and develop at different rates and in different ways and have designed our programs accordingly. Read more...

  • Ages 7 to 14
  • Coed
  • from $460
Salem Ridge Golf & Academy Junior Camps4607-142022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-01,26,3,347,daycamp,coed,
  • Education: Academic/Tutoring (multi)
  • Program, Virtual Program

The Progressive Centre is a tutoring agency that provides educational support programs for students in all subject areas and grades. We offer in-home and online tutoring programs for students in the GTA. Read more...

  • Ages 4 to 18
  • Coed
  • from $350
The Progressive Centre3504-182021-11-012021-12-012022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-01,195,2,32,129,270,19,271,358,32,180,programclass,virtualprogram,coed,

The Hoop Factory   

Ajax; Markham; Pickering

  • Sport: Basketball
  • Day Camp, Program, Virtual Program

Camp/program teaching the fundamentals in basketball, balance, footwork to players at all levels. A fun, high energy camp for boys/girls of all ages. Christmas Holiday-March Break-Summer Break #BuildingBetterBallers Read more...

  • Ages 4 to 18
  • Coed
  • from $200
The Hoop Factory2004-182022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-012023-07-012023-08-012023-09-012023-10-012023-11-012023-12-01,74,3,12,347,daycamp,programclass,virtualprogram,coed,

Joookooo Sports Academy   

Ajax; Clarington

  • Traditional (multi activity)
  • Day Camp, Program

JOOOKOOO’s programs and camps expose youth to STEM, sports and competitive games. We provide enrichment opportunities that generate valuable learning and skill development in an exciting and inclusive environment. Read more...

  • Ages 4 to 18
  • Coed
  • from $179
Joookooo Sports Academy1794-182022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-012023-01-012023-02-012023-03-012023-04-012023-05-012023-06-01,10,5,9,173,196,2,32,344,342,366,91,33,129,24,97,270,268,276,1,12,3,347,327,323,54,63,251,29,188,0,66,daycamp,programclass,coed,

Active Scholars   

Humberlea, Toronto; North Toronto, Toronto; Ajax

  • Education: STEM
  • Day Camp, Program

A unique summer experience, Where Sports Meets Education and campers get to engage in both STEM Learning & Basketball or Soccer Development. Each week we offer a unique experience for continued growth and engagement. Read more...

  • Ages 7 to 13
  • Coed
  • from $235
Humberlea, TorontoNorth Toronto, TorontoAjaxOntarioNorth-York, Uptown
Active Scholars2357-132021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-012022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-01,69,5,9,67,177,159,68,281,2,314,268,276,1,224,3,11,347,12,251,29,54,74,63,161,301,160,182,50,130,261,323,35,139,360,10,daycamp,programclass,coed,

Girls Inc. of Durham   

Ajax; Pickering; Whitby

  • Traditional (multi activity)
  • Day Camp, Program

Offering 8 weeks of summer fun in Pickering, Whitby and Oshawa for girls ages 6 to 16! Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 4:00pm, with extended care available for additional fee. Fun hands-on activities, games and theme days. Read more...

  • Ages 6 to 18
  • Girls
  • from $40
Girls Inc. of Durham406-182022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-01,173,5,9,355,196,2,32,195,278,88,91,366,33,275,145,24,97,270,130,50,316,315,268,153,1,319,276,188,0,daycamp,programclass,allgirls,
  • Education (multi)
  • Day Camp

Summer program mixes Academics, Hands-On Learning, Once a week field trip and a variety of fun activities to keep students engaged over the summer months。 Read more...

Meet them at Camp Expo on Feb 25
  • Ages 4 to 13
  • Coed
  • from $325
Cambridge International Academy Summer Camp3254-132022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-01,138,5,37,175,287,339,176,285,286,150,265,288,10,9,173,355,123,174,364,177,300,349,331,180,304,67,68,179,196,2,32,344,342,79,33,91,160,129,270,314,224,3,12,347,28,222,56,322,352,332,27,181,daycamp,coed,
  • Sport: Baseball/Softball
  • Day Camp, Program
  • Ages 4 to 18
  • Coed
  • from $50
Ontario Prospects Baseball Club 504-182022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-012022-10-012022-11-012022-12-01,11,3,347,daycamp,programclass,coed,

Life Time Kids Academy   

Ajax; Mississauga; Woodbridge

  • Traditional (multi activity)
  • Day Camp, Program, Virtual Program

Life Time offers fun and convenient summer and school-break camps to keep your kids active and healthy all year long. Weekly themes, field trips, related crafts, activities, games and more. Read more...

  • Ages 4 to 12
  • Coed
  • from $295
Life Time Kids Academy2954-122021-01-012021-02-012021-03-012021-04-012021-05-012021-06-012021-07-012021-08-012021-09-012021-10-012021-11-012021-12-012022-01-012022-02-012022-03-012022-04-012022-05-012022-06-012022-07-012022-08-012022-09-01,292,5,337,10,9,296,173,123,333,160,2,281,24,270,314,319,1,12,3,347,54,74,56,322,161,355,67,177,27,35,188,0,daycamp,programclass,virtualprogram,coed,

Types of camps in Ajax

Ajax, Ontario has a diverse selection of active, artistic, traditional, and educational camps that give kids and teens new skills. Though mostly specialised, some camps are multi-disciplinary, offering kids the chance to test a broader range of skills. Families have their choice between day and overnight camps, as well as in-person or virtual programs. Below, find links to camps that are focused on or teach the activity listed.

Sports camps in Ajax

For kids and teens looking for specialised sports programs, Ajax has more than enough options. Your child has opportunities to practice and play games in team sports like basketball or soccer, as well as individual sports like cycling and golf. Sports camps are an ideal way to keep your young one active and energized throughout the day. Find your favourite sport in the list below, and find camps focused on it at the top of the list and camps teaching it, below those.

Search Ajax SPORTS CAMPS   


Education camps in Ajax

Education camps equip kids and teens with essential academic skills that benefit them long-term. There are options for struggling students or for students looking for year-round academic stimulation. Tutoring programs and extra credit courses are available, along with STEM and STEAM programs that offer fun, hands-on learning experiences. 



Technology camps in Ajax

Below, find links to Ajax tech camps. Here, real-world applications of technology are applied, allowing kids to see the practical applications of technology and its everyday importance. Find your favourite technology interest in the list below and find camps and programs teaching that.



Arts camps in Ajax

Creative kids will love arts camps in Ajax. These offer focuses as diverse as performing arts and visual arts. Find your favourite art activity in the list below and find camps and programs teaching that.


Search Ajax ARTS CAMPS   


Special education camps in Ajax

Ajax camps make camp a fun, engaging, learning experience for children with special concerns. Find your child's special need listed below, and find camps with support for that:



For kids unsure of what interests them, perhaps traditional camps are a good option. At these camps, kids and teens transition from one activity to another typically by the hour. Activities include visual arts, empowerment, robotics, cooking, and more! Never boring, traditional camps help your child find their passions. While most traditional camps are coeducational, some are solely for young girls who seek self-confidence and female solidarity.

Ajax is an incredibly diverse city that has many new learning experiences. Not only do kids and teens make new memories, they experience emotional and mental growth which helps them become better students, leaders, and individuals.


More camp types available in Ajax:

How to Find the Best Camp For Your Child

Choosing the right camp should not be stressful. Start by planning early, around 2-3 months in advance. This ensures that you have enough time to consider all your options and plan your budget, packing list, and transportation accordingly. The next step is to make a well-defined list of expectations and desires. This includes: age range, price, activities, skill level, accommodations, location, etc. Though some of these items can be fixed (such as accommodations), stay open-minded and flexible with others as this will increase your options. 

Ajax’s wide selection of day camps range in activities, ages, and price. As a typically more affordable option, day camps challenge kids and teens’ physical and academic skills through activities like swimming or STEAM. Day camps are both specialised and multidisciplinary. Without the overnight commitment, traditional day camps may be more exciting for shy or introverted campers. Kids and teens reap the benefits of traditional camp activities, such as leadership training or nature walks, in a more relaxed setting at day camps. 

Day camps are a great way to kickstart your child’s sense of independence and individuality. As they work and play away from home, they begin to understand the type of student and friend they are. Goal-oriented learning is often employed at day camps, which encourage campers to improve their skills and persevere through tough challenges. Kids gain essential transferable skills at Ajax day camps, including responsibility, problem solving skills, and adaptability.

Overnight camps in Ajax satisfy children’s lust for adventure whilst teaching them how to be responsible, respectful leaders. In Ajax, overnight camps are a sure way for your child to mingle with other enthusiastic, fun-seeking kids for a week or longer. At overnight camps, your child matures, as they learn how to maintain a routine, remain disciplined, and make good decisions all on their own. Not only do kids and teens experience emotional growth, they also experience a growth in skill. Most overnight camps follow a traditional, multi-activity curriculum which requires flexibility from campers. Kids switch between activities throughout the day, gaining skills in all areas such as sports, arts, and technology. 

Questions to ask to determine the best camp for your child

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential camps, contact camp leaders and ask all questions you may have. These can include:

  • What activities are focused on at this camp? How are schedules made for the day? Do families receive a copy of this schedule prior to camp?
  • Is special needs accommodation provided? What needs are you able to accommodate (i.e ASD, ADHD, diabetes, Down syndrome, etc.)?
  • Are children split into groups at camp? How are these groups divided?
  • What is the camper to leader ratio? How do you ensure my child receives equal attention and care?
  • Do camp leaders receive training or take background checks prior to camp? Are all leaders trained in First Aid, CPR, or lifeguarding?
  • Do you have a set packing list for camp? Are some items provided?
  • How is bad behaviour dealt with at camp? What are some examples of how you have previously handled bad behaviour?

Asking these questions (and more) makes your decision more conclusive. Additionally, be sure to check out Our Kids Media’s Toronto Summer Camp Expo, which is Ontario and Quebec’s number one resource for summer camps. Held in February every year, this expo features top day and overnight camps. Camp leaders attend this expo to answer any questions families might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Summer Camps Ajax are there?
There are 10 Summer Camps Ajax that are Our Kids trusted members. Use the filters to narrow options by age or type, then click on each organization to read reviews, browse program schedules, and access registration details.

What are the fees to attend Summer Camps Ajax?
Fees for Summer Camps Ajax range from $40 to $1,000 per program (program types and lengths vary). Use the filters here to narrow programs by age and type.

What age do Summer Camps Ajax start at?
There are programs available for children aged 2 through 18.


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