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Summer camp is an enjoyable and educational experience for kids, teenagers and adults. There are plenty of options in kids' camps over the summer months. Overnight camps provide a great new experience to kids in every way and offer a uniquely immersive experience for kids who want to boost their understanding of English. Children grow exponentially in time away at overnight kids camps and interacting with each other at overnight camps, ESL skills are especially strengthened. Learn more from the overnight camps listed below. Read more

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    Overnight camps specializing in ESL (6 results)

    Overnight kids' camps listed below offer some intensive programming to help kids and teens improve their English usage. Take a closer look at listings to get all the details about ESL programming.

    • Overnight
    • Lakefield, ON
    • Age 13 to 18 (Coed)

    Strengthen your English fluency while learning and exploring in nature. Visit website

    Lakefield College School Summer Programs600013-182024-08-01,48,6,298,41,81,256,5,133,196,2,32,79,24,224,3,12,347,327,223,54,58,63,21,324,28,222,221,260,15,322,16,25,49,56,overnightcamp,coed,
    Jun 30 - Aug 23, 2024
    • Overnight
    • Newmarket, ON
    • Age 13 to 17 (Coed)

    Pickering College’s ESL Summer Camp combines English language learning with a summer vacation in Ontario, Canada. Visit website

    Pickering College Summer Camps695013-172024-06-012024-07-012024-08-01,196,2,32,342,358,79,281,97,270,271,19,11,3,347,12,327,54,251,28,222,139,260,161,1,overnightcamp,coed,
    Jun 29 - Jul 27, 2024
    • Overnight
    • Stanstead, QC
    • Age 11 to 17 (Coed)

    A 4-week language immersion program that includes classroom learning, excursions and other exciting on-campus activities! Visit website

    Stanstead College Summer Camps386011-172024-06-012024-07-01,48,6,170,41,81,256,5,17,133,154,22,259,258,274,288,59,10,9,173,123,69,174,196,2,32,195,79,33,91,97,270,19,8,3,224,11,347,12,327,194,54,325,58,63,28,29,51,125,222,221,260,16,322,25,56,44,161,1,225,188,0,overnightcamp,coed,
    Jun 30 - Aug 24, 2024
    • Overnight
    • St. Catharines, ON
    • Age 11 to 16 (Coed)
    St. CatharinesOntario

    For beginner to intermediate level English speakers, this camp enhances English reading, writing, speaking and comprehension. Visit website

    Ridley College Summer Programmes699511-162024-06-012024-07-012024-08-01,79,2,overnightcamp,coed,
    Jul 28 - Aug 24, 2024
    • Overnight
    • St. Catharines, ON
    • Age 13 to 16 (Coed)
    St. CatharinesOntario

    For students with an intermediate to advanced level of English proficiency who wish to participate in a more rigorous program Visit website

    Ridley College Summer Programmes699513-162024-07-012024-08-01,79,2,overnightcamp,coed,
    • Overnight
    • Montreal, QC
    • Age 7 to 17 (Coed)

    Learn English at McGill University while exploring Montreal on daily excursions and camp activities. Age focused programming! Visit website

    MWS Montreal Language Camps22207-172024-06-012024-07-012024-08-01,170,6,79,2,54,3,347,56,322,63,44,overnightcamp,coed,

    Each summer, camps across northern Ontario and the rest of Canada and the northeastern US offer young people from other countries the chance to improve their English language skills while having fun in North America. An ESL summer camp teaches international students and other non-English speaking children the fundamentals of this language by way of writing and speaking.

    Some ESL camps combine students from different nationalities while others focus on integration with native English speakers. All ESL overnight camps provide your child with accommodation, healthy meals and a deep experience of life in Canada.

    Some key features of ESL overnight camps:
    • Time in English language training every week
    • Full participation by all students
    • Qualified and experienced teachers and counselors
    • Books and educational material provided
    • Assessment tests to ascertain the correct level
    Academic benefits

    Classroom instruction emphasizes communicative English as well as written English. Campers are trained in listening, speaking, writing, reading, conversation and grammar each day. Programs are affiliated and held to the standards of Languages Canada, the IHWO, and AILIA (organizations that ensure the highest degree of educational excellence). Swimming, skiing, wakeboarding, river canoeing, kayaking, banana boat, overnight camping, archery, rock climbing, horseback riding and sightseeing are some exciting activities taught at some ESL overnight camps.

    ESL overnight camps

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many ESL overnight camps are there?
    There are 6 camps that are Our Kids trusted members. Use the filters to narrow by age and program type, then click on matched programs to see daily activities, dates, rates and registration information.

    What are the fees to attend ESL overnight camps?
    Fees for overnight camps specializing in esl range from $2,220 to $7,990 per program (program types and lengths vary). Use the filters here to narrow programs by age and type.

    Where can parents meet with ESL overnight camps?
    Meet with program directors and staff at the Our Kids Camp & Program Expo. The Expo is held annually in February, and is a fun and informative day for parents, kids, and teens. Find event details and free tickets here.

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