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Run by Camp Ouareau
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Camp Ouareau

Discover - One-Week


Run by Camp Ouareau

About this Overnight Camp

  • Overnight Camp
  • Age 8 (All Girls)
  • Specialized in Traditional (multi activity) and Language Instruction—offers 34 activities
  • 3 session dates to choose from
  • Cost starting from $1,517
  • Busing not available
  • Special needs support not available  

Camp Ouareau's one week program is an introduction to all that summer camp has to offer for campers aged 8 years old who are attending camp for the first time! From daily activity periods, evening programs, and possibility for optional overnight excursions, there is something for all of our campers. 

A main pillar of camp is the language program which gives opportunities for campers to develop a second (or third!) language with native speakers of either French or English in an environment that promotes learning through making (and celebrating!) mistakes and helping one another in a daily routine. Camp runs on a cycle where two days are spent speaking entirely in French, and the next two days are spent speaking entirely in English. With 50% of campers being french-speakers and 50% being english-speakers, campers share a cabin or tent with others who have a different first language which allows them to form friendships across linguistic boundaries. Language classes based in play and activity are offered to campers who need extra help in their second language to navigate camp life comfortably. Staff members aren't all perfectly bilingual either — we hire them this way on purpose! Having role models that are equally "in progress" when it comes to their second or third language is a powerful example for campers to feel comfortable in demonstrating their new language skills. 

Activities run on a three day cycle; with 4 periods each day,  and campers get to choose their own activities themselves and get a personalized schedule. This means, that over a two-week stay, campers can try all activities offered or invest themselves into the same ones each cycle to develop their skills. Because campers choose their own activities, they'll share their activity periods with campers of all ages; allowing for friendships across groups to develop as well as giving leadership opportunities to our older campers. Most activities have levels that campers can complete, allowing for each camper to set their personal goals and progress within the activity at their own pace. Activities offered include climbing (artificial wall), archery, multisports, cross-training, survival, dance, theatre, theatre production, pottery, arts and crafts, culinary arts, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, windsurfing and sailing. Our theatre program produces a different play each two-week session; campers can get involved by being in the play with speaking or signing roles, help develop costumes, backdrops and props in our theatre production activity and even help backstage. 

Camp Ouareau's mission is to promote a positive community within our campers and staff where they can discover and be their true selves. Through this mission we promote camper's development of their independence, decision making, and communication skills. Campers can choose their own activities, make friends outside of their group as they wish, decide how they occupy their free time, all while being supported by our staff. Staff members do not share tents or cabins with campers aged 8 and up, to allow our them a sense of independence, while giving them a chance to experience community living. Staff sleep in nearby cabins and a team of staff walk around the camp until the campers have fallen asleep at night. Counsellor cabins are close enough that they can hear whispers from the campers next door, and if a camper needs anything during the night, they can go to a staff cabin.

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Session Dates and Rates

Jul 13 - 19. '24
Saint-Donat, QC
2464 Route 125

Jul 28 - Aug 03. '24
Saint-Donat, QC
2464 Route 125

Aug 11 - 17. '24
Saint-Donat, QC
2464 Route 125



  Recreational         Instructional      
  Intense or Competitive

  Arts & Crafts
  Board Sailing
  Hip Hop
  Kayaking/Sea Kayaking
  Leadership Training
  Musical Theatre
  Rock Climbing
  Sailing/Marine Skills
  Set and Costume Design
  Strength and Conditioning
  Survival skills
  Theatre Arts
  Wilderness Out-tripping
  Wilderness Skills


Discover - One-Week is run by Camp Ouareau.

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Run by: Camp Ouareau
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Discover - One-Week  
Run by Camp Ouareau

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