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February 6, 2015

Can-Aqua New Family Registration begins this week!

A Terrific Return on your Investement!

Camp Can-Aqua is a summer camp near Bancroft, Ontario that has been offering kids amazing summer camp memories for 30 years. With a private lake and 160 acres of land to explore, up to 150 campers at a time descend upon the sleepaway camp to enjoy a summer of fun activities and create lifelong memories. What sets Camp Can-Aqua apart is the opportunity for campers to choose their own activities. Each evening, campers choose which four activities they feel like participating in the following day. From windsurfing to mountain biking, guitar lessons to archery, there is no shortage of fun activites available and with such a wide variety, there is sure to be something to interest every child. Evening entertainment varies from running games to fun activities like ‘Iron Chef Can-Aqua.’

Owner/Director Andrew Martin explains why he think Camp offers parents the best return on their investment 

The relationships your child will build.

Camp is a world where kids develop friendships with not only peers, but with kids of all ages and more importantly, with adults that aren’t their parents. Where else is a child able to debate, discuss and engage with an adult who is actually listening to what they have to say? At summer camp, it’s not uncommon to hear campers and counselors engaged in conversations that are challenging, positive, interesting, and fun.

A place to belong.

In an increasingly complex world where kids are exposed to endless change and instability, summer camp offers kids a chance to feel like they belong. At camp, you dare to be different. Expressing yourself is how one goes about fitting in. Through skits and songs, ridiculous chants and fun challenges, camp provides a sense of common purpose to the campers each session. This connection, this place to belong is exactly what keeps kids returning to camp each summer. It is something positive and constant in their life, and becomes a place that they are very familiar with, and where they know they belong. 

A sense of control

The routine and structure of a typical day at camp helps kids feel more in control of their lives. When promoting my summer camp, I can often be heard saying, “at camp you don’t HAVE to do anything, but you MUST do something.” Kids choose their own adventures everyday! Camp helps children feel in control of their lives, and that self-efficacy goes home with them at the end of their experience. Kids who feel they are competent are more likely to be better problem-solvers in life, long after their time at camp has ended.

Camp is not a two-week decision that occurs over one summer holiday, but rather one of the largest, most significant decisions a parent can make for their child. Camp Can-Aqua prides itself in developing your child’s ability to socialize, to compromise, to problem solve, and to recognize when it is their time to lead vs. their time to follow. For more information, visit

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