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January 11, 2021

Themes Announced for Summer 2021

we are pleased to announce themes and activities for the summer of 2021. Here they are!


Embrace the wonder of space with this summer’s Star Wars themed In-Person STEM Camp. During this week, campers will train like Jedi Knights with fun and engaging hands-on activities. Campers will learn how to use the Force (and a bit of science) to separate colours, use code to create and send their own secret messages, and become aerospace engineers to design, build, and test the next Star Wars spacecraft. Campers will be engaged in coding and robotics activities to program their favourite robots, Edisons and Ozobots, to become the newest Star Wars Droid and explore the galaxy far, far away. All of this and more with many other hands-on and computer-based activities to build on your child’s curiosity, wonder, and interest in STEM!

Anakin’s Skywalker’s Mechano-Arm, Code an Ozobot to Become a Droid, Create a Galaxy Far, Far Away for Edison, Jabba the Hutt Slime, Morse Code Messaging, Pod Racing, Separate Colours with the Force, Spacecraft Showdown, Starpilot Parachute Rescue, Jedi Knight Training, and more …!


With this summer’s Harry Potter theme, campers will be transported to the Wizarding World where they will be engaged in exciting and magical hands-on activities. Campers will have the opportunity to experience life as a witch or wizard attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by completing decoding challenges in our Arithmancy class. Campers will also tackle engineering projects, including building structures or homes for magical beasts like, Aragog, Hagrid’s giant spider friend! And of course, the most exciting part of all … magic! Campers will discover the magic of science and use their abilities to walk through walls, make items move all on their own, and much, much more! All of these hands-on activities combined with computer-based building and coding programs makes for one exciting STEM filled week!

Alarte Ascendare, Arithmancy Class, Bird Bones, Build Aragog’s Web, Code a Marauder Map, Defense Against the Dark Arts with Edison, Horcrux Hunt, Magical Movement, Triwizard Tournament: Blind Coding, Walking Through Walls, and more …!


STEM Camp’s In-Person Minecraft program brings the Minecraft world to life by combining  traditional hands-on STEM activities with computer-based coding programs and building challenges. Campers will learn how to survive in the wild like Steve using their knowledge of S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to construct survival tools including sun stills, sundials, and shelters. Campers will also be engaged in hands-on engineering challenges to build strong and stable structures from the Minecraft world including toppling towers and bridges. In summer 2021, campers will have the opportunity to even complete building challenges, coding programs, and engineering tasks in the Minecraft game itself! 

Battle Mobs, Bubbling Lava Buckets, Can You Move Your Minecart?, Cross the Minecraft Ravine, Follow the Programmer, IF-THEN Coding, Ozobots: Survival Mode, Solar Stills: Survival Science, Sundials: Survival Science, Toppling Towers, and more …!


Explore the science of superheroes with this summer’s 2021 Superhero themed In-Person STEM Camp! Campers will explore the scientific method to create their own super signals and form their own kryptonite crystals. With hands-on activities like Fast Flash Reflexes, Hulk Out, and Elastigirl’s Catapult, campers will discover how superpowers like speed, strength, and stretch can be harnessed and used in S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)! Campers will also have the opportunity to explore the power of robotics and coding with the use of hands-on robotics activities as well as computer-based coding programs. With this week packed of super activities, campers will explore how super STEM really is!

Build Iron Man’s Robot, Code a Plan of Action, Elastigirl’s Catapult, Fast Flash Reflexes, Hulk Out, Kryptonite Crystals, Solar Powered Intergalactic Heroes, Super Signals, The Magic of Superpowers, and more …!

Can’t wait for summer to start? Us too! 

Registrations start February 1st. 

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