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Real Programming 4 Kids

Review of Real Programming 4 Kids by Barb Coulston, Parent

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  • Date of Review
    April 29, 2024
  • Attended
    Class/program in-person and online (2015 - 2024)
  • Child 1
    Age 7 - 16 (Male)
    Program(s) focused in Computer (multi)

(5) Overall experience

When I first signed my son up for the beginning RP4K course at the age of seven, I wasn't sure what he would be able to do or accomplish in coding. I didn't know if he could even sit still for an hour! The first day I was so impressed with the very kind and patient RP4K instructor who worked with my son. My son was excited about learning new things that would help him build "his game" over the course of the next several months. It was awesome! He is now sixteen, and has successfully completed every course at RP4K! He has excelled in computer courses and has developed a passion and expertise for coding and math as a direct result of his time with RP4K. The skills and knowledge he has gained from RP4K courses enabled him to be accepted into an innovative I-STEM program for his high school period.

(5) Reason for choosing the camp

I chose RP4K because I was impressed with their program and curriculum, small class size and individual attention to each student, and the delivery of material in a fun game-building format. The excellent and friendly customer service plus the detailed learning rubric and descriptive report cards demonstrated a highly professional team and company dedicated to the students' learning and their coding development. This is a quality program and the only place I would send my son to truly learn coding concepts and skills.

(5) Program quality and activities

The courses are phenomenal!! Each course is fun and creative and appropriately designed, and built upon the learning and game design of the previous course. The building of skills are scaffolded in an excellent and logical manner. Students are able to progress and deepen their coding and problem-solving skills throughout each term. My son had a lot of fun, and the instructors were excellent with children of all ages and abilities. They created a fun, inclusive environment which was exciting for my son.

(5) Social dynamics and experience

Every class and instructor, over the nine years we have been with RP4K, have been kind, supportive, patient, and inclusive. My son enjoyed meeting new kids both in person and in the online classrooms. The instructors created positive and helpful environments and all the students worked well together. The ability for students to customize the "look" of their games provided lots of opportunities for students to share their approaches and their creative end products with each other.

(5) Skills and growth

The skills my son has developed and the knowledge in coding, math, physics, and problem-solving have been astounding! He has learned, with RP4K, math, logic, and physics concepts several years prior to when he has learned them in school. It has helped keep him excited, engaged, and succeed in school in these subject areas. He is now setting his sites for a professional career in this area, and RP4K has been a big part and a great foundation for his future plans!

(5) Staff/Instructors/Counsellors

I can't say enough amazing things about the instructors, admin/office staff, and Elliott Bay. They have been impressive right from the start! They care about kids' learning and kids having fun while they learn. They care about the quality and rigor of their courses and overall program/curriculum development and design. Their correspondence with parents, general information, website, and overall communication has been friendly, well organized, and excellent. I have recommended RP4K to many of my friends over the years, and I wouldn't go anywhere else for exceptional and outstanding coding training.

(5) Advice and tips

If your child is interested in coding, computers, games, math, physics, and magic (yes, magic!!) then look no further than RP4K. Seeing your child tackle and succeed in understanding coding languages while creating interesting-looking games, and the joy they have in creating their own games is amazing! Such a wonderful curriculum and great people who really care about your child's coding growth and development.

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