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Run by Wildhorse Ranch
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Wildhorse Ranch

Summer Horse Riding Camps


Run by Wildhorse Ranch

About this Overnight Camp

  • Overnight Camp
  • Age 12 - 16 (All Girls)
  • Specialized in Horseback Riding/Equestrian—offers 7 activities
  • 3 session dates to choose from
  • Cost starting from $1,325
  • Busing not available
  • Special needs support not available  

This camp is designed to build the following character traits:

  • Independence: Riding is a sport, that requires a healthy level of mental and physical fitness. You must be able to focus in the present moment. Adding to your independence gives you strong life skill.
  • Resilience: Working with horses teaches you to handle challenges and the unexpected. Your ability to remain confident transfers to your horse, and helps you be successful at riding and in life.

Drop Off: Monday 10:00 am
Pickup: Friday 4:00 pm

WELCOME to Wildhorse Ranch where horses are the program and the participants learn by doing”. We are horse camp experts, with over 25 years of experience, we are one of the best camps in Canada. We are always amazed and inspired by horses! Safety is number one in everything we do. Horses enrich our lives, and we learn something every time we are around them. Horses are sentient beings, meaning they have feelings, emotions, and are empathic which makes them excellent teachers.  They are to be treated with respect and compassion. At Wildhorse Ranch we immerse you in horses and help you fulfill your horse crazy passion.  Our horses live a natural life out in fields and forests (we do not have a stable), lots of freedom to graze, roam, run and play. Our programs take place outside in fields and magical forests - experiential learning at its finest. We help the girls pick their horse from our herd of 50 personable, well-trained horses and he becomes her new best friend for the week. 

We start with the basics of catching and each day everyone walks out as a group and catches their horse. Girls learn how to moderate their energy field so the horse do not run away.

Horsemanship teaches so many different skills:

·         Self Confidence and anti bullying techniques

         Teamwork is the foundation of working with horses

·         Lead the Way - you must become skilled at leadership as you partner with horses

·         Awareness – pay attention to what is happening around you

·         Communication is a critical skill working with horses and humans

·         Compassion comes from the heart and horses open up your heart center, this leads to heart coherence which is             a unique and amazing feeling which can enhance your life. ( See Heart Math research for details)

          Fun and Friendships - horses are very personable and have a great sense of humor, there is always laughter when           we partner with horses

         Respect - for self and others is an essential part of being at camp

        Techno Free Camps - Studies show outdoor programs with no use of electronic media show immediate and sustained benefits in creative thinking and emotional wellness. 

We teach about the social responsibility of "owning a horse", that you should be "partnering" with the horse. learning how to communicate, cooperate, compromise and gain confidence; all at the same time. Horses should be a lifetime commitment not taken lightly and horses should never become a "discarded thing". Horses live in a world where they have no voice so we need to become that advocate so that they are well looked after and treated as the sentient being that they are.

Camp is a place for forming friendships and having Fun!  Other activities include evening, wide games, a wagon ride, water play on a hot afternoon, campfires, songs, skits and s'mores.

We coach, encourage, and inspire.  This is where life-long connections are formed. 

Happy horses and riders are made here. Come ride with us! 

Camps fill quickly.

Limited spaces. Book now, to secure your spot. 

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Session Dates and Rates

Jul 01 - 05. '24
Rocky Mountain House, AB
Box 7 Site 9, RR#3

27 campers
Jul 08 - 12. '24
Rocky Mountain House, AB
Box 7 Site 9, RR#3

27 campers
Aug 19 - 23. '24
Rocky Mountain House, AB
Box 7 Site 9, RR#3

27 campers


  Recreational         Instructional      
  Intense or Competitive

  Arts & Crafts
  Horseback Riding/Equestrian
  Leadership Training
  Mindfulness Training
  Strength and Conditioning


Summer Horse Riding Camps is run by Wildhorse Ranch.

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Run by: Wildhorse Ranch
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Summer Horse Riding Camps  
Run by Wildhorse Ranch

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