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    After-school / weekend classes
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    Academic/Tutoring (multi)
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    6 to 15
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    0 available; 2 TBD
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  • Summary Profile

    About Apostrophe Kids

    Apostrophe Kids has after-school Language Arts and Math programs developed by an Ontario Certified Teacher. In AK Language, students read various texts, write short responses and essays, and deliver powerful presentations. In AK Math, students experience competition-based critical thinking problems, improve accuracy through math drills, and participate in math competitions.

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    • Special needs: Not available

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    Programs and Sessions Calendar

    Choose the right programs and sessions for your child; Apostrophe Kids currently has 0 program available; 2 TBD.

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    Virtual Program
    Ages: 6 - 15
    Instructor lead (group)
    $1,500 to $1,670
    Virtual Program,
    Date TBDCost TBD
    Creative writing|Instructor lead (group)|Instructor lead (one on one)|Language Instruction|Public Speaking|Reading|Test Preparation|Writing|Debate|Journalism
    Virtual Program
    Ages: 7 - 14
    $1,500 to $1,670
    Virtual Program,
    Date TBDCost TBD
    Robotics|Instructor lead (group)|Instructor lead (one on one)|Math|STEM|Test Preparation

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  • Insider Reviews & Perspectives

    The Our Kids review of Apostrophe Kids

    our take

    At ApostropheKids, students are granted opportunities to gain more substantive experience with numeracy and language. The pillars of the math program include building experience with critical thinking math problems, developing problem-solving skills, and gaining proficiency with competition-based forms of questions. Similarly, development of literacy skills centre around effective communication, while exercising a natural affinity for critical thinking, public speaking, comprehension and spelling. It’s challenging, to be sure, though with the support and individual attention that delivers proficiency and confidence in both academics and life.

    Editor's Review

    Three Things: Apostrophe Kids

    Hear the three things that Our Kids’ editors see when they look at Apostrophe Kids

    Insider's Perspective: Parent

    • 00:23 - What's unique about the program at Apostrophe Kids that made you want to enroll your child there?
    • 01:21 - How was your child's first experience with the camp?
    • 01:59 - Was there any changes or noticeable personal growth you saw in your child after their time at camp?
    • 04:00 - How did Apostrophe Kids teach your child to be more independent?
    • 04:53 - How did Apostrophe Kids teach your child to be more socially courageous?
    • 05:23 - How has Apostrophe Kids helped your child creatively?
    • 06:09 - How would you describe Apostrophe Kids to other parents?
    • 06:45 - Final thoughts?
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    User reviews of Apostrophe Kids  — Read all 10 reviews

    Parent of student in AK1A
    N.N. (Parent)

    Apostrophe Kids has honed my son's reading and writing skills as well as equipped him with the confidence necessary to deliver a powerpoint presentation at the tender age of 8! Best decision we ever made was to enrol him in this program so he can be challenged and excel in language and communication.. ... Read More

    Parent of student in AK2B
    TJ (Parent)

    My 11-yr old son is learning a lot in this class. He's an average student in school but this course is teaching him how to excel in language arts. He's improving his vocabulary and writing skills, learning how to write full and detailed sentences. He's learning the art of a story, not only by reading and discussing a novel, but also in creatively writing a short comic strip. It's a small class size and he receives a lot of 1-on-1 support. Thanks to this class and the excellent teachers (thanks Al and Erem!), my son received solid As in English reading, writing and comprehension at his regular school ... Read More

    Parent of student in AK1AA & AK2A
    T.P. (Parent)

    My girls love learning at Apostrophe Kids! Ms. Khalfan gives attention to all the kids in her class, making each child feel special and encouraging them to give their personal best. My daughters have enjoyed their online summer camps. Their regular Language program is phenomenal too. We have tried summer Math program as well and found it to be excellent ... Read More

    Parent of student in AK1A & AK2B
    I.K. (Parent)

    Would highly recommend this program to enhance your child’s language and general knowledge skills. My kids can now easily pick out the themes in a sort and also learned valuable life lessons. Am looking forward to their fall program which will also focus on language skills such as reading, spelling, grammar, reading comprehensions and creative writing. Teachers are amazing and very quickly accommodate any reasonable questions /requests ... Read More

    Parent of Summer Camp Student
    F.J.K. (Parent)

    Our daughter who just completed grade 1 attended a 2 week camp this summer with Apostrophe Kids. She learned how to write a story from beginning to end with an introduction, supporting paragraphs and a conclusion. She learned how to include detail to make the story more exciting to read. She can identify fiction and non-fiction texts, plus much more! They also had jokes of the day which she loved. I highly recommend it ... Read More

    Parent of Summer Camp Student
    M.Q. (Parent)

    This camp was amazing for my 10 year old. She enjoyed every minute of it, and was engaged through the whole experience. Miss Khalfan and the team at Apostrophe Kids is amazing and I would highly recommend them! My kids have learned so much, and have had fun at the same time ... Read More

    Parent of student in AK1A
    R.F. (Parent)

    Over the past two semesters, our son has gone from constructing single sentences to multi-sentence paragraphs. He has learned how to collect all his ideas and effectively write them down. Using grade 4 vocabulary, that has advanced him well above his peers. His grade 2 classroom teacher has stated several times that he is reading at a grade 4 level. His teacher has also commented on how he’s the most improved student currently in her class. Our son’s reading has taken off to a new level. He can quietly sit down and read an entire 30 page book given to him by Apostrophe Kids, this on its own is a huge improvement. He used to get very frustrated with 10 page books, now he prefers to read at night over playing with his iPad. When we went on vacation this past winter break, he asked us to buy him a new novel to read while away, and you know what, he finished it. Apostrophe Kids has definitely made him very confident and encouraged his daily reading. There is no doubt that his spelling has dramatically improved. He has managed to ace all his grade 2 weekly spelling tests over the past few months. His teacher has also stated multiple times that he is extremely confident when speaking in front of the entire class. Our son has gone from a B- to a B+ to most recently an A+ in Language Arts from September 2018 to April 2019 on his report card. This makes him extremely excited to the point where he wants to finish his Apostrophe Kids homework and any reading and writing involved with school ... Read More

    Parent of student in AK1A
    T.C. (Parent)

    My daughter has showen great improvements since she began studying at Apostrophe Kids. As a non-native English speaker, she has progressed significantly with her English proficiency with the help from instructors at Apostrophe Kids. Most notably, she is writing in English with more confidence now. She is showing progress in word selection, paragraph structuring, and organizing ideas. We cherish the opportunity offered by Apostrophe Kids to foster her presentation skills. Presenting has always been a weakness for her and there is still a long way to go, but she is catching up with the rest of her peers. Teachers at Apostrophe Kids have been super patient and kind in guiding my daughter to become more confident in giving presentation in public. Reading is my daughter’s favourite after school activity. But only at Apostrophe Kids, teachers give detailed analysis and ask thought provoking questions of books, which brought her reading skills to a higher level. Thanks to the hard work of all staff at Apostrophe Kids, my daughter gained great progress in her English. We are expecting her to continue with her great learning experiences and particularly, become a good presenter ... Read More

    Parent of student in AK2A
    S.E. (Parent)

    When we decided to have my son join Apostrophe Kids, our hope was that he would build greater confidence in his public speaking skills. Now that we are nearing the end of his first year at Apostrophe Kids, he is walking away with so much more! My son is an enhanced learner however, he does not always put in his best effort into his work. During his time at Apostrophe Kids I have seen a change in how he approaches his work. He actually enjoys reading the weekly reading comprehensions, working on the novel studies, creating the oral presentations and presenting in front of the class. This year I saw improvements in his spelling. When he does written work I have noticed that the vocabulary he taps into has grown immensely. When he first started, his sentences were very simple. Now he takes pride in writing complex sentences that are becoming more creative as the weeks progress. When asked to do presentations, he takes the time to practice his delivery, which is greatly encouraged by the teachers at Apostrophe Kids. The teachers also gave an opportunity for students to present their final book report in a variety creative mediums. My son chose to combine his presentation with a commercial he created. The quality of his presentation was incredible! More importantly he had a blast creating it. The teachers at Apostrophe Kids gave descriptive feedback on my son’s writing throughout the year so that we knew where there were improvements along with areas that still needed more focus and practice. The value of this feedback gave me, as a parent, a true insight of how he was performing. Most recently, my son worked on creating an essay. Writing has always been a challenge for him. The teachers knew just how to manage his learning style. By focusing on one paragraph at a time it took the pressure off of him to create one large piece of writing. When he was done, he had written a strong essay without feeling frustrated. I am so pleased at the learning I have seen with my son during his time at Apostrophe Kids. When my son looks forward to going to class each week, I know we made the right decision to join Apostrophe Kids ... Read More

    Parent of student in AK2A
    J.L. (Parent)

    The first time I knew Apostrophe Kids was making a difference with my child was when I met with his school teacher. She mentioned that she has noticed a difference in his confidence during his weekly spelling tests. He told her that he does weekly spelling tests at Apostrophe Kids, an after-school program he was a part of. His confidence has grown so much that she started to give him words from an advanced list. She noticed a difference during his Daily 5 work. The expectation is to write sentences for the weekly words. She said that his sentence structure has become stronger and his sentences have greater details and expanded vocabulary. When she started teaching paragraph writing in class, she said he just got it! She spoke about his oral presentations and how in his earlier presentations he was reading his notes but in his more recent presentations he comfortably speaks to the audience with little reference to his notes, therefore keeping his classmates engaged from start to finish. I was thrilled after speaking to her. I want to thank the teachers at Apostrophe Kids for all of their hard work. It is definitely paying off at school ... Read More

  • Location & Site Details


    Oakville, ON
    4076 Loyalist Drive, Mississauga, Yukon, L5L 3Y9
    Mississauga, ON
    1560 Dundas Street West, Mississauga, Ontario, L5C 1E5

  • What's New

    Director's Message

    Erem Khalfan, Director of Education

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Welcome to Apostrophe Kids!

    Apostrophe Kids is a Language Arts and Math, academic enrichment program.

    After-School Program
    Apostrophe Kids Language was developed by an Ontario Certified Teacher. Apostrophe Kids Language is designed for students ages 7 to 14, who have a passion for Language Arts and the motivation to learn.

    Apostrophe Kids Math was designed for Grade 3 to 6 students, who are looking for a math program that will challenge their problem-solving skills and who are interested in competing in math competitions participated by the brightest young minds from around the world.

    We have campuses in Oakville (John Knox Christian School, 2232 Sheridan Garden Drive) and Mississauga (Erindale Presbyterian Church, 1560 Dundas Street West) .

    Apostrophe Kids is a 36-week program. Our program runs from September to June and is divided into two terms. Term one begins in September and term two begins in February. Classes are held once a week. Apostrophe Kids Language is held on Wednesday and Thursday and Apostrophe Kids Math is held on Tuesday and are 90 minutes in length.

    Apostrophe Kids Language curriculum has a foundation built on four key components: ReadingWritingOral Communication and Media Literacy. All four components are weaved into every level. The skills that they will develop and the learning that they will take away will be transferable to all subject areas in their educational experience making them well-rounded students with the added advantage of being a step ahead.

    Apostrophe Kids Math curriculum covers topics such as: Number Sense and NumerationMeasurement, Geometry and Spatial SensePatterningAlgebraData Management and Probability. These strands are presented through typical questions used in the Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest and Caribou Contests. Through the use of critical thinking students will develop problem solving skills. Students will be encouraged to participate in independently sanctioned math competitions throughout the year.

    Apostrophe Kids is taught by Ontario Certified Teachers. Our teachers pride themselves on offering their knowledges along with praise and encouragement to ensure students are inspired to learn. Through ongoing in-class and descriptive feedback they build individual student learning. With a low student to teacher ratio, teachers create a safe environment for students to explore and take risks.

    Our mission is to cultivate, lead and inspire our students to become world-class thinkers and expert communicators, deliver a challenging and exciting curriculum that exceeds Ministry expectations, foster a love of learning, and help students realize and maximize their potential. 

    March Break Camps
    Apostrophe Kids STEAM. Come join us for a jam-packed week of STEAM-based activities!  In the full-day week long camp, students will master their critical thinking skills with hands-on activities and experiments! STEAM activities teach students the basic tenants of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Using just a few everyday objects, students will engage in educational activities so fun that they won’t even know they are learning! Each experiment or activity will teach students about one or more STEAM principle. It will encourage students to creatively tackle their learning through design and construction!

    Summer Camps
    Stay tuned for exciting Summer Camp plans.

    To learn more about Apostrophe Kids, visit our website at Let us answer any questions you may have and or book a free assessment, to get you one stop closer to your child's future. We can be reached by phone 416-575-6784 or e-mail [email protected]

    Your child's future begins here! We look forward to preparing them for tomorrow.

    Erem Khalfan, OCT
    Director of Education

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Apostrophe Kids have good reviews?
    We interviewed families about their experience with Apostrophe Kids. Watch the video here. You can also read 10 reviews of Apostrophe Kids from past attendees.

    What types of programs does Apostrophe Kids offer?
    Apostrophe Kids runs: virtual programs. Programming specializes in: Instructor lead (group), Math. Browse the program calendar for rates and dates.

    What age does Apostrophe Kids start?
    Apostrophe Kids has programs for children aged 6 to 15.

    How much does is cost to attend Apostrophe Kids?
    Fees to attend Apostrophe Kids range from $159/month.

    Does Apostrophe Kids offer support for children with special needs?
    Apostrophe Kids does not offer support for children with special needs.

    Does Apostrophe Kids offer busing?
    No, Apostrophe Kids does not offer transportation.

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