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Bot Camp - Specialty Robotics Programs

Review of Bot Camp - Specialty Robotics Programs by Dominique Vitalis-Taylor, Parent

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  • Date of Review
    March 07, 2024
  • Attended
    Class/program (in-person) (2020 - 2024)
  • Child 1
    Age 9 - 13 (Male)
    Program(s) focused in Mechatronics, Programming (multi), Robotics

(5) Overall experience

This program is perfect for budding engineers and creative kids - they will learn coding, mechanical & robotics engineering, and make good friends. Parents will make new friends too! Our son first participated at Bot Camp in summer camp and was instantly hooked! He joined the weekly team and then the competitive team in his second year. Now in his fourth year, he looks forward to graduating and becoming a high school mentor at Bot Camp! Founder Shawn Lim and his team are outstanding STEM instructors. They foster a fun and encouraging environment where kids can create, innovate, challenge themselves, grow and learn. At Bot Camp, kids learn teamwork, leadership, and problem solving skills; all paramount skills for life! They can also compete within their team or against other local teams. Highly recommended!

(5) Reason for choosing the program

Bot Camp is an excellent robotics program; it’s beyond Lego and basic coding. Here, kids will learn and grow by designing, building, testing, fixing, and improving their robots to complete strategic tasks. Kids will also learn how to code and program their robots to move and complete tasks autonomously. Kids learn invaluable teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

(5) Program quality and activities

Bot Camp offers robotics every day of the week, which makes it easy to incorporate into your schedule. The quality of the instructors is excellent; all are experienced in robotics and educated in the field of engineering. The quality of the robotics VEX IQ parts are in abundance, as are the laptops used. The facility is always clean and tidy. The program itself fosters a fun and supportive experience for all levels of robotics, whether beginner or competitive.

(5) Social dynamics and experience

Bot Camp focusses on the whole child. Whenever parents enter the robotics lab at Bot Camp, we see kids working together, troubleshooting and helping each other, smiling and laughing with each other and with their instructors. This program promotes social and emotional growth, along with focus and patience, learning growth, teamwork, communications and flexibility, and of course creativity and innovation.

(5) Skills and growth

At Bot Camp, kids learn to design, build and code their robot creations in order to achieve specific tasks. As kids go through the process, their robots can malfunction or even fall apart midway through a task… By working together, troubleshooting, rebuilding and improving then testing their robots, kids learn resilience and grow as they achieve their goals. This process models real world problem-solving at a young age (elementary & middle-school) preparing kids for real life situations now, and as they go through life. It certainly prepares them for the scientific and engineering world as well.

(5) Staff/Instructors/Counsellors

The quality of the instructors is excellent; all are experienced in robotics and educated in the field of engineering. They engage the kids in great ways that makes learning fun! We have found the instructors to be very friendly, kind and helpful towards the children. Shawn Lim and his team are dedicated educators that teach, support and encourage young learners to achieve their goals.

(5) Advice and tips

If you are curious or unsure about starting your child in Robotics, test it out first! Bot Camp offers free clinics open to kids under the age of 14- kids can join an introductory clinic and come into the lab to have a fun, hands-on learning experience with robots and meet the instructors. And there is a parent viewing area so parents can learn more about the program too!

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